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  1. I’m so sad that your family was affected this way. So sad you didn’t feel supported in the way you needed. No buts from me. 💕 I hope for peace for you.
  2. I hope you read my response to this post, directed to me.
  3. MustardSeed

    Prayer request for my dear wife, need prayers please!

    Prayers for you. I usually stop what I’m doing for a moment of reflection before I state that. Be well.
  4. Anxiety: hovering parents, increased pressure to perform, social media, and awareness of mental illness, and false labeling. Everyone’s a therapist or self diagnoser. And the latter being the cause of a excess of “narcissism “. Ever notice that while every ex wife is “crazy”, every ex husband is a “narcissist?”
  5. MustardSeed

    Linear growth in church membership

    It is my understanding *****no cfr here****that religion in general is losing its appeal. At youth conference one of the speakers mentioned a trip to Europe and how sparse the attendance was in cathedrals and how most of not all attendees were elderly. ***no cfr To me, sad.
  6. Off topic, but did you know (care?) that Steve Young did not serve due to crippling anxiety? CFR My Life Behind The Spiral, autobiography. I believe ***opinion*** that rampant anxiety today is due to helicopter parenting which sends the message to the child that they are incapable , thereby undermining self confidence and resilience.
  7. MustardSeed

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Thank you for responding. I too think it’s not ok to degrade or demean- anyone, for that matter. This site is pretty fairly respectful compared to the others I passed by to get here, but opinion on that is obviously subjective and relative.
  8. It is a grim reality that we often choose not to deal with because it is so terrifying.
  9. MustardSeed

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    When I was in kindergarten, i recall my parents sitting me down and explaining that the prophet said no more Coke. I was a big deal to us because my grandfather was a coke bottler. At that age I referred to coke as The Devils Drink. When I became an adult I saw it with different eyes. It felt to me like an opinion. At girls camp 5 years ago several yw were playing face cards in their tent and the camp director stormed in and raised Cain over it. Girls were crying and whatnot... the stake presidency counselor was fortunately there and Told the director to stand down. I don’t think I had ever followed that directive, but evidently The Director saw it differently. Our stake president 10 years ago came to our ward and taught us about sexual sin. He directed us to check our partners cell phones regularly for indescretions and to discontinue all youth sleepovers. In my house, we saw these directives as opinions and we do what works for us. I was told by someone that they had had a spiritual visitation that suggested another child wanted to come into our family. Nope. My husband was recently asked to fill a calling at church that he is literally unqualified for. The person calling him told him he’d been inspired to call my husband. He’d have been embarrassed if my husband had told him the reality of his qualifications. I really don’t tolerate manipulation. I’m sensitive to it, and it makes me angry. Sometimes I can tell immediately when people want something so they credit God with the directive, and I dislike that. Sometimes I think people have the best of intentions but can’t discern between Gods direction and their own. And sometimes it’s God thing. I sometimes can’t tell without study and prayer. But I Suspect there are many who take every word from every (?) leader as Gods word. ****I do not have facts to back, this is opinion and personal experience ****.
  10. MustardSeed

    A Story about healing.

    For the record I’d leave it alone.
  11. MustardSeed

    A Story about healing.

    ::(. It never feels good to feel unwelcomed
  12. MustardSeed

    A Story about healing.

    If it pleases you, post. People who don’t like stuff can pass. There’s someone for everyone.
  13. MustardSeed

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Have you ever had the experience of weighing and measuring a leaders directive and coming to a decision that you need or can go another way?
  14. MustardSeed

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Hm. You may be right I’ve tried so hard to be careful to be clear about what is CFR worthy and what is my experience. I blew that for sure.
  15. MustardSeed

    Missionaires allowed to call home weekly

    I’m stunned and thrilled. !