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  1. Thank you. I was going to say something similar. I’ve wondered if saints in dispensations past have struggled as much as this generation does with our perceived difficulties with the journey back to God, with the struggle toward perfection. I say perceived because I think some of it is self-inflicted, some is society-inflicted, and much of it may just be the strait and narrow journey. I admit I’ve wondered from time to time, where is the promised peace, when I feel so very imperfect so often.
  2. They are in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years beforehand. Maybe he's just doing crowd control, or a less-than-two-transfer mission. 😉 By 'slinking away' I meant I realized my first post could have been better founded on a primary source, rather than just adding what came across as hearsay, or worse, a conference-call-conspiracy (just made that up). I didn't realize Jasono is also a newbie. My comment-fu was weak and I embarrassed myself. As an aside, can someone tell me why I can't post in the In The News forum? Is there a posting benchmark I have to reach beforehand?
  3. I have no idea if we know each other. I admit I hesitated in posting this as it is essentially 4th hand, and therefore useless. No, I have not seen the call, only a text from the missionary. I guess this is an inauspicious introduction to the forum. I’ll slink away.
  4. A close friend’s daughter is currently serving a mission. Reportedly her companion’s sister’s recent call states where she will be serving, but that the length will be announced in Conference.
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