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  1. I’m not intolerant of gay people. It’s what they do behind closed doors that I can’t handle.
  2. That conjecture makes as much sense as me calling you a sinner because you know what an avatar of the Night King looks like. I just happen to think a guy with a blue face looks cool.
  3. I think it’s apparent that one of the biggest challenges the Church is dealing with is that members are leaving in fairly high numbers because of its stance on homosexuality. It seems odd to me that the Church’s consistent policies on gay members would be the trigger to leave, but most people I know who have left cite that as their reason. My point is that these people are demanding that the Church tolerate sin as defined. This issue is magnified because pretty much everyone has a gay family member somewhere in their tree, so it’s personal rather than abstract. My wife and her mother blame the Church for a family member’s suicide, even though that person had never been active his entire life. He complained about the Church’s position on homosexuality regardless. I think he was just generally unhappy. My question is whether you folks think this will continue to be a big issue or will Church complainers move on to something else eventually?
  4. Athiesits - at least the ones I've run into - are more devout in their beliefs than most Christians I know. It's odd to me that believing in nothing can be so motivating to them.
  5. Our Sacrament Meeting was quite nice - mostly musical numbers. Still, I would prefer if there was a bit more pageantry around Easter and Christmas. It's like we try so hard not to be like the Catholics we avoid a lot of what they do well. I think a bigger celebration of the resurrection is not a bad thing.
  6. I did - thanks for the references.
  7. There is no LDS doctrine for or against the symbol of the cross. Somewhere along the line some GA decided to give a talk that said we celebrate Christ’s life - not his death, and magically the cross got wiped from the Church. It should be put in the same basket as Coke or coffee flavored candy being against the Word of Wisdom. It’s folklore. If wearing a cross makes you feel closer to God go for it.
  8. I have always taken my kids to other denominations at Easter and Christmas for the simple reason that our Church seems to treat those days like any other. There's something special about the way Catholics worship during the Easter week. We simply change the hymns for the day to be from pages 33-42 and assign someone to give a talk about the resurrection. To me it's a real missed opportunity to worship the fact that Christ rose from the dead. Wherever we've lived I've sought out a cathedral, whether in the US, Australia or Germany.
  9. My chickens are just coming out of their 4th winter. They didn’t complain at all about the cold.
  10. I would prefer that you don’t shorten the name of Rexoheim. It’s disrespectful.
  11. Now you’ve just bored me.
  12. Well, that was grumpy. It also didn't answer any questions, but thanks.
  13. We know from the Book of Moses that everything on Earth was created spiritually. I assumed all those spirits are warehoused somewhere - probably in the same place our spirits were before coming to Earth. I also assume that a finite number of spirits associated with this Earth were created, which makes me feel less concerned when a species goes extinct. Maybe there weren't any more spirit Dinosaurs to come down and the asteroid theory is nonsense. Any thoughts?
  14. Probably more similar to Australian culture than American in my experience.
  15. Haha - sorry about the avatar. What is your country of origin? I’m from Australia and what I find interesting is that although as a nation we are less religious, as a people we are much more respectful of religion and life than America. That’s my opinion anyway.
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