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  1. bluebell

    The Problem of Indifference

    How much personal experience do you have with Him? These are the attributes I see in His parenting of me.
  2. bluebell

    The Problem of Indifference

    I think it's difficult to gauge God's parenting style, since we are seeing such a very very small part of it. God is parenting us in a very specific state right now, one that I don't think is comparable to any earthly parent--He's parenting us in a test to gauge the condition of our hearts. Maybe you could compare it to a parent who was testing a child to see if they were ready and able to take over the family business, but even that situation falls short. For one thing, our spiritual maturity if probably more like a 4 year old than an adult child. I think we can model aspects of our parenting after him though. We can follow His example of parenting with patience, with love, using chastisement when necessary, putting our children's needs above our desire to never feel guilty or uncomfortable when our kids are upset with us, never making decisions based on how much it will make our kids like us but instead always doing what is best for them, etc.
  3. bluebell

    Death during church activities

    I know one, a man about my father’s age (in his 50s at the time)that had a heart attack while taking the girls on a hike at girls camp. It was pretty traumatic for everyone.
  4. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    Not that I know of.
  5. I think you're probably right but I'm not sure we can really speak for everyone though. I had a rough patch while on my mission and came across a 'stay in the boat' talk by one of the apostles (I don't remember which one) in an old ensign in our apartment. That article (and especially the analogy used) really helped me.
  6. bluebell

    Brigham Young quote

    Some people really miss the forest for the trees sometimes. That quote is meant to help those who struggle with feeling offended over something. It's not meant to be used to justify being offensive.
  7. The one at Camp Zarahemla was a stake policy. The Heber Valley camp stuff are camp rules that all stakes must follow.
  8. I haven't read this thread for a while, but I had an experience last week at youth conference that drove me nuts (hopefully i haven't already shared it and just forgotten). Youth conference was overnight at a church camp near Morgan (camp zarahemla) and one of the rules for the kids going was no swimsuits. There would be two water activities (a giant slip-n-slide and tubing the river) but they were emphatic that no swimsuits were to be worn. So, it's the day of the water stuff and every girl is in shorts and a t-shirt. Almost every boy, without exception, was shirtless and in his swimsuit. I was not impressed that they embraced such an obvious double standard, and the girls obviously noticed as well. I'm still really annoyed thinking about it. Also, today my friend told me that her daughter is leave for girls camp up at Heber Valley and there rules are absolutely no swimsuits, shorts, or capris. And no tight jeans, all pants must be loose (they even included pictures of appropriate pants in their rules). They said that girls who did not have appropriate clothing would be forced to call their parents and have them bring up different clothes. That also makes my head want to explode. I get modesty, and I think it's an important teaching. I have no problem asking for standards of dress But I don't get making it as difficult as possible for some of the youth that need it the most to feel wanted and loved at these kinds of functions. I don't get implying that capris (pants that hit mid calf) are immodest. I don't get teaching that being in a swimsuit while swimming is immodest.
  9. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    As Smac posted, church policy is that a woman can only be sealed to one man (living or dead) at a time. They do make exceptions though, but only with first presidency approval.
  10. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    I think partly because they aren’t granted as a matter of routine, but rather each case is considered individually. And the other aspect is an issue of privacy. The church probably chooses not to disclose statements from an individual to other individuals without consent for liability reasons.
  11. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    I would guess that, even though most temple cancellations are granted (from my limited experience) they are not all granted, and the First presidency wants to make sure they have all the information necessary before taking the matter to the Lord. Pres. Hinckley had this to say about the process- "The most burdensome responsibility I have is to make judgments on applications for cancellation of temple sealings following civil divorce. Each case is considered on its individual merits. I pray for wisdom, for the direction of the Lord in dealing with sacred covenants made in the most hallowed surroundings and of an eternal nature." It's unusual for a woman to request a sealing cancellation after the death of a husband, especially she is past childbearing years, but it does happen. Usually though it's an issue of divorce.
  12. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    From my experience, the church usually cancels the sealing, if the woman is getting re-sealed. Wanting to be sealed to another man would be the justification for the cancelation.
  13. bluebell

    Question on Sealing Cancellations

    Actually, if a woman wants to get sealed again, she does have to have her first sealing canceled. Though there have been a few exceptions made, it's the church's policy that woman can only be sealed to one man at a time.
  14. I think it's probably true that a large number of ex-mormons have left a belief in God as well as the church, but I don't think that has anything to do with the 'one true church' rhetoric. I think it's because, when people start doubting their spiritual revelations in regards to mormon specific doctrine, they also begin to doubt all their spiritual revelations, regardless of if they are mormon specific or not. If you can't trust that the spirit told you JS was a prophet, then why can you trust that the spirit told you Jesus is the Son of God? It's not the church's doctrine of one true church that causes problems, it's their teaching that we gain a testimony of gospel truth--including who Jesus is--through the spirit. Spiritual testimony needs to be based on revelation to cause conversion, but if someone loses faith in the ability of the Spirit to teach them truth, then their testimony of Jesus Christ becomes equally suspect. Does that mean that the church should stop teaching that we need to find our testimonies of gospel truths using the Spirit? No. That would be irresponsible, regardless of the problems that can cause for people who leave. Also, consider the issues that cause a lot of people to leave. Historical problems, sexism, racism, science that conflicts with religious teachings or scripture, general skepticism,... All of those things are also hurdles for Christianity in general and not just Mormonism. People who believe those issues undermine mormonism usually also see those issues as undermining a belief in the bible and therefore Jesus Christ too. (To clarify, I'm talking about those who doctrinally leave. I'm not speaking about people who leave for other reasons or who were never really converted in the first place.)
  15. But this kind of response completely ignores the point of my post, which is that you can't expect someone to behave in a way that is contradictory to their personal beliefs or perspective. You can expect respect and reasonableness, and even kindness and open-mindedness but not for them to behave opposite of what they believe is true. Obviously, Renlund and his wife (and those who agree with their point of view) do not believe that leaving the church can come from a spiritual awakening. They might be wrong, but that is a different issue.