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  1. I think one of the key aspects to that story is that they learned very very quickly that they were on the wrong road. That changes some of the things you said that story tells us.
  2. The reason we believe we can trust the bible is because we believe God has put things in place so make it trustworthy. For example, we believe that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word of God will be established. By adding the witness of the BOM (and other scriptures) to the witness of the Bible it provides a way to double-check (for lack of a better word) what the scriptures say. Also, we believe that the Spirit can tell us the truth of all things and can help us to better understand those parts of the bible that might be confusing or incomplete because of translation issues.
  3. She was just someone he sat next to on a plane. I don't think he knows her other than in passing. Well I was wrong so never mind! 😆
  4. There is no complete source. We believe that God will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God.
  5. Yes, but that's the point of faith. It's based on true principles, but those principles have no power in our lives unless and until we have the faith necessary to act on them. If someone has no faith that dieting will help them lose weight, they will never choose to diet. Faith is the catalyst.
  6. I believe it said 'principle ancestors.'
  7. I think it's somewhat based on people learning (in other parts of their lives) that the presentation of facts is very easy to 'spin', that we are almost always working with incomplete data, and that people who believe in whatever "fact in question" will almost always work to convince others it is true , leaving out evidences that don't mesh (because they personally have justified them as being not relevant). For example, there have been many times in my life when i have read something or been to a presentation and afterwards have been amazed at how 'true' it was. But, over time i've found evidences and facts that show that it wasn't really true at all (or at least, not provably so). Also, I have a degree in history and one of the frequent activities that we did (in multiple classes) was to be presented with historical data and then asked to argue a specific position (such as, did the feudal system actually exist or is it a construct created by historians to try to explain what actually existed). After arguing pro or con for a while, you had to switch teams and argue the opposite. What i learned was that it was always possible. Some evidences were stronger than others, but for a lot of things, no clear consensus could be reached by everyone, and everyone had logical and reasonable reasons for holding the positions they did. They might not have seemed valid to me, but they did to them.
  8. That seems to be only from the angle of spiritual faith though. For example, it is faith that causes someone to diet to lose weight. Faith that muscles will get stronger is what causes someone to lift weights. If they didn't believe that dieting and exercise would work, they wouldn't do it for the first time. Faith is what causes students to enroll in college. If they didn't have faith that graduation was possible, they would not embark on that path. Faith that birth is possible for her is what get's a woman to endure pregnancy. Faith that our actions have a high likelihood of bringing about the consequence we seek is what gets us to do pretty much everything that we do. We all are, in some significant ways, people of faith. We just are not all people of spiritual faith.
  9. Even those might not actually defy logic and reason, they just defy it from your perspective. (I don't agree with a 6000 either but the flood i'm undecided on). Science is an imperfect science ( ) and there are people who find it most reasonable and logical to choose to accept what they believe to be God's teachings over science's fallible discoveries. From their perspective, they are following the most logical course.
  10. Yeah, the apostles have never taught that. This was taught by Elder Holland in GC in 2013. It's a good example of what the church teaches in regards to mental illness. Like a Broken Vessel
  11. Maybe it's because faith doesn't actually defy reason and logic, it just sometimes appears to defy it from certain perspectives.
  12. I think that other people on here who have had experiences with depression have said the same thing (that it is difficult to feel the spirit) but I can't remember who they were. I've also heard of LDS psychologists speaking about that as well. It does make sense because often times one of the symptoms of depression is numbness to all feeling. Why do you really really hope the church isn't acknowledging that. Did you misunderstand and thought she meant that the church is teaching that those who are depressed aren't worthy to feel the spirit?
  13. Maybe it is an affect of the presence of faith in the universe and faith being the power that created us (and everything else). Maybe we are fundamentally drawn towards faith because it is part of our very being (even if we don't recognize it)?
  14. Do you mean that spiritual faith has little to no meaning to you, or faith in general?
  15. I've had two moments of intense spiritual homesickness so far in my life and they are very memorable experiences. One was when i was a young teenager and the other was when i was one of three people in the Palmyra temple celestial room. I think of them often. Very cool video Okrahomer.