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  1. bluebell

    Marriage covenants

    True, but I don’t believe this interpretation of the teachings came from God.
  2. bluebell

    Marriage covenants

    We’ll agree to disagree. 😊
  3. bluebell

    Marriage covenants

    It seems weird that the first quote mentions that temple marriages where the couple divorced, but a sealing cancellation wasn't sought, would not be reported in the divorce statistics. I've never known any member that did not consider a couple divorced when their divorce went through, regardless of what eventually happened or didn't with their sealing. I saw another quote somewhere else that said that without a sealing cancelation, that these couples were still considered to be married in the eyes of the church. Uh, no. The church considers them very much divorced, even if they never get their sealing cancelled.
  4. bluebell

    Can Angels Eat?

    I'm with Doctrine 612. I don't think they were angels as we interpret the word. I think they were just men, but sent by God.
  5. bluebell

    Marriage covenants

    That's not really surprising since I think that many atheists choose to live together without marriage. But I would love to see where these statistics come from because from what I've read elsewhere, temple marriage divorce rates are around 6-8%.
  6. bluebell

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    I'm sorry, i thought you were responding to a different question about SSM divorces.
  7. bluebell

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    Who has said that the policy was created to keep SS marriages from ending in divorce? Who said that members of the church believe that gay parents can't accept their parents might have different views. All you've done here is to create straw men and then proudly knocked them down. From my understanding the policy has nothing to do with saving SSM. It's to keep children from continually being faced with the knowledge that their families can never be eligible for the full blessings of the gospel. For other children, they can hope that through repentance, their families can receive all blessings, including being sealed together for eternity. The children of polygamists and SS couples don't have that hope. Even if the parents repented, the family still could not be sealed. The policy does not only affect gays. It targets those families (gay and straight) that can never access the full blessings of the gospel and who's members can only access it as far as they denounce (and for parents, repent and leave) the current family structure. You can agree or disagree that children should be protected from being put into that position until they are adults, but that's the issue at hand.
  8. bluebell

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    From my perspective, it's because the reason for the policy isn't to keep marriages from ending in divorce, but to keep children from being continually faced with the knowledge that their families (as they are constituted) can never partake of all of the blessings of the gospel while remaining intact. I've never understood the policy to be a safeguard against breaking up SS marriages.
  9. bluebell

    Anniversary of the “The Policy”

    That's because the situation isn't the same, and it would help if you could stop making arguments without acknowledging that the situation isn't the same if you want members to take your arguments seriously. For a child of unmarried parents, do the parents have to break up in order for the family to be living in accordance with gospel teachings? No. For children of parents who are a different religion, do the parents have to divorce in order for the family to be living in accordance with gospel teachings? No. For children of part-member families, do the parents have to divorce in order for the family to be living in accordance with gospel teachings? No. For a child of gay or lesbian parents, do the parents need to divorce in order for the family to be living in accordance with gospel teachings? Yes. It's not just about hearing contradictory teachings. It's about what those contradictory teachings mean to the primary relationship that the child depends on and deserves-the relationship of the parents.
  10. bluebell

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I thought that Sam Young was against the church teaching the law of chastity? Maybe i'm remembering wrong though.
  11. bluebell

    Makes Me Proud to be a Mennonite!

    We had a lot of mennonites in Montana where I lived for a while. I never got to know any but it was fun to see them out and about with their families.
  12. bluebell

    Marriage covenants

  13. bluebell

    Diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday

    I'm so sorry. That all sounds like a lot to take in and deal with. Prayers for you and your family.
  14. bluebell


    I'm not sure. People try to get other's fired, send them death and rape threats, put their personal information online hoping someone will track them down and 'teach them a lesson'. That sounds like more than miffed to me.
  15. Are they saying that women are choosing to have fewer babies, or that women aren't able to have as many babies as those in earlier decades? The use of the term 'fertility rates' is confusing to me as I've always seen that used to gauge whether or not a woman could have a baby, not whether or not she chose to.