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  1. I'm sorry... he didn't go into any detail. During the endowment, I was wondering if there would be any change at the veil or the name of the second token, but there was not. Maybe the same applies but I don't know
  2. I was speaking with a temple sealer yesterday.... he says the ceremony wording has changed and gives a much warmer feeling to the ordinance. Sorry, I don't have any details
  3. I'm glad that you can post what you "would think" ... so can I.
  4. Exactly... I'm 64 yrs old. I'm dying of cancer. I'm not going to spend my time worrying about something I can't control.
  5. This is how I feel as well..... the ordinances are the same. Only the presentation has changed
  6. I truly think the reason they don't want us to talk about it is so people can get the full effect for themselves and not go in with any preconceived notions. Surely they realize that people will talk about it anyway. My feeling that I need to testify about the Temple came to me in the CR ... after the endowment. I will testify because I truly believe that the holy spirit moved in me. I think these changes are exactly what the church needs at this time in its history and this isn't over yet.. there will be more milk before we get the meat
  7. My testimony stands... I may be out of the loop and that's by my own choice not to look for inequity in others. I can't spend a minute of my time worrying about things I can't control
  8. Another feeling I came away with is that the Lord wants us to testify of the temple and with the testimony meeting coming up this Sunday, the timing couldn't be better. My testimony has been strengthened by the knowledge that our living prophet has indeed received these revelations needed to move the church forward and to hasten the work of the gathering of Israel
  9. One thing that did not change is that ordinance workers still have to be clean shaven
  10. I can't edit because I don't have enough posts.... the word, admonish is mine.. it was not used in the message. I used the word because that's what it felt like to me.
  11. It was the "tone" of the direction not to discuss... I can't really explain it, but to me it felt very firm... like they don't want us to discuss the changes, but want people to experience it for themselves.
  12. I just came from the temple... I can say that there have been very important changes to the endowment. I can't go into any detail because at the very beginning of the endowment we were admonished not to discuss the ordinance with anyone outside the Temple. I can say that the changes shortened the endowment by about 25 minutes. I came away feeling that the Lord, in his infinite wisdom has revealed to his prophet that these changes are needed in the modern world we live in.
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