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  1. New First Presidency

    I apologize if someone in the thread has already posted this. I haven't read the whole thing. This was posted by Elder Uchtdorf on his Facebook page- In the last couple of days, I have seen countless comments on social media and have heard many questions regarding how I feel now that I am no longer a counselor in the First Presidency. I appreciate your concern for my welfare, but I assure you, I’m just fine. 😃❤️ I love and support the First Presidency, and I am thrilled to again more closely associate with the other members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Just after being called to the First Presidency in 2008, I delivered a talk in general conference titled “Lift Where You Stand.” During that address, I discussed the importance of seeing every calling we receive—no matter what it is—as an opportunity to strengthen and bless others and become what Heavenly Father wants us to become. I could give that talk again today and the words I shared would be just as relevant. Just a few days ago, Harriet and I spoke to the young people of the Church and made specific reference to how we cannot connect the dots in our lives looking forward. We can only do so looking backward. In hindsight, each of us will see how the dots connect in our lives on a more elevated, spiritual level. One of my favorite quotes comes from President Gordon B. Hinckley, who said the following: “Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere. No calling in this Church is small or of little consequence. All of us in the pursuit of our duty touch the lives of others.” My friends, let us work together on the task at hand—to help all of God’s children know that He has a plan for them and to let them know they can find true joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that God is in charge. HE is at the helm. HE wants us to serve wherever we are in this beautiful worldwide Church. No matter where we are on this planet and to whichever calling we are assigned, let us do our best to serve God and our fellowman.
  2. I didn't say that social changes are responsible for how the church handled the issues. I said that social changes are responsible for the different ways that society (such as the news media) viewed Hinckley and Monson when they died. Hinckley and Monson both believed the exact same things about SSM, but they were not treated the same on the issue in their obituaries. It's reasonable to suggest that the difference was caused by society's current views on the subject.
  3. New Beginnings

    I don't know the origins but as a YW president, it's annoying to me that it's usually only a month or two after YW in Excellence. I'm not a fan of planning two formal nights in such a short period of time!!
  4. Has anyone noticed

    I think that only works when picking new apostles.
  5. President Trump visits Welfare Square

    I think it’s connected to the party. A Trump being republican and Utah being republican, kind of thing. I agree that the phenomenon doesn’t really seem to cross party lines.
  6. My husband was literally just telling me about the news conference (I haven't watched it yet) and he said that while it started out a bit awkward that he felt like president Nelson was inspired in his answers, especially in regards to LGBT issues. I guess I'll have to watch it to see how it comes across to me.
  7. Hinckley died just a few months before Prop. 8 passed though, so it seems weird to say that he didn't have high-profile events during his presidency. Hinckley was also president in 2000 when prop. 22 was passed and I was serving a mission in California in 99 and remember the push that members had in the state to get it passed. He was definitely fully at the helm of that one. The difference is not that Monson took the church in directions that Hinckley didn't. It's that the church's stances were more socially acceptable when Hinckley died than they are right now at Monson's death. I think the differences in the OB's of each man reflect the differences in public opinions about the church and nothing more.
  8. President Trump visits Welfare Square

    I know that a lot of people have the attitude that once the president is elected, you support them and respect them because of the office they hold. Kind of a 'if you don't make the right choice then work on making the choice right' kind of thing.
  9. God, the prophet and slavery

    They travel all the time, visiting people all over the world. My grandmother lived in the Prophet's ward for 18 months (quite a few years ago) and he never went to church in the ward once during that time. He was always visiting other areas. But I don't think that the bible teaches that the only way to be an apostle is to live like a 1 century Jew.
  10. Ex-Mormons launch FaithLeaks

    Yes, I realize that. I think it's funny that MormonLeaks has been so lackluster. I'm sure they are hoping for better stuff with their new venture.
  11. God, the prophet and slavery

    Were the new apostles that were ordained after Christ's death direct eye witnesses of Him in the NT? I honestly can't remember and don't have time to look it up right now. As for LDS apostles, they have in the past and claim to be special witnesses of Christ. Many members believe that they have seen Christ personally but the apostles have never (as far as I know) publicly confirmed such (though some do speak in ways that seem to imply it).
  12. Ex-Mormons launch FaithLeaks

    It's kind of funny how few noteworthy leaks they have gotten from the mormon church.
  13. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    Who was it from?
  14. Acts 17:28 Question

    No, what is or isn't considered Mormon doctrine does not depend on whether or not a person believes in continuing revelation. You really have no idea what you are talking about a lot of the time when it comes to Mormons.