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  1. It is not my place to dictate to the Spirit what the Spirit can or can't advocate or what should or shouldn't be prayed for. Again, that is the role of the Spirit. My role is to listen for and follow the promptings where ever they may lead. In other words, it isn't my place to say where the Spirit should guide me, or what truths it should teach me and confirm to me as truths, or when to comfort me, etc. Otherwise, I make myself the guide and teacher and comforter and arbiter of truth, thereby rendering the Spirit effectively useless. But, to each their own. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  2. If I recall correctly, it used to be the Hotel Utah, which is where the ornate and seemingly ostentatious design originated. My brother is the bishop of one of the Wards meeting there, and, understandably, the meetings are generally packed. So, it doesn't surprise me that the Church is building additional meeting space several blocks away. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  3. To me, the leading, teaching, and guiding by the Spirit towards righteousness (and I would add sanctifying and justifying and quickening-i.e. being made alive)) are not only the means towards convincing of truth (though I would phrase it differently as "increasing faith in the truth"), but they can't effectively occur except through the convincing witness or increasing faith in the truth through the Spirit. Indeed, it is the very essence of being born of the Spirit, and become one in heart, mind, and spirit.. Nevertheless, and in addition to scriptures and points already made, may I offer several others: Matthew 16:17 John 15:26-27 1 John 5:6, 8 Rom. 8:16 (1 Jn. 5:6). Heb. 10:15. 1 Corinthians 2:4, 10-12, 14 1 Corinthians 12:3-4, 7-11, 13 1 John 4:1-3, 6, 13 2 Corinthians 4:13 Acts 20:23 Acts 5:32 Luke 1:17 Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  4. This relatively brief presentation on the functions respectively of the left and right hemispheres may give reason why we are commanded to worship God with ALL our mind. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  5. Another way in which science seems to be turning against materialism and atheism, or at least given them pause, is: Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  6. Why are you asking me? I made no such claim. Why can't you address what I actually have said rather than some imaginary interlocutor? It is made up. It is a figment of your pride-blinding imagination. You aren't being attacked. Rather, your criticisms are being reasonably challenged, while you dance around them with straw men (speaking of fraudsters and hucksters). And, no one is demanding obedience. Rather, obedience is a choice, and, significantly, a means of proof. How is it that you did not know this? Could it be a lack of humility? Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  7. For the most part, that is a straw man. It mistakenly assumes that faith is binary state resulting from an event, rather than a growth process. It considers the starting point of Moroni 10, but neglects the ongoing workings of Alma 32. Most importantly, it demonstrates a lack of awareness or familiarity with the intent of the Gospel--which, by the way isn't "truth," since "truth" is but a means to the intended end. It is difficult, if not impossible to help people see things they are unaware of when their eyes are willfully closed. The sin isn't in questioning or asking for more proof. The sin is in materialistic pride and trusting solely in the astonishing limited and fallible mind of men--or rather just that hemisphere of the brain relegated to the "known." Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  8. Given how little we have known and understood about the "tangible reality," only unwarranted pride and arrogance would close minds to ideas and theories that don't exactly conform to our current perceptions of "tangible reality." Such is detrimental to disrupting innovations and human progress within the "tangible reality," let alone deleterious to the developmental efficacy, riches, and blessings, of the seemingly "intangible reality." Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  9. To me, in terms of the Scribes and Pharisees, the flaw wasn't in the organized structure of the of their belief system, but the poor character of their leadership and followers. And, while the disciples seemed comparatively less organized, as most any new organization would, it was rapidly developing in organization with the calling of the 12, and later the 70 (evangelists), pastors (bishops), teachers, etc. Let's also not forget that Jesus frequently preached in the synagogues and at the temple, and met often in homes, and this even though the synagogues and temple were the domain of the Jews. The restored church also started out meeting in homes and outdoors, but began building chapels and temples for good reason. It was a relatively disorganized mob who killed Joseph and Hyrum. That having been said, all of this misses my point about the structure of the organization being suited to the goal of the organization. The exaltation of mankind, by its very nature, necessitates a Plan, Leadership, and Priesthood, and is best facilitated on earth by authorized scriptures, temples , meeting houses, media, etc. Little of that is needed with social media and discussion boards like where we are at. The bottom line is, regardless of our personal preferences (I tend to prefer free wheeling and open organizations), the way in which the Church is structured is not my choice or my concern. It is the choice of him who heads it and after whom the Church is named. He , and not me, gets to decide what he deems best in shepherding his flock. And, if what he has decided doesn't suit my goals and style, I have the option of starting my own organization, where I get to freely do as I wish. However, I am fine with trustingly conforming my preferences to the will of him who is far greater than me . But, to each their own. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  10. I note with interest that you didn't mention a reliance on art, if not religion. This suggests to me that you either only use half your brain, or you are unaware of just how much you rely on both hemispheres of the brain. I am not referring here to the old left (reason)/right (emotion) brain myth, but the new science on the matter: Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  11. Sounds nice. It is just that, rationally, various organizations tend to be structured in ways that best meets their respective objectives. A coffee shop and a math course have different worthy goals, and so the atmosphere and structure of each will reasonably be different. Freedom of thought, independence, and diversity is a positive with the one, but a negative with the other. As nice as it sounds, your expressed wish fits the goal or mission of social media and discussion boards, but not the mission of the Church. The good news is, we get to decided what goals we personally wish to achieve, and to seek after the organizations that best match those goals.. This works far better than wishing or attempting to conform certain organization to fit our personal goals. But, since this is a discussion board, you are free and welcome to disagree. Thanks, -Wade Englund-.
  12. And, Hitchens' brand of atheism leans towards jihad. Thanks -Wade Englund-
  13. I think that in varying ways and to varying degrees you are correct. However, ultimately there is one shepherd and one fold, one body of Christ--which suggests that the kingdom is designed to operate on an individual as well as collective basis. For the body of Christ to progress as God wills, the left and right feet can't work independantly of each other, but must work together as one, else-wise the body may stumble and fall or be split in two or walk in circles. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  14. Sure, though I don't think in the binary terms you suggest. Consider Jesus during his mortal ministry. Would you agree that he was the head of the church or kingdom of God on earth? Yet, he also called 12 Apostles to lead and feed his sheep even, and especially after his crucifixion. Right? Did his apostles always fully comprehend his will and implement it with exactitude (the dispute between Peter and Paul over circumcision being a case in point)? Of course the answer is, no. The fact that the apostles didn't always get things exactly right, doesn't mean that Jesus wasn't the head of his church, nor should he be held responsible for the errors of men--assuming they are mistakes. Maybe they weren't mistakes, but simply God leading men at their level, and changing his practices and further evolving his gospel as his chosen disciples continue to develop. You should be able to comprehend this with your own experience with the Spirit. You say that the Spirit is your truth. Yet, have you always correctly understood the Spirit. Hasn't the Spirit revealed things to you at the level of your understanding at the time, and revealed more and greater things as you developed? Does it compute yet? Thanks, -Wade Englund-
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