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  1. The only good thing about so many hymns written in such a key that only 6 year old girls can likely reach the melody lines for is that I learned parts at a young age. The only part I ever sing is bass. Of course, an octave above the piano bass line but still, bass. Some of those hymn melody lines are Mariah high.
  2. Porn creates other illusions, that sex is on demand, sex is unlimited, my preferences and demands are available to me any time. Reality does not measure up. I don’t think that most people have pornography issues ( imo ) but too many do. It doesn’t help today’s emotional climate .
  3. Hmm. well only in the last few decades have women been allowed to be seen as legitimately sexually driven. So there is that.
  4. In general it is my opinion that people suicide not because they want to die but rather because they just can’t go another day feeling XYZ. We have not taught our youth coping skills in this era of electronics- instead, young people have turned to computers to numb. Unfortunately the cure is often the source for the pain, and round we go. Anecdotally the top three reasons the young adults gave me Sunday for excessive risen rates of depression and anxiety in the past ten years are 1. Social media 2. Pressure to excel and 3. Too much immediate exposure to trauma and chaos in the world. Obviously this crowd was not a fair sample of youth everywhere. I however was glad to have the conversation with this particular group. I had “several” pull me aside later to talk.
  5. I spoke at a fireside Sunday on this topic. Interesting feedback from the young adults. Will share more later.
  6. Which is why I’m constantly saying IMO. It eliminates the constant cry for cfr.
  7. Jake. CFR is the currency here among those who post the most. Sometimes it’s even used just as a way to win an argument even though no one cares about the truth of the isolated discussion. The content is forgotten days later but the win is a rush. The benefit is that we can worry less about needing to decipher opinion and heresay from fact, just in case the content happens to be important. To some who post, longevity is meaningless. That would be me. To others, longevity is credibility. That’s fine too. Regardless, anyone with strong opinions, statements, points of view etc will get beat up for a while here. It’s just how it goes.
  8. We never have, except for national holiday songs.
  9. Just as a small perhaps useless piece of info, Dr Wendy Watson was immersed in the psych field as a licensed MFT for decades before marrying the president. I like to believe she provides very useful insight.
  10. Came here to say this. Thank you. its not illegal to go to therapy and say “I’m having sexual thoughts about one gender but prefer to be oriented another way.” It’s not illegal to work with said client and address aid clients goals. however, to advertise that you are a camp that corrects homosexuality SHOULD be illegal imo. There are way too many uninformed parents shipping kids off to Utah to be corrected imo. Anecdotal opinion. Also IMO - this may not be pc- there is what turns you on (kink)!and then there is who you want to wake up next to in the morning (preference) Not always the same thing. (See Joe Kort for more info ) It is my OPINION that in today’s climate of sexuality it is crucial that we have therapists who can help people honestly understand who they are sexually and if someone desires to live a straight lifestyle that they can go somewhere to find out how to make that fulfilling for them and if that is possible. )
  11. Peanut Butter Falcon. Some language. Outstanding feel good movie.
  12. I love it. People with personality float my boat.
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