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  1. Thanks for responding. I want to know where Kerry Shirts got the quote from so I can track down the original in Ibn's writings. If it's an actual quote taken from Arabi's writings, there is a possibility Arabi learned about Kolob from a copy of the Book of Abraham. Assuming the Joseph Smith papyri wasn't the only copy in existence over the centurys.
  2. I saw a video on YouTube done by Kerry Shirts on facsimile 2 of the Book of Abraham. In it he quoted Ibn Arabi (a Muslim mystic). The quote is "In the house of Abraham it is called Kolob because it is nearest to the throne of God" Does anyone know the source for this quote? I know this is probably better asked in the general forum, but I can't post to that one for some reason. Assume it's because I'm too new.
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