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  1. It’s not my belief it’s what the court is saying. I’m not disagreeing that people sometimes have such strategies, I’m saying that the judge was clear that those kinds of strategies aren’t covered by the ruling. Those athletes would be liable for injuries they caused.
  2. It involves whether or not the contact was an aspect of the regular strategy of the game. Using strategy to intentionally harm is not a part of the regular strategy of any sports game and so that kind of strategy was not established by the courts in any way.
  3. I disagree. Since they clearly outlined that the action must be "conduct inherent in the sport" the ruling definitely does not provide near unrestricted violent and abusive contact. The only contact that would be covered would be that which is inherit to the sport being played. It specifically does not cover flagrant injurious behavior.
  4. But what would the benefits be of secretly not being a member of the church? You're right, i assumed the 'do not contact' thing because it didn't make sense to me that someone would want to resign from the church while continuing to live as if they were a member. Is secretly being a non-member a thing?
  5. How is the ward supposed to know not to contact someone who wants no more contact if that person doesn't want anyone from their ward that they have resigned?
  6. The church already does Bishop interviews with 8 year olds, right? Baptism interviews.
  7. I hate embarrassing situations too. I have to change the channel when stuff starts getting embarrassing on tv. I can't handle it, it's so cringey.
  8. I used to have horrible reactions to NyQuil and I realized it was the Sudafed. Dilated eyes, racing heart, inability to sleep, foggy brain, out of control emotions, etc. My body and Sudafed do not mix and I used to have to be really careful with cold medicine but thanks to all the people making meth now I can get most everything, even NyQuil, without it.
  9. Obedience laws and arbitrary trivial tests aren’t the same thing though. And it could be helpful to remember that the church didn’t put anything in place. The church believes that God created the WOW and that it is only doing what God has said to do with it.
  10. I’m guessing Calm doesn’t see the WoW as a made up “arbitrary trivial test” to prove our spiritual worthiness. Is that how you view it?
  11. We live in a state (with a wonderful Stake president and counselors that I love) that requires HC and bishoprics to be clean shaven and it drives me crazy! My parents' bishop has a beard, but in my stake you have to shave or you aren't qualified for that calling. It makes no sense and I really hope they change it soon.
  12. Yes, I know that's your belief. But that just seems like your way of saying that you believe that a whole bunch of people are wrong about their spiritual beliefs and you (and others) are right. How are you not being arrogant but Christians believing that a whole bunch of people are wrong and they are right is? (Sincere question. I'm not following your reasoning on this.)
  13. Yes, I get what you are saying, I just don’t think it’s reasonable. Using your idea of what is arrogant, I could say that you are arrogant for asserting that you know that no way is better or more fruitful than another. I wouldn’t say that because I don’t believe it but I could if I chose to mimic your example of what arrogance is.
  14. The definition of arrogance is conceit, pride, self importance, egotism, etc... Believing that there is one way back to God is not necessarily any of those things, in and of itself. If someone asks you for directions to somewhere, it's not arrogant to tell them the directions as you know them or believe them to be. You could be wrong, but it's not arrogant to be wrong. It's also not arrogant to believe that there is only one set of directions that will get the person where they want to go. Believing that there is only one way to get to a destination is not, in and of itself, conceited or prideful.
  15. Wow, that first discussion is way different than the ones we had! So many pages! We used to teach first discussions on door steps and sidewalks. That discussion you had would take some dedicated time.
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