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  1. So it was Samuel who did under the conditions, or circumstances listed.
  2. You are allowed your own, but not others. If a person has been convicted of crimes against children, then yes it can interfere with a calling like being a Bishop, or Young Men’s President. Beyond that, a divorce can keep someone from being called to Seal Couples in the Temple, or so I have been told.
  3. Yes, for those of us who live in “Hotlanta”, Georgia for those who don’t know. We have had two days in mid June with low humidity, and temps ranging from the 50’s in the morning, and 70’s for the days. I don’t think I have ever known of such a thing in my 62 years. So, for those of us here in the the sub-tropics, it must be a “sign of the times”. 😎
  4. I guess that is great, I fear what might happen if we send missionaries there. I know there are LDS Families living there in the military and working for oil companies.
  5. Was it another Smith brother? Or were there no other deaths in Nauvoo? Well, you know.
  6. If memory serves, Joseph, Hyrum and William all died as a result of the murders at Carthage jail. William ran almost all the way back to Nauvoo, got sick and died just 20 days later. Lucy Mack Smith, had to bury three sons in a month. Of course Joseph and Hyrum had to be buried where mobs could not dig them up, before being moved the where they rest now.
  7. I think that individuals who use positions of authority or trust, should have even worse sentences handed down, when they do these horrible things. Especially anything of a sexual nature to a child. I read about this story, he should have gotten the max time in prison for each change. If there is one code of conduct that is not condoned in prison, it is sex crimes against children, as so many in prison had it happen to them. So, here in hoping those months he will spend in jail, are not pleasant.
  8. My youngest daughter, is often very angry with the Church. She is as most here know Gay, and has serious issues with the Church. But, she will not do as others tell her she should do, and resign her membership. When she is sick, or frightened, and as angry as she gets at me at times, she will ask for a blessing, something her wife does not understand. When her wife’s Mother was dying, she asked me to come to the hospital and give her Mother-in-law a blessing of comfort to know what to do. Her family wanted her to continue her fight against cancer, but she did not want too. In reality, my daughter wanted all the family there to hear the blessing, and by so doing respect her dying wish, and it worked. Very often her wife and friends, tell her she should not have contact with her family, and me above all as they see the very embodiment of the Church. Now, why do I say this? Often people who are active in the Church, see inactivity as leaving. We even have members of the board who have left the Church, in every way, and have returned, re-baptized, reconfirmed, and Temple blessings restored. My daughter-in-law’s Father did the same, sadly he died in a horrible accident, after having returned, and had all these blessings restored that I listed. What makes this, both wonderful and terrible, is that he died just two months before “our” granddaughter arrived, something he was so looking forward too, but he had his family sealed to him again a few months before his death. So, both his daughter, and my daughter-in-law, and that granddaughter, along with even more (as he had five children), will be his in the eternities. I am a firm believer in this, and my faith, that a loving God allows has his eye upon us all, something I think we too often forget. If we are, are were believers, and if those who remain continue to pray in faith, he “our Father”, will do all he can to restore those we love. But, if we act in anger, or recoil at family gatherings, Sunday dinners, or just the day to day encounters with them, we will only drive them further away. Thus making the work of God more difficult, and bringing judgement upon our own heads.
  9. My experience is that with more age, comes more wisdom. That wisdom helps others to see that only the individual is responsible for their actions. Not the Church, and certainly not Jesus Christ, nor is Satan able to force anyone to commit evil, he can only plant the idea, or give rise to the temptation. The same goes for Jesus Christ, as he will force no man or woman to heaven, nor can force them to be, or do good.
  10. If Joseph had no Book of Mormon, without which he could not claim to be a Prophet, which led to the Doctrine and Covenants, that gives us our foundation. Without that foundation, and his many visions, the restoration of the Priesthood, then no need for new Apostles. Then he would have been nothing more that a new minister, a very young minister who few would listen, saying he understands the truth of the Bible. This would mean no converts from other lands, the gathering of the Saints, no identity as ”God’s, Prophets, Apostles, or chosen people”. It would just be one of many Churches, or movements, and likely a small Church in New York, that almost no one ever heard even knew existed. For an example, just about 200 miles north of me is a place called, “Field of the Woods”, it was a Church founded on many of our beliefs, and they barely have 1,000 members, and a tiny little Church, as most are just family members of the original members, who don’t attend. You can look it up on the internet, under “Field of the Woods”. I have been there many times in my youth, because their is a massive hill with the Ten Commandments in stone. Of course our Church took us there, but told us not to believe the tenants written on large marble stones, about their beliefs. Also without the Book of Mormon, we would be that tiny Church. We also would not be debating on this forum, most of those here would not even have the same parents, the same husbands and wives, the same friends, and most who are members would still be lifing in other countries, members of other Churches, or none at all. So, it is the “Keystone of our Religion”, and as we are taught without it, our Faith will fail. In fact, if I were to learn or believe the Book of Mormon is not the Word of God, I would indeed be devastated. But, I would also stop posting here, and be looking for another Church the following Sunday, or just no longer believe in the God I have come to know. Anyway, my take on it.
  11. Not under New Testament standards, as Paul taught (to paraphrase), “the Old Testament was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ”. So yes, in the OT, many things were cited as reasons to kill, which makes one wonder, what was God’s law, and Man’s law”, that creeped into the OT? But, now we live under the” New Covenant”, and the law of the land, or the Western laws of the land. But sadly, in much of the Eastern world, due to the Koran, or those who use it as law, many are killed for many reasons. Which is why this person felt as if he had the right to kill these people, or felt he needed too. Or so I have read.
  12. I would hope any changes in openly showing compassion for those who struggle with “same sex attraction”, comes from God, and not from mortal influences. Having said that, any and all good wives can and do give needed direction when it relates to manners, and edict (hope that is correct spelling) , as we men often need our rough edges made smoth. Women are by far more attuned to proper public and private behavior, or at least those I know.
  13. No surprise, because no matter the lifestyle, murder is the greatest sin, and no one deserves to be murdered, and no one is justified in murdering anyone for any reason. So any of our Prophets should and would show compassion, least they have no compassion showed to them on the day of judgement.
  14. I usually give condolences if called to a Bishopric, having served there. But, all Church callings, are calling to servitude, not power over others.
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