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  1. Oh come on, that is like an ex-Christian saying they are harmed with differing narratives in different books of the NT. Some judge is actually going to allow this to even be entertained?
  2. I am aware, but addressed more, so it seemed a good place to point out all that he did speak too, or about. Changes where he could, and why, and things that he cannot change, but still weeps with and for all affected. Sorry, if it seemed I overreached on my part. BTW, I did not think it was a good idea when the policy was announced, but I also had confidence they would change it, and do so because they are good men. I never had any doubt that they struggled with this policy concerning children, nor that they would “steady the ark” so to speak.
  3. As I know they do, these were no hollow words. All Prophets, leaders, parents, friends, as do most, live the words in Mosiah 18: 8-9 “...are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they might be light; ....willing to mourn with those who mourn; yea and comfort those that stand in need of comfort,...”. But, also making clear (no matter their personal feelings, and changing social trends) that as God’s servants, they cannot “change the laws of God”. It is important to note, that even God is bound by his own laws, be it by design or choice, he too must abide by his law. Or as scripture states, “He would cease to be God”. As one who has a child, for whom I would sacrifice all, I too have “wept”, and do “weep”, for her, and her feelings. I would expect nothing less from those who feel and have a responsibility to all the members and parents who weep for their loved ones. In the scripture, the shortest of all scriptures, sates that “Jesus wept”, he did so because those he loved wept, even though he knew that in mere moments they would be rejoicing that their brother would once again live. But Jesus Christ, still felt their pain, as he does all, who are in pain. This is no surprise to me, but it was good to hear it being said by our Prophet and President.
  4. Fair enough, I was just applying what you suggested to the thread.
  5. That is unfortunate, since it is “health care”. When I served aboard a Medivac Helicopter in the Army, the last three years were spent serving at Fort Benning, Georgia. Our primary duties were to provide medivac support for both the Airborne School, and Army Ranger Training. But, thankfully we were also tasked with civilian support for much of Georgia and East Alabama. When we were called to horrible car accidents, or life flights for children, including premature birth babies, no one cared about our individual beliefs, only the Red Cross on our aircraft, and the chance at life, our aircraft brought. I served as crew chief, but often assisted (very often) an Army Medic, who was also a member of my Bishopric. When we would go to a small town to pick up a premature birth baby, we first had to go to the nearest hospital and pick up two prenatal nurses, and an incubator for the baby. Once the baby was on the aircraft, we would fly to Atlanta to deliver the baby to Scottish Rite Hospital, or other qualified Locations. Once in the air and one the way, the two of us would often, look at the medical records to find a name, sometimes in the rush, we only had a last name. We would turn off communications to the pilots, but the nurses could still hear, and we would lay our hands on the incubator, and give the baby a Priesthood blessing. There was never a dry eye among any nurse, and no one ever objected to us doing so. We did this for a lot of babies, it was the greatest job I ever had. So, in a long way around, the point is that those who are sick, do not care who cares for them, nor do the hungry care who feeds them. After all, they are not looking for Spiritual guidance, well some my wish for prayer, they are just in need of qualified or willing people who can help, bind an open wound, or heal the hurt, or help them when they are in or at their most valuable state. My home sits about 18 miles down the road from the oldest Latter-day Saint (or now the site of it) chapel in the Southeast, that had a number of bullet holes in it over the 130+ years that it was still standing. I have been to it many times before it was taken down for a new building. About 60 miles North of my home is the “Joseph Standing Monument”, where one of our missionaries was shot and killed, due to religious intolerance in our Nation. As there are many of our people stretched across a Nation, founded on the principle of “Freedom of Religion”. Most of thes crimes went unpunished, but it would seem we still have a long way to go in earning the mutual respect, of those from other Faiths.
  6. Or the constant “what if”, is a very effective tool for brainwashing. Perpetual, “what if’s”, is a river that runs both ways, and a two edged knife, that needs to be carefully handled. I agree, “what if” questions can and often do lead us to greater understanding, but at some point, they must sevrve a point.
  7. So, what are you “just saying”? We could “unproductively”, say “what if” to every teaching by every “Prophet”, and every word of “scripture”, but to what end? Do we wish to abandon all belief, and all the benefits of belief, and destroy the entire “Social Structure”, and good that comes from the authority of Scripture, Prophets and Apostles, and everyone establish their own Church, their own doctrine, etc. In short, become what the scriptures warns us against, “becoming those with itching ears, seeking teachers to ourselves” (to paraphrase) and to, “be tossed about by every wind and doctrine”. After all, Fall is coming, but maybe not the season, instead, “the fall of mankind”. “What if”? Both a powerful metaphor, and a harsh reality to live by. What I do know, is that after 44 years of marriage, is this, that “Man and Wife”, is the most powerful foundation for this life, a preparation for the next, irregardless of this particular teaching to which you refer. It is that “foundation”, that has saved my life, and exalted my life already. I have already achieved immortality, be it my own marriage, my parents marrage, or the countless generations that preceded my wife and I. “Just saying”.
  8. Well the social hall is not for debate, but I guess you could not wait. The Bible is filled with all but a couple of instances where every single Prophet in every book and dispensation, where all received their call in private. No witness, sometimes not even a vision, just the silent whisper of the Holy Ghost. Saul”s, or Paul’s call has two different accounts, with witnesses either “seeing”, or “hearing”. We are not asked to simply believe Joseph’s account, but to gain our own witness first hand. I have have received that witness first hand, but I have no witness to having received it. With Moses, a “burning bush”, no one else witnessed, and tables are plates written by the finger of God, which only Moses saw. Love to continue this debate in the Discussion Forum, when you can post it there.
  9. One independent remark, welcome to the board. I pray your brief experience in, or with the Church will find a place here to grow into a long term experience in our Faith. I am always hopefully optimistic and foolishly naive at times, that all who have strayed, will again find their why home. As one of my favorite scriptures asks... Alma 5:26 “...If ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now”? On this very website, and in this very thread there is represented, 100’s years of membership, and persons who left the Church for decades, or more. All now united either by a common culture, or a common belief, so we (I) welcome you.
  10. “Shepard you”, ok here I go. Know that people here actually love and respect the Prophet Joseph Smith Do a lot of reading of previous posts, so that you are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Understand that when you “poke the bear”, or “knock down the hornets nest”, there are usually consequences. Be original, and don’t come here to settle and old score, or just to vent. This is just a few suggestions, oh and know I am a true believer, who is old, injured and retired with too much time on my hands, and will defend my Faith. 😁
  11. This is a often asked question, “when can I start a thread”? It is a question that often makes the poster seem as if he or she is coming out “guns blazing”, with a lot of rounds they wish to unleash, quickly. Too much, too soon, will often paint a picture no one wishes to see. Be respectful, and have patience, then you will be well received, most probably. Personal attacks against members of Church leadership, not a good idea. Policy debates, are usually received with much more understanding. Also remember, that ignorance of the rules, is not seen as an excuse, it is why the rules are posted, and the reason Robert Smith posted the link, for you to see the rules. Although people may disagree, try not to be unkind, or go out of your way to be hurtful. The truth does hurt, very often. But being hurtful should not be the aim of the truth. My 2 cents, anyway.
  12. I thought I made that clear, it just seemed a good place to address both. It seemed much better than reposting the entire topic. But, I thank you for pointing out the obvious, something far too often done by humans. But, love ya anyway brother.
  13. Again, why I ask? I did not even know President Ballard was speaking on this issue. But, between injuries and surgeries, I have became all but a ghost, and doubt many have noticed.
  14. This is why I asked, it seemed strange to me. But it is not a first, other announcements in the past year, have been sent out to news outlets. It seems to be a model, that I have seldom seen before.
  15. I understand, I was very close to my parents. But, I learned either by teaching, or chose to be “the understanding or consoling type”, from the example of my Nanny and Papa, gave to me. In short, I am a Papa, it’s my job, one which I take seriously, and love doing. Each weekend, the outcries come for most every grandchildren completes, or asks to stay. There are time when we have all eight here, some weekends, probably because Papa is a big pushover.
  16. My Son-in-Law, currently serves as the Young Men’s President, in our Ward. He along with the Young Women Presidency, were informed that Wednesday Night (well any weeknight) meetings for youth, will be no more. In that meeting held by the Bishopric and others, took the news very badly, a member of the Young Women’s Presidency, became so upset, she had to excuse herself, and chose not to come back into the meeting. From what I am told this is not just our Ward or Stake, but a another Church wide change. Everyone I spoke to, are worried that the underpinnings of a wonderful youth social environment, lasting for 100+ years is now gone. Of what I have been told, they are looking to have smaller groups of youth meeting elsewhere. This of course will have them meeting in members homes, but I fear that some will be excluded, who are less popular. When meetings were held at Church, no one could be singled out. My granddaughters are very upset, as they look forward to these weeknight meetings. Of course this will save money for the Church on utilities for such meetings, but some youth who are not in Church often on Sunday, do attend a more causal setting on weeknights, will no longer have this, “Faith building social outlet”, which is often a conduit to lead them back to Sacrament and other Sunday Meetings. I have been and are worried that making many such changes, between or just before General Conferences, is allowing those who make these decisions, an opportunity to avoid the initial shock, leaving local leaders to field questions, that many cannot yet answer. Only to tell members that we will hopefully get answers at the upcoming General Conference, knowing that those effected what answers to their questions then. Has anyone else heard this, had meetings about it, have answers, or know anything? I spent a bit of time Sunday, trying to console and answer the questions of one of my more tender hearted granddaughters. She often finds it easier to talk to Nanny and Papa, than to her parents, you all know how it is was when you are a 14 year old, or maybe you don’t?
  17. There seems to be a few topics that are now forbidden, I wrote, and rewrote a thread (with many drafts), but it was closed with no error code mentioned, is was just closed, and no one was allowed to comment. I was attempting to defend the Church against many actuations that some, or many, were committing suicide only due to our Church’s doctrines and teachings. I took days, actually sitting up in a straight back chair, using a laptop, which is very painful for me to do. I did many rewrites, over a number of days, in an effort, not to be offensive or seeking to insult anyone. The thread that was locked immediately, it gave no error codes (probably because I did not use andy links), I received no warning, no rebukes, nothing at all. I “did have” posters who contacted me in PM’s, wanting to know what happened? But I could not tell them what the problem was, or is. Not long after (something that may be common) my mailbox was almost almost completely emptied In that mailbox, were poems I had written for posters who were having some problems. Because they were personal to those posters, they were only in those PM’s, now they are gone, and my mailbox is almost empty. Of course, storage space being what it is, maybe it is common to clean out mailboxes, to make space when their are too many “bites”, to use a definition for computers, things I know little about. Whomever donates their server, only has a finite amount of space, that I do know. I am grateful that anyone has any space for us, but this is what my son tells me, or speculate to be the case. Of course, I believe him, he travels the world setting up servers, in many countries, making them speak the sane digital language, to the tune of $250,000 a year, with great bonuses. Although, it is like pulling teeth to get him to help out his Dad, as he seems to me, to be speaking in another language, and get frustrated I don’t seem to be keeping up. He is a wonderful man, but all I want him to fix it, where I just have to turn it on, and have my laptop do all the work. Oddly, he wants me to pay attention, so I can fix the problems myself. He once asked, “are you taking notes”? My reply was, “why take notes, I have you”? Of course I do have him to fix my problems, but I was joking. I need his help right now, but he is in Texas for the week, he was not supposed to leave until tomorrow, but had to leave early today. Having said all of that, to get to the point, things have changed here. Be it good or bad, things have changed, and many long time posters are now gone. But all of life requires that we adapt, or die. But, knowing why, would be helpful for all, members, contributors, and new posters. But for that, I leave it to the Moderators, who do this for free, and get little thanks. But, it does seem the original charter of defending the Faith against all who came here has changed. I for one wish we had the original “Mission Statement”, if possible. That of defending the Faith, and the work of apologetics, taking on all critics, as well as those who would troll, our peaceful waters.
  18. I can’t believe that so many worship at the wrong altar, when the Georgia Bulldogs are the true football Faith. I just hope, all will repent before it is too late; “Go Dawgs”, as we say it here. 😇
  19. Not a lawyer, just a retired cop. There is an old saying, “no one (or is it “everyone”) hates a lawyer, until they need one”. I have worked with many lawyers and solicitors that have helped me with the many crimes, that I have charged others with, and the subsequent trails, or settlements agreed upon. Most have been of great help, and others a torn (or is it spelled “thorn”) in my side. But what I have found, is when it comes to publishing (for me technical issues with my training in vo-tech and College), for you Law School, and Law Journals , it helps to find a topic, or an approach to a topic, in a way that others have never thought of, or even considered. This is what will make you stand out, Also, don’t become too disappointed at rejections, just keep trying. Also do not do so, to much that you become a thorn in “their sides”. In short don’t keep trying every month, or quarter, sending the same draft, or topic that has been rejected each time. My final bit of advice, be honest and straightforward , and seek out the help or review from those who have the gift of writing. In other words, find friends or family who majored in English Literature. Once they have finished, take criticism well, and once they have finished their review, seek out others, who have the same training or talent, to review again the final draft. Then review it again, to insure they did not write out the issues of Law, that is your training and talent. Not sure if you wanted the imput of someone without a Law Degree, if not forgive the intrusion, and if not an intrusion, I hope my advice helps. Anyway, best of luck, as I can tell this is important to you. Your Brother, Papa
  20. To quote the Prophet Joseph Smith, “Satan has no power over us, except that which we give him”. That being said, the Bible does cite instances of “Demonic Possessions”, so I believe they exist, and do think those who suffer from mental defect, biological or self imposed are at greater risk. But I also believe that even those with mental defects, can be shielded by righteous people around them.
  21. More importantly, did I pass the test? I hate pop quizzes!
  22. It is awful that anyone in any Church did, or does such a thing. But the lesson I learned in Law-Enforcement, and the Military, is that people of every Faith, are enslaved by the same evils that have always been a part of mankind. As the Scripture says, “there is nothing new under the sun”. Horribly, those who are a part of, or attend Church, use it as a shield to get away with their crimes longer. I once called in someone to issue a number of citations, he then tried to remind me that I was once his teacher, helped him get his license and a member.of the Church. I paused for a moment, and told him “I knew who he was, and that is why I did not have him brought in in handcuffs”. It was why I was writing the citations, because I wanted you to know how sickened I was”. I could have assigned any number of officers, but I wanted him to know how disappointed I was, that someone of my Faith, whom I helped so much, did this in my jurisdiction. At that time, I was working as Chief of Inspections for the City of Atlanta. I had an older Inspector of mine, who was making and missing a lot of mistakes, but he lost his job because he missed some very dangerous conditions, left by this individual. I made it clear that he had to fix the issues himself, return any money to the home owners, and pay the maximum fines, to avoid any jail time. It was within my police powers (in fact I had two uniformed officers downstairs in the event he cried foul) and I had done this to other contractors, but this time is was much more disappointing.
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