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  1. The article should be out in early June. Nobody is prohibited from using Thom's translation, but you certainly won't see it quoted in General Conference. There were some members of the Quorum of the Twelve who made some suggestions about portions of the intro before it was published, and all the FP/Q12 were sent copies. So far reactions have all been positive. The book is now in its fourth printing (Deseret keeps lowballing the print runs).
  2. Well, I don't want to give away too much, but I share some of the different functions of Bible translations and how quality is measured by how well they perform their functions. Then I demonstrate that the KJV is an institutional translation that serves institutional functions, which complicates its centering in our "home centered, church supported" curriculum. I share some examples of ways that our use of it complicates the globalization, internationalization, and localization of the Church's messaging, and then I share some of the ways the other Bible translations we publish (currently just Spanish and Portuguese, but more on the way) deviate from the KJV and are going to ultimately force our hand regarding our commitment to the KJV. The second half of the article reviews Thom's translation and talks about how it seems intended to function.
  3. The need to address the issues caused by our commitment to the KJV is a very real one that is being discussed at very high levels. Supplementing the KJV with other modern Bible translations is a perfectly reasonable start (even Sidney B. Sperry said that's what we ought to be doing). These discussions will only become more critical as time goes by, and I think it'll be out ahead of them instead of catching up. I have an article coming out in the next issue of The Religious Educator that will review Thom's translation and also discuss some of the ways our commitment to the KJV has caused problems for the Church domestically and internationally. I think a lot of the questions from this thread will be answered there.
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