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  1. Exactly. How permanent is any sealing before it is sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise? Right now, for example, the church seals women to every husband they've ever had, under the belief that some of those sealings don't mean anything. I agree that our sealing covenants mean something but at the same time and in some significant ways, they are promises for what can be and not declarations of what is.
  2. If two people don't want to be together though, does it matter why? I mean, yes, repentance would be necessary for getting a divorce when God did not condone it, but after that repentance was complete, if the two people don't want to be sealed (and are perhaps sealed to others), then God will not force them to be together, right?
  3. If two people don't want to be together and want to be with others (and are sealed to those others) do you believe that God will force them to be together anyway?
  4. It can be hard for some from the older generation of male leaders to get push back from anyone, especially a woman. Keep it up! It's good for all of us.
  5. The official stance seems to be that those who have caused a divorce (through their actions or attitudes) need to repent and that those who haven't will find comfort through Christ and work towards forgiveness.
  6. Could you provide the quote? I thought that BY taught that divorce was allowed.
  7. I remember talking about these accusations last year when all of the Denson stuff was being discussed. When I read about the new accusations I thought it was so odd that someone else would have chosen to drug her orange juice again. It's difficult to believe.
  8. There was no judgment implied in the question and no reason for you to assume there was. I was asking for clarification/information.
  9. I said right in my post that it didn't matter either way if he was or wasn't so there's no reason to get huffy. This topic is tough enough without inventing reasons to be annoyed. Honestly though, most of the time it would be incredibly helpful to know where other posters were coming from. It's very easy to misunderstand each other and usually the more information you have about the perspective that another poster is coming from the less that happens.
  10. Those who hate it seem to do so because for them it does carry a LOT of baggage. I agree though that having a universal term that works for everyone is really impossible.
  11. Is California Boy still a member of the church? I thought the had left (not necessarily had his name removed but I thought he didn't consider himself a latter-day saint anymore)? Not that it really matters, I'm just wondering if I had misunderstood that.
  12. When HJW says-- "Not everyone is comfortable with the same things so how can the church refer to gay or SSA in a way that is respectful to everyone? IMO it would likely involve a synthesis of using both phrases at different times. It would seem harmful to totally shun one word in favor of another, knowing it will upset a population. In this case I'd suspect that the SSA preference would be the minority choice amongst the LGBTQ community. So if the church digs its heals in and will only refer to SSA, or flat out state there are no h0m0sxual members of the church, it causes damage unnecessarily. Making absolute comments about what is or isn't an appropriate self-definition is the problem" --it sounds like he saying that neither term should be used exclusively.
  13. Unless you believe that God has commanded that you pay the money you owe Him to that church.
  14. Credit is needed for graduation (or to pass the class for any given year).
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