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  1. I was speaking the truth, that inspiration comes from many sources, and I did not, nor ever have suggested that the two examples reflect how all who are Gay feel. You know me better than this from countless discussions you and I have had, but if it makes you feel better to make the accusation, that I did so. Then I am glad you had the opportunity to say so, don’t worry about me, or the truth, I am grown and won’t crumble. Prophets and Apostles in every age have been flawed, as scripture makes apparent. Be it a vision, be it promptings from the Holy Ghost, or by the written word, each means it was inspired. When men are in error, if they are good men, they will correct that error. But apparently this point I made was lost in the two stories I listed, because you did not care for them. This, I guess while you accusing me of being stereotypical, and dismissive. But, again...which group(s) are we or Church leaders supposed to listen to yelling at us every six months on our way to worship God, “according to our own dictates”. Those who wave garments, those who drag out scripture on the ground with a rope, those who hold signs telling us we are all going to hell, those who are Gay and blame us for the death of their children, those who want the Priesthood for women, those who just use their mouths as weapons, yelling profanity, those who don’t like the politics they accuse of, please tell me; which one?
  2. They are men, flawed men, as there is no other kind of men, or women for that matter, called upon to lead a Church with millions of members worldwide. Sometimes they receive visions, sometimes promptings, or what they feel are promotings from the Holy Ghost. Or they are simply putting their Faith is the Words of God, already in print, therefore they believe it is the word and will of God. Words that make clear it is from “Prophets of God”. The scriptures are clear that a Prophet can indeed change the “mind and will of God”, just as Moses changed God’s desire to kill the Israelites, and to raise up another people. Simply put, as the Apostle Paul said, “in this life we see through a glass darkly”. When this policy came out, I did not think it fair, and posted here how I felt, and that I knew it would change. Be it common sense, or because good men always seek to correct error, even their own, especially their own. What is your solution, billions of Churches, each going their own way? When protesters outside conference were being asked questions, they spoke of how unfair it was for children. When asked if the change matters, the woman speaking for those who are Gay, acting as spokeswoman, she said nothing, because it did not matter. Nothing matters to those who hate the Church, nothing but total submission, and complete surrender, and giving into every demand, for those waving flags, shouting obscenities, holding signs, dragging Books of Mormon with rope on the ground, waving around garments, at those who are on their way to worship. So my friend, what do you want of us? What Church would like to see? One of my closest friends whom I served with in many callings (sadly gone now) who “came out of the closet”, leaving a 25 year marriage and 5 children, I asked of him a singular question. If the Church accepted Gay marriage, would those who are Gay, live by the same laws of Chasity that currently our youth are asked to abide by, would they. His answer was, “Bill, I love you, but don’t be naive, there is no waiting for marriage, no such world exists”. So, are we to have one code of contact for one group, and a different for another? In the Temple, almost everything surrounding activities is the union between man and wife, and bringing forth an eternal family and righteous posterity. The command to “multiply and replenish the earth”, so what is to be done, what do “you” wish the Church to be?
  3. When it was first reveled (the policy), I disagreed then. I also knew then it would be changed, as good men when they see error (especially their own) always seek to change that error. What is so odd, is why would someone want their child baptized into a Church that teaches the lifestyle is sinful? I would not care if the Catholic or any Evangelical Church allowed my children or grandchildren to be baptized, if their goal was to teach them that my beliefs, or lifestyle is in error. Of course, our (my) Church does teach that my use language, when I get angry from, 10 years in the Army, and 23 in Law-Enforcement, leaks out. Or my failure to always keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and every other sinful weakness I have had in my adult life. Come to think of it, this is why my children and grandchildren, were baptized, because the Church is not meant to “teach correct principles, that we may govern our actions”. It is my desire that those I love, live better lives, and why I try each day to be a better example that the day before. I need the reinforcement of right and wrong found in scripture, and taught, each week, as I have so many fewer days ahead than behind me. I have had some serious illnesses as of late, and three very bad falls in just over a week, so I need to be more loving, more studious, more Holy. So, I need a Faith that tells me the truth, not one that will seek to help me cover my sins, before the fall that kills me.
  4. I can understand the desire to remain unknown, I use my name and speak openly of my views, where I live etc. I do so to keep me honest, so that I do not appear to be of two opinions.
  5. I was only listing changes to doctrine and practices, not giving weight to one or the other, the right or wrong of the matter.
  6. To answer to the OP, within including every word... Yes, is the short answer to, “do the doctrines of God change”. They have changed many times, with an on, and off again practice of polygamy. It was changed from the Law of Moses, and animal scrafice, to the doctrine of “The Atonement, and repentance via that single sacrifice of “flesh and blood”. The role of the “High Priests”, during the pre-moral, and High Priests, in the post mortal, just the name a few.
  7. Prophets are “commanded”, to warn. This way the judgements of God are just, and righteous. For a Prophet not to warn, is the same for a parent who does not teach their children “truth and righteousness”, the sins will be upon their hands and heads.
  8. My guess, skin cancer removal. If he were married to a Southern Woman, as I am...he stepped out of line, and got a reminder of the dangers of doing so.
  9. Glad you are OK, cars can be replaced, you cannot. Be safe, again you mean a lot to us here.
  10. They should take good care of you, you are wonderful treasure to us all. Hope I spelled this correctly, can’t seem to find my glasses right now.. For all I know I am typing a recipe.
  11. I have friends in Church who would think that would be unfortunate that my wife, kids, and grandkids have this in their background. I won’t mention it at Church for fear someone would say something bad about my family. In short, if they did say something bad, it would be a bad day for us both.
  12. Thank you, this explains why one child is almost identical to mine, and the other three have Native American, and African markers in their results. But DNA tests do help people target their approach while tracing their genealogy. My family was here in the U.S., as early, if not earlier, in the late 1600’s. They fought in the Revolutionary War, and in the Civil War. My great grandfather x 3, was with General Lee, at Appomattox the day the South surrendered, he was Cpl Wesley Harris Mitchell. I wish however he fought against slavery, instead of keeping that deplorable institution. After returning home he founded the First Methodist Church, less that a mile from the Atlanta, Georgia Temple. His Father build the oldest standing structure in Fulton County, in 1813 just two miles from the Temple. In fact both their houses still stand, as protected historical homes. Again, thank you for your response.
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