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  1. Yes... I agree... some women do not want to share. But... at least no one is telling them the CANNOT do it if they want to. The choice is theirs whereas in my situation, Church headquarters took that decision away from me.
  2. Seriously, Juliann... you're killing me, lol!!! I can't stop laughing... just the comic relief I need right now! 🙂
  3. This right here is someone who read and understood my question. Thank you bluebell....
  4. Um... I think you might have posted your answer on the wrong thread. This answer is completely irrelevant to my question.
  5. Having to cancel my sealing, when men are not required too, is a slap in the face and reeks of innuendo that I am a second class citizen. It's an archaic and sexist policy that I have no doubt will be changed in the future. For now... I must endure the mansplaining...
  6. This is one of the more frustrating aspects of this policy, and many many others in the church. It all depends on who your leaders are and what their personal bias is towards the issue. That just confirms to me that it's truly not coming from God (not that I ever thought that to be begin with).
  7. Best response yet.... Juliann, can we be friends? lol! 🙂
  8. Thank you ladies for your sentiments... ❤️... but, that wasn’t my question. Yes... we should marry who we love, obviously. But what if who I love wants to be sealed? Or what if I want someone who is serious in the church (and anyone who is serious, is going to want to be sealed). Does anyone have any official doctrine on what the church expects widows in that position to do?
  9. I am a young(ish) widow (who was sealed to my first husband) and want to remarry. I’ve had 2 men tell me that they would want to date me but that they want to to be sealed to their spouse (and… I cannot be). So… who am I supposed to marry? Non-LDS or another widower obviously… but how is that fair? Anyone have a decent or real explanation? (other than God will work it out...)
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