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  1. I think it is figurative, so taking every single word literally is not a good way to analyze it. Its nothing more than the choice to become mortal and go through this life. She didn't eat an apple. Eve just said "yes, I am going to go down to earth and do this." In the Temple, they say flat out that everyone should consider themselves as either Adam or Eve. At some point, before, you were born, you were given the choice, same as Eve, to come to earth and go through this mortal experience.
  2. There are some in the feminist movement that see transgenderism as anti-female. http://squaretwo.org/Sq2ArticleCasslerAEROWManifesto.html There is something offensive about a man claiming to know what it feels like to be a woman or putting on the external trappings and then claiming to be female.
  3. I find this whole thing troubling because it feels like leadership by opinion poll, rather than the Spirit.
  4. I gave a talk in church last week and quoted Joseph Smith. He used the word "Mormon." Please tell me how to proceed. Should I change the quote? Correct the Prophet of the Restoration? Make a joke ("Joseph didn't get the memo.")? Read it as is?
  5. So I'm curious who carries the most weight? I recently read of a man transitioning to a woman that wanted to attend Relief Society. I think it really would stifle the class discussion and I am fairly certain at least several women wouldn't be comfortable with it. Do their concerns not matter? Please don't get snarky, I am honestly interested in how you balance the concerns of each person.
  6. And I have been in legal recruiting on the law school side for 20 years and I'm telling you what industry studies are showing. Not just personal experience. And yes, these were law student resumes that were used in the experiment.
  7. And I'm new to the board and still trying to figure out the technology.
  8. And I have been in legal recruiting on the law school side for 20 years and I'm telling you what industry studies are showing. Not just personal experience. And yes, these were law student resumes that were used in the experiment.
  9. The playing field isn't level. If a resume discloses the race or gender of the applicant they are treated differently, even if the content is exactly the same. John Smith's resume is going to be viewed as superior to Joan Smith's resume and especially Juanita Perez's resume, even if the content is exactly the same. In musical tryouts men are "better" musicians, until we put up a screen and carpet the floor so you can't tell the gender of the person playing the instrument. Then magically, it turns 50-50. Claire Foy didn't negotiate for a higher salary because she had been taught all her life that women that cause a ruckus are b*tches and "difficult" and her duty, above all else, is to make sure other people, particularly men, like her. Girls are taught to be agreeable and to get along. Boys are taught to fight for what they want.
  10. I'm not sure I take any comfort in this. As a never married childless woman, I have zero status in the Church. (Please don't give me the Sheri Dew speech). As for the next life? Probably polygamy.
  11. I might be up a tree, but if memory serves, the original hate crimes laws were Federal and were tied to the Civil Rights Act of 1968. This allowed the Feds to come in a prosecute when the state wouldn't. In the past, there were places that wouldn't prosecute a white man for killing a black man. The Federal law allowed the Feds to intercede.
  12. I agree with you - we are to problem solve and do what we can improve our situation. That is why we are given challenges in the first place. I don't think for a minute you are supposed to just sit and take it.
  13. Bible translation can get tricky. I too, have heard that "inn" actually translates into "guest room". She went home to her mother, like all Jewish women did, to give birth. She would have been attended by her mother and aunts. He wasn't born in the guest room. He was born in another room in the house. I think your question is a very good one and would be a good stepping stone to thoughtful discussion. However, your responses on this board have seemed caustic, so if that's is what you plan to do in Church, please don't. Many of us go to at least try and be edified and worship with fellow believers, not to fight.
  14. I was endowed close to 30 years ago, so I have seen several changes made, always shortening and "simplifying." When the symbolism is lost the meaning goes with it. Under the pre-1990 ceremony, there were details that you could see reflected in the scriptures. There were passages that you could read in the Old Testament and get it - that person was actually getting their endowment. The changes to the Initiatory were the same for me. Before, they had actual meaning before. Now its just someone standing there talking to you. The meaning is lost. I'm not sure that is the price I want to pay to make it more convenient. As for going in just to pray or get revelation or for you own personal needs, maybe that's the whole point of requiring participation in the ceremony - it isn't always just about you - maybe you need to do something for someone else while you are trying to approach God.
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