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  1. This comment isn't serious, is it? Just some recycled stupidity. For a recent discussion, see this.
  2. tkv


    How 'bout these definitions: Of mind or character: Having a high moral standard. Of actions, etc.: Adequate or suitable in respect of moral excellence or noble aims.
  3. Exactly. There's an unavoidable bias built in to all unserious dismissals of various Book of Mormon evidence.
  4. The Sorensen response, linked to above, indicates that Coe's comparative work wasn't well-researched or reliable.
  5. Michael D. Coe, a prominent Mesoamerican scholar and a well-known skeptic of the Book of Mormon, recently died in New Haven (September 25, 2019, aged 90).
  6. No support for this assumption. He probably was just telling himself. Interesting that Lois filed for divorce on July 5.
  7. Members of the Utah law enforcement community learned 17 years ago that he might be gay because they checked his computer over because of his daughter's abduction and found things that pointed to homosexual proclivities. Others learned about it through them from that time forward.
  8. So God set up a sexually asymmetric world, where men, on average, enjoy many advantages over women. Also, men, on average, are more selfish than women, so less interested in service than women. Because of some of the inevitable consequences of this real world asymmetry, some people reject God, for setting up and placing us in such an obviously biased world. What are the implications of those biological realities for the domain of church leadership?
  9. I knew of a GA in the 1980s who had a standard quad reduced and rebound for ease of use when traveling.
  10. I'd be interested to read Cowdery's account of the translation process. Can you supply some statements here?
  11. It looks like a Bickertonite Book of Mormon.
  12. 490 is now known to be inaccurate. The ESV, NIV, NRSV have it right at 77. Matthew 1:25a: HCSB has something similar but better by keeping know: but did not know her intimately until she gave birth to a son. Several newer versions keep know by itself. NIV goes with consummate marriage, NRSV with have marital relations.
  13. Not sure I follow you here. Isaiah I is pre-exilic, is it not?
  14. Here is some non–Latter-day Saint scholarship discussing evidence that Isaiah II has linguistic usage (the Qal Passive) that dates it with pre-exilic Isaiah I.
  15. And this 1984 BYU article looks like it's on the topic.
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