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  1. Lately I have been wondering how we can truly say that emotions we have are answers to prayers (in other words, from God or the spirit). It seems that it is already likely that our emotions would “confirm” things we believe or want to believe are true, regardless of its actual truthfulness. As an example, when I was a child, I truly believed Santa was real. I might even say I felt warm and fuzzy when I wrote Santa a letter, but that didn’t make him any more real (quite disappointingly, lol). I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry to hear this. Did you say in earlier posts that you are still attending church? If I'm correct, out of genuine curiosity, I'm wondering why you have made the decision to do so when you seem not to trust it (from what I've read here, anyway). Best, Darius
  3. Thank you for your reply! I’m pretty young, about to turn 23, and have been a member for about 4 1/2 years now. Recently, I just started to question in ways that I never did before, and not totally about the church in particular but also bigger things like the nature of God, the divinity of Christ, things like that. Not that I outright reject anything, but I just.... wonder. I’m a pretty open person so I very much enjoy learning about different theologies and perspectives. I just know for a fact that nobody has the awareness to truly know all things, or even many things. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out what it is I believe. I’m actually getting calls from my bishop asking to have a meeting about getting the Melchezdik priesthood and I’m not sure what to say because I don’t even know if I have faith in it lol. That’s what led me to this forum and I was happy to see this thread. It’s been fun reading different viewpoints. Thanks again!
  4. I feel that I am currently at a place where I am reworking all of my beliefs as well... could I ask you to expand on your experience doing so and what that meant to you? thanks!
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