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  1. MustardSeed

    Moving on, thank you and goodnight

    I’ve never participated in a religion based discussion board before. I had some specific questions and needed a place to freely discuss them. I don’t think I want to participate any longer. It’s really not a fit for me. Thank you Calm for facilitating my first post on the This American Life podcast. Best wishes, I’m headed outside to play.
  2. Here is the deal that not many people understand. If you want to see a therapist who does not accept insurance, you can request a superbill which is basically a receipt for funds paid, along with a diagnosis and procedure codes. You can then submit to your insurance company and recoup some of those funds depending on your policy. I would send my child to a private practice if I had involvement. But if the school has a 10 week wait for mental health services that needs desperately to change. No excuse for that, when therapists are waiting to be hired. It’s not the schools fault this poor gal took her own life. But we can do more to provide services everywhere, in and out of the church.
  3. MustardSeed

    That Deadpool Poster

    It was... a demonstration in overacting. But on the other hand, who cares. It’s Rob Lowe.
  4. MustardSeed

    That Deadpool Poster

    Hm . Well, I’m refusing to be outraged.
  5. MustardSeed

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    Haha! All major credit cards. Well I suppose we believe what we believe for good reasons. I don’t trust anyone with spiritual messages who collect money, be it preachers or authors or prophets or tarot card readers. But I also refused to see a chiropractor as my parents called them quacks....and then I took my daughter to one who was legit and YET ONCE AGAIN I learned that I don’t know nothin about nothin.
  6. MustardSeed

    Appropriate music for Sacrament mtg

    Haha yes! Indeed, and I expect the same reaction from the congregation or I’ll pack my toys and stomp home.
  7. MustardSeed

    Where Can I Turn for Peace

    How terribly tragic.
  8. MustardSeed

    Last Movie You Watched

    Just saw Green Book in the theater. I really loved this film, a true story. It’s about a wealthy black musician touring the south in the 50s and the relationship he develops with his Italian driver. It speaks on racism and change of heart.
  9. Everyone has a story. When we understand, we make room for understanding and compassion even when we disagree. I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.
  10. Looks like perhaps only chrones and a few select others are allowed. I didn’t read the article carefully enough to remember. Edited to add “Whereas Prop 2 allowed edibles, the bill largely prohibits them, although it does make an exception for gelatin cubes. The legislation also tweaks the list of illnesses that qualify for cannabis treatments, removing most autoimmune diseases except for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.”
  11. deleted to say instead: I understand the fear of legalization. In many ways, my state’s legalization has required a price tag. I personally have paid a price. I get it. I still hope for the option for those who can benefit from it.
  12. And a heart problem. There are a lot of highly intelligent folks in the world who don’t know that they lack emotional intelligence. It’s getting in the way.
  13. Thank you for the sentiment of sorrow. Not sure what you are saying about the gospel not helping? These were faithful righteous women. I don’t judge their fears, for their children, their pain, and the unknown. Admittedly I read your statement here (of course the gospel brings relief!) along with your “sic” as condescending, seeing as how the forums system of quotation already indicates the grammatical error as all mine and not yours. If I am misinterpreting this, I’ll be glad to know.