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  1. I apologize for the lack of clarity in my initial post. Like I said, this thread was not started in order to criticize any beliefs, but rather to help me find out others' opinions about the issue I have struggled with in my own life. 🙂
  2. No. The question applies to people of all beliefs. 😐
  3. How is it a false dilemma? There are several thousand religions in the world, each of them claiming that salvation is based on certain particular aspects, whether those aspects be faith, works or randomness. There will always be chances that a particular religion is incorrect. I don't see how asking what you will do, if it turns out that said particular religion is the one you adhered to, is a false dilemma.
  4. My apologies if it seems too controversial, but I've been struggling with this question a lot over the years and I wanted to see what others thought about the issue. 😐
  5. In the afterlife, in case it turns out that your beliefs were not the correct ones and, because of this, God sentences you to eternity in hell, will you consider yourself wronged? Will you try to bring arguments to support your cause or will you obediently accept the sentence?
  6. No to sound skeptical, but how can we be sure that it wasn't a hallucination? Did he bring any proof other than his writings?
  7. No. I mean quotes within quotes. As you can see, when I quoted your post, the quotes you made from my previous post were not included in this quote. I would have to click inside the quote box in this text editor and then return to my post and press the quote button in order for it to be included inside your quote. Like this: I guess I don't understand what you are saying... I simply hit the "+" sign on each of your posts to list multiple quotes... hence, the two here... You can edit a post to include a single sentence, or more... whatever you want to include... GG Understand what I'm trying to say?
  8. You could always get an e-book reader. Either an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or a Kobo Aura will offer you optimum reading conditions for ebook, without any of the glowing issues of a computer screen.
  9. I think that would be a nice thing to do. Explain to them that you simply forgot because you were too caught up with a lot of work that day.
  10. When you're in pain, the meaning of life is the pain? What? I don't understand that line of thought. I could understand how the urgent liberation of pain would become a goal in such a situation, but I ail to see how the meaning of life would be the pain.
  11. What illness do you suffer from? What type of injections are you getting every eight months?
  12. It's not my idea. It's what the member above my post implied. 😐 This forum software makes quoting multiple posts (quotes within quotes) ridiculously difficult, so the conversations tend to become confusing.
  13. Why is secular humanism our common enemy? I would have thought that satanism was our enemy.
  14. If God created the divine law according to something else other than His own nature, then what is that something else? 🤔
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