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  1. That’s pretty amazing. You must be a good influence on others 😊
  2. No way. Out of all your family, friends/ward members growing up, investigators and mission companions (if you served), only two? Or are you only counting those who formally left (resignation)?
  3. Terrible logic Wade. Post your references (and if they’re a series of Ben Shapiro videos I’m going to lose my freaking mind).
  4. Haha...okay. PS, the cure for that whooshing sound you continue to hear over your head is better reading comprehension.
  5. Is this the highbrow way of telling me my post was the bomb?
  6. Sure does man...and members wouldn’t be clamoring for a burning at the stake...they’d be demanding that the gay be shocked away...know your religion guy.
  7. Dang, I totally forgot that when I comment on the suffering of one group it elevates their suffering above that of every other group...I’m soooo sorry. What groups do you identify with? I’ll include those groups in a special disclaimer for any post I make about suffering to make sure you don’t feel like someone else is more special than you.
  8. What the... Ha...next time someone brings up the extermination order, Haun’s Mill, or Joseph’s martyrdom at Church I’m going to steal your reasoning... ”Yeah, not getting overly excited about Haun’s Mill or Carthage when we all can point to a great number of worse disasters killing all kinds of people for a wide range of reasons. It would have more meaning IF Joseph and Mormons were the only ones targeted. They are not and never have been.” I’m sure everyone will be overwhelmed by my compassion.
  9. Not sure if you have read up on the studies by Roland Griffiths at Johns Hopkins(?); if not you may be interested. It’s fascinating stuff (one study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5772431/) He has also given a number of interviews and presentations on his findings: Spiritual practice (including proper set and setting) + psilocybin leads to some of the most meaningful and life altering experiences of the participants’ lives.
  10. Won’t “whatever it is” still be our perception of whatever it is?
  11. Perhaps an analogy will help clarify my disagreement with the original quote by the Area Seventy. I work for a company with operations on every continent except Antarctica. We are a leader in our industry. There is, however, no meaningful comparison between us and Apple or Google or Amazon. Not because we operate in different sectors, not because we fail to provide value to the market, but because the size and scope of our business is trivial relative to those leaders. No executive in our company would think to draw a comparison. Yes, the Church has influence. Yes, the Church is a leader. But there is no meaningful comparison to the size and scope of the Catholic Church. Drawing the comparison is absurd. Thinking that renovations to a couple of city blocks will contribute to SLC being the next Jerusalem or Vatican is just naive. We are in the noise. Perhaps we can reassess in 500-1,000 years.
  12. I think you are correct; the President of the church is, for all intents and purposes, infallible in his role as president. The faithful by and large do not allow fallibility in any material way. Argues with his wife occasionally? Sure, fallible. Said a bad word a few years ago? Yes, fallible. Taught an incorrect doctrine to the Saints? Nope, you’re in danger of apostasy thinking that. A while after he’s passed on you may be able to say he was speaking as a man, but that’s not a justification for disobeying his counsel at the time. Unfaithful to his wife? Nope, you must have the facts wrong; why are you reading anti-Mormon material? The idea of fallibility in our Church has less to with individuals studying things out in their minds, and more to do with preserving the authority of the living Prophet.
  13. Any belief about forces, entities, states of things, etc. exogenous to the mind is impossible to validate. Limiting one’s interpretations by the boundaries of naturalism is just as speculative a position as a religious one. Regarding the usefulness of an interpretation, many find that naturalistic explanations inadequately describe certain experiences. Reducing a spiritual experience to biological processes is like describing the experience of going on a road trip with your friends in terms of brain chemistry and the mechanics of an internal combustion engine. Would you invite friends on a road trip by telling them about oxytocin and fuel injection? No, because if that’s how you talked you would have no friends to invite in the first place. Also, you’d find it a poor way to communicate the experience. Likewise, people use the word and concept of “God” to describe certain experiences because any other explanation would, in their assessment, fall short.
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