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  1. Buffy

    Accepting God's Will

    I agree with you - we are to problem solve and do what we can improve our situation. That is why we are given challenges in the first place. I don't think for a minute you are supposed to just sit and take it.
  2. Buffy

    Accepting God's Will

    Bible translation can get tricky. I too, have heard that "inn" actually translates into "guest room". She went home to her mother, like all Jewish women did, to give birth. She would have been attended by her mother and aunts. He wasn't born in the guest room. He was born in another room in the house. I think your question is a very good one and would be a good stepping stone to thoughtful discussion. However, your responses on this board have seemed caustic, so if that's is what you plan to do in Church, please don't. Many of us go to at least try and be edified and worship with fellow believers, not to fight.
  3. Buffy

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    I was endowed close to 30 years ago, so I have seen several changes made, always shortening and "simplifying." When the symbolism is lost the meaning goes with it. Under the pre-1990 ceremony, there were details that you could see reflected in the scriptures. There were passages that you could read in the Old Testament and get it - that person was actually getting their endowment. The changes to the Initiatory were the same for me. Before, they had actual meaning before. Now its just someone standing there talking to you. The meaning is lost. I'm not sure that is the price I want to pay to make it more convenient. As for going in just to pray or get revelation or for you own personal needs, maybe that's the whole point of requiring participation in the ceremony - it isn't always just about you - maybe you need to do something for someone else while you are trying to approach God.