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  1. Absolutely. For sure. I have known outstanding pastors whom I trust. That said, **as for me alone, regardless of what organization I’m in I’m going to ask a lot of questions and I’m going to dislike aspects of any religion. When I am questioning something at my church, I can ask myself, what is this persons motive, and is it a pure message? Sonetimes pride and attention are what fuels the messenger, but at least I don’t have to factor in wealth when analyzing a message. I agree, paid positions affords unique time and attention. But that’s not important to me personally in a church. Other than it is not always easy to have a volunteer calling in addition to my family and high demand career.
  2. I tend to think that not all of my spiritual experiences are made equal. That said, I don’t know much. I think some of my intuitions and drives are purely my own psychological and historical impulses. I think some are social spiritual connections that we humans have not qualified. And, I think a sacred few are God sourced. But what do I know? Nothing, really. I’m just doing my best. Most of my intention is to not do harm to myself or others because I have compassion for myself and others.
  3. But it is real, believe it or not. If you don’t believe it, then you won’t worry. But you still won’t be with your family. You may think you will but you won’t. According to the primary manual and deductive reasoning.
  4. Tacenda, this right here nails it. There are a LOT of unhealthy folks out there. Religion attracts unhealthy people IMO****. Religion promises peace, and when one is anxious, bi polar, depressed, guilt ridden, lonely, outcast, or otherwise, the promise of eternal perfection and weekly renewal is a hopeful message. I think our religion is a Mecca for sad people. That means that the church is both beautiful in many ways and a hospital of struggling folks. That’s not to say that the Gospel is the problem. When an individual is well balanced, the church is a very different experience than when one is not healthy and struggles occur. There have been, I would agree, some wonky and even unhealthy policies and practices. That is my opinion. But mostly imo we have unhealthy humans.
  5. I would like to use my pic but I at one time had questions that involved people I love so I have to maintain privacy. 😕 sometimes people use fake names but then offer lots of personal and identifying info - it’s a very small community, this church, and tightly knit. I’d suggest if anyone needs confidentiality to be mindful of that fact. I promise to be ethical about this.
  6. My biggest favorite organizational aspect of our church right here. It helps me trust the message so much more. At least for local leadership.
  7. Hm. I guess I interpreted the poll differently than you did. I didnt read it as “if you don’t want to wear your garments or accept a calling should you stay or leave” although I can see how you did. I think if you are a believer and you don’t feel like contributing, or you just don’t feel like wearing your garments , either being a simple issue of convenience, then by all means, eat yer peas. But if you’re struggling in your faith and as a result of that crisis you are considering inactivity but that you love the culture of network and ward life and don’t know what to do, then it’s not about peas. It’s about a crisis of faith and so many people go through it and don’t know what to do about it. FWIW.
  8. Thanks. I feel I may have a strange unfair position if I know who someone is, but that they don’t “know” that I know who they are. Especially if we are engaging each other in conversation on the board. I’ve considered finding another board.
  9. What’s protocol when you realize you know someone’s identity? I don’t want to be known here. I assume most don’t but sometimes people offer very detailed info here about their lives and, well, the church is pretty small. 😕
  10. I’ve been to Christmas and Easter Sunday when other than the holiday hymns, you’d never know it was a holy day. Last time that happened there was Much noise in my ward about it. The following holiday was a different story
  11. I heard the Lamb Of God was great this weekend. Too bad it’s the last one.
  12. My fault I’m sure. I’m not as careful My fault. I’m not as careful expressing myself here as most are. I just type as I talk.
  13. I don’t “think” I ever did think that not using the cross makes us less Christian?
  14. I once got very excited at a concert though. I’m ashamed to admit, as one who is not impressed by star power, that I had a reaction to seeing once celeb who buckled my knees. I didn’t kneel but almost fell down. I corrected myself and laughed it off
  15. I can’t think of anything I would ever kneel in front of. I still wear my medallion though. it’s pretty. And it makes me think of good things.
  16. This reminds me of a story. Anecdotal,of course, and off topic but I started the thread and give myself permission to digress lol.., 15 years ago or so two young men in suits knocked on my door and tried to sell me animated Book of Mormon videos. I turned them down. Their replay: “Don’t you want the spirit in your home?” im sure you can guess my answer to that.
  17. Is an lds member who buys decorative merchandise from Deseret Book to hang on their walls more righteous than one who does not? We are so subconsciously driven in so many ways. Or at least, I am. Just wondering why we still intend on chopping the end off the roast.
  18. Well if we are going to compare, I’ll submit the symbolic adornment used by the scouting program, or the young women’s medallion. Of course we have plenty of symbolism in the garment. *For me, the use of a cross has differentiated me from other Christian faiths. If an LDS friend were to wear a cross, I’d think (incorrectly)-“hu. What’s THAT about?” Why though? Why would I care? I annoy myself with this. Im going to read the link above. Thank you for thoughts. It interests me, the different points of view and attitudes.
  19. We agree that the atonement matters most. I just think it’s ok to also think about other stuff at the same time. Maybe I’m not communicating well.
  20. I absolutely love the tradition of Lent. And for that matter, I wish we had a traditional Christmas Eve musical tradition.
  21. I think the argument style on this site forces strong opinions when in real life, if you personally don’t wear a cross, nobody cares. I think if I were to wear a cross, some eyebrows will raise. I just think that’s too bad.
  22. I’ve never come across that specifically but yes.
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