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  1. I realize that, but a lot of really angry people online seem to, which seems to me to be a case of missing the forest for the trees.
  2. I can understand her perspective; I'm hearing a lot of similar things online. For my part, I think that concerns like this are examples of how hard the change really has been for members, going from a church-led, home supported gospel to a home-led, church supported gospel. Our thinking hasn't really adapted to the change yet. Because, those kinds of concerns would be valid if our children were still supposed to be getting the bulk of their gospel learning from church. In the old format we would expect (and most of the time require) the church to be taking the helm on teaching our YM about their Heavenly Parents. But when we consider that our children are now supposed to be getting the bulk of their gospel learning from our home, there is nothing stopping our YM from being as aware of Heavenly Mother as they should be because the responsibility to make them aware lies with us, not the church. And if we are teaching them about their Heavenly Mother at home, then I don't know that them repeating the YM theme twice a month at church could have a negative effect on their understanding of their Heavenly Parents.
  3. I noticed that this difference has created a lot of really angry people online, which surprised me and makes me roll my eyes a little bit (because it's starting to seem a little like some people are only care about something as far as they can be upset about it not being how they want it to be). My only thought on why the difference (beyond them probably being written by two different groups of people) is that the Aaronic Priesthood theme is mostly focused on the young men's duties as Aaronic priesthood holders and as such, it focuses on their relationship with Him who's priesthood it is. As I said someone where else, we sometimes forget that it's not really Young Women and Young Men, but Young Women and Quorums of the Aaronic Priesthood. The two organizations have a lot in common, most of which being the age of the participants and weekly activities, but they are not completely the same. There are valid differences between the two and the themes seem to illustrate that.
  4. We do visits with ward members and a stake leader for Ward conference as well, but we do it on the Thursday night before conference and we only go out for an hour. Then we have no other meets on Ward conference Sunday. I'm sure the bishopric probably has other things but no one else, not even ward council.
  5. Initially they said they weren't going to do any recognition or rewards so I was really excited to see that changed.
  6. I don’t think he was trying to make it authoritative, I think he was providing context on where he heard it.
  7. I assumed he was just saying that one of the teachers in Elders Quorum taught it.
  8. Watched We Are Marshall last night in honor of the 49th anniversary of the plane crash on Thursday. A sad movie but still good.
  9. Yes, I disagreed with her statement that women were guardians of morality. It's ambiguous and feels like a weird label to me, as if being born female makes someone more moral? Besides that, with bishops and stake presidents being the ones with the keys to actually judge morality, how can women be it's guardians when we have no role in that?
  10. We have three wards in our building so all the bishops decided to do all the Christmas parties the first weekend of December. The first ward to meet on Sunday always has their Christmas party on the first Friday night. They set up all the tables according to a template that fits the most seats into the cultural hall. They take nothing down and only clean up their mess and decorations. The ward that meets second on Sunday always has their Christmas party on Saturday Morning. They don't have to set anything up or take anything down. The ward that meets last on Sunday always has their Christmas party Saturday night. They set nothing up but are in charge of taking everything down. Every year when the Sunday meeting schedule rotates the Christmas party schedule rotates as well. We meet at 9 on Sunday morning so that means we are doing our Christmas party Friday night. We're doing potluck chili and cinnamon roles/corn bread for the food, with simple table decorations. The Elder's Quorum and YW are in charge of the party this year so they are doing it daddy/daughter style with dads and girls creating a cute area for Santa to meet with the kids, with a background so that parents can take pictures with Santa if they want. And some of the YW are going to dress up as elves (with the dad of one of our nonmember girls being Santa). Last year the RS was in charge and they had Santa in one half of the building and then had all the YW/YM in the RS room to create a living nativity that ward members could walk through. The kids were all dressed up (with extras as angels), with the lights turned down low and instrumental Christmas hymns playing in the background. It was really beautiful.
  11. Is the Aaronic priesthood Melchizedek then?
  12. It's a sad story. Such a waste, but hopefully can serve as a lesson for those who think you can just go out in the wilderness and survive without any training or knowledge of the area.
  13. What things in the article do you disagree with?
  14. Yes, I think it is clear that she is speaking about women's duties outside of the temple in that statement.
  15. I'm speaking of the belief, that some hold, that women cannot be equal to men in the church unless they are ordained to the priesthood. I don't know that the bold is true, as the administrative priesthood (as the author understands it) was not in operation when Adam and Eve were sealed by God in the new and everlasting covenant. Right now, in this dispensation, the administrative priesthood is necessary, but as the scriptures show, that has not always been the case.
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