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  1. My opinion is that God is far less directly involved in our lives than we seem to need to think He is.
  2. It is precisely as simple as that. All the way up. Imo. We need to get over the need and expectation that anyone, ANYONE is perfect.
  3. My Opinion: Sometimes callings are inspired. Sometimes not. Best not to assume people with high leadership callings are infallible. Humans will disappoint and can rock your testimony otherwise. I’m sad when folks screw up but it doesn’t affect my testimony because I don’t expect much.
  4. Out of respect to Bluebells thread request to remain on topic: Judas was imperfect. Did the Savior know he would be a traitor when he called him? Are human imperfections proof that callings are not made through revelation?
  5. I see a lot of personal attacks on this site.
  6. If one lives in a predominantly lds area then “the church” works just fine. The rest of us have to identify which church. Imo it’s one of those issues that is much more significant outside of Zion.
  7. FWIW, as a recent parent of teens and having worked in yw for the past 7 years, when I hear Law of Chastity I think $ex, Ma$terbation and Porn. I also believe that culturally there is an expectation that youth will progress “through the ranks” though missionary age for ym and if they don’t then they must be struggling with something. It’s not my experience that they are treated poorly. I’m sure there’s not supposed to be a social import to any of our church stuff but since we are human there always will be. Imo.
  8. I still say LDS. People understand the words coming out of my mouth. I like that.
  9. I’m sorry. I had adhesive capsulitis in one arm for 7 months, it took my breath away some nights. I understand.
  10. I think one’s level of social skill will have an impact on how their thoughts are received in any format. Sometimes it’s not about the content but rather in the way it is presented. I find value here in learning about myself. Sometimes I’m out of line and am quickly corrected. I can learn from this.
  11. I have followed the wow with cultural exactness. It has *not* protected me from literal faint or pain and at times my pain has stopped me from my duties. I am by and large fairly healthy. But I don’t think absence of coffee or tea has made the difference there, as I have not known people to be sick from them. But I do believe I have more peace by being obedient. Being a rule follower, I’d be broken with guilt if I enjoyed a coffee. Fwiw.
  12. Also, I think that such women simply need a way to describe the depth of the pain they experience in betrayal. I doubt anyone would volunteer for either.
  13. I did not state that it doesn’t exist. It absolutely exists. And a wife’s pain is always legit. She is the forgotten element and needs a voice. More. And more accurate. However, my experience is that the cry of addiction often is inaccurate and it robs people of getting to the actual Nitty Gritty.
  14. And it’s been said that some women would rather be raped than cheated on. I think all of it sucks. Regarding women overreacting to porn- my opinion is that women often will accuse husbands of sexual addiction when discovering porn use. The term addiction is not helpful and in fact can do harm. Sometimes women can get pretty angry and say and believe some pretty interesting things when at the core what they feel is insecure- in themselves or in their relationships. Porn is a legit problem. But that doesn’t mean that porn use indicates addiction.
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