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  1. It's fine if you believe that, but that isn't supported anywhere. Tithing is not the same thing as charity. That's why the church asks us to tithing AND also give money for charitable donations. We are responsible before God for doing both. Doing what we want to do with the money, even if it's something good, is not tithing. It can serve His children and in that way serve Him, but it's not tithing.
  2. Hamba said, "After he was baptized, he did the sums and realized that by living the Word of Wisdom and paying tithing, he'd come out financially ahead." You said, "Believe me, people do not spend more on coffee than they would on tithing, this is dangerous rhetoric and a magnification of Utah elitist Mormonism." Why we should believe your words, and not Hamba's? (i'm not trying to be snarky or argumentative. It's a sincere question. We've known Hamba through this board for many years. We don't know you at all. Why should we believe you and not him?) I'm also not sure how claiming that Hamba's statement is 'dangerous rhetoric' that we shouldn't believe isn't calling into question his honesty?
  3. I don't mean that money not given to a church can't be acceptable to Him, I mean that money not given to God is not tithing. People (atheists, agnostics, satanists, protestants, catholics, etc.) give money to charity or other good programs every day. Millions of dollars. Those people are not paying tithing. They are giving charity but charity and tithing are not the same thing. Tithing is money that we owe God, that God or His representatives get to decide what to do with it. When we decide what to do with the money, we aren't paying tithing. That doesn't mean God isn't glad or that we aren't blessed for it, it's just not going to be the same blessings that come from paying tithing.
  4. Thanks HiJolly! My sons get to sing at the priesthood session of general conference and they are so excited! I can provide the music for that session if anyone is wondering.
  5. My thoughts are, if tithing is a true commandment, then one must pay it if they are trying to follow Christ. Spending 10% of our money on charity is not keeping the law of tithing, so if we want to tithe, that (as great as it is) is not an option. Once we know whether or not God expects us to tithe, the next step is to ask Him what church is His so we know who to give our tithing to. Whether or not we agree with how the money is being spent does not, from my perspective, matter. If tithing is a commanding and this church is His church, that is all that matters. God will deal with how people are using His money.
  6. Probably just anecdotal. Utah is the fifth state I’ve lived in. Out of those states it has the highest percentage of members and also the most emphasis on plastic surgery.
  7. Are you saying Hamba isn’t being honest? (For what it’s worth, he’s not in Utah. I believe he lives somewhere in the South Pacific on an island).
  8. Well, to be honest it was one of the first things I noticed when moving here, the focus on cosmetic surgery that didn’t exist in the four other states I’ve lived in. That’s why I think Mustard Seed’s point was valid, even though I don’t think that cosmetic surgery is necessarily sinful. Low self esteem and a preoccupation with appearance as a way to feel better about ourselves can be a weakness, and I believe that God is merciful with our weaknesses.
  9. Her point might have been that Utah, home to so many members of the church, should be one of the last places where women are vain about their appearance (including that if their vagina). I think it’s a relevant point (while acknowledging that there are medical reasons that a vaginal rejuvenation might be needed).
  10. There’s one in Layton along the freeway. My husband and I laugh at it every time we go by. To be fair though, it’s not just done for cosmetic purposes. It can also be needed for corrective procedures (often caused by child birth) such as incontinence.
  11. I'm with you there. I really don't like the smell of coffee.
  12. Yes, I think the important thing will be for the manuals to focus on different things, and to provide better scriptural content in seminary would be great. I think that it's essential to be able to liken the scriptures to ourselves, but understanding them as the writer understood what they were writing is also very important.
  13. I think you are right, I just think it's going to be a bit odd for freshmen and seniors because they only get part of the seminary instruction for that year. I am glad to know that the seminary manual will include things that are not in the home and sunday school manuals. That should help keep repetition more at bay.
  14. So it sounds like my son who starts seminary next year will have 3 1/2 months of NT his freshman year, and then 5 months of the NT his senior year. I think that's where this schedule is going to be a little confusing. Having freshman start a book of scripture near the end of that year's curriculum and then having seniors graduate while they are in the middle of the curriculum their last year.
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