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  1. Thanks to all who have responded. I now see that it would be a pointless exercise for me to posit the questions I have as it would appear that answers would likely be conflicting due to the disparate understanding of the fundamentals of the faith which so many have 'in common'. All the best to you all.
  2. I am a new forum-member who joined for the specific purpose of asking questions about the Church's doctrine which have caused me significant confusion. It appears that I am limited to posting messages in the 'Social' sub-forum, which defeats the purpose of signing-up in the first place i.e. I am not here to 'socialise'; I am here to find answers to, as my moniker suggests, serious questions.
  3. As suggested by my forum moniker, I am one who seeks answers to questions which have caused me confusion or simply don't make sense to me, in relation to that which I was taught in the first twenty-years of my life prior to leaving the Church. I have devoted much time to my own search for truth, the musings of which simply cannot reconcile me with the belief that the LDS Church is for me. I will be posing questions which are, to use one of the oft-used cliches of my Seminary years, stumbling-blocks in my understanding. While I have no desire to be re-converted, I nevertheless am keen to hear the view of the Church in certain questions that I have. Cheers.
  4. As my user-name suggests, I am someone who has serious questions about the LDS faith in which I was raised but long-since left.

    Please do NOT write me off as a 'troll'. Any questions I ask are motivated out of a genuine desire to understand concepts about which I am either confused about, or which don't make sense relative to the teachings I was exposed to as a child.


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