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  1. I’d like to cut OP some slack. The Sunday school answer is, follow the prophet always, and all will be well. It’s wrong to choose any other way, but hey, agency. The individual truth is likely that most people do think for themselves and there are a few minority who would follow a prophet into a burning building.
  2. I think it’s odd that we would have such a lively discussion about how some young women feel. It is what it is. You can’t reason it away.
  3. When I am taught something, I pray about it before I implement it. I don’t do everything im told to do, it’s not possible to. I don’t see any person as infallible. My SP taught a 5th Sunday on chastity and said that we needed to be accountable to our spouses for all things and that it would be wise to have access to and check phone records on the regular. Felt pretty wrong to me. I didn’t follow the directive. Turns out he’s been diagnosed with some paranoid depression. Sounds pretty human to me.
  4. There are some things that can’t be explained I suppose.
  5. You’ve never been a 15 year old girl anticipating a chastity inquisition by a middle aged authority figure?
  6. Not if we understand that the intent is to minimize . Words are meaningless really. But if someone wants to put me down I take insult where it’s intended. I don’t lose sleep over it but I’m not inviting the insulting to my birthday party
  7. I think judgement is something we all avoid. I don’t like being assumed to be a sheeple because I am faithful. I don’t like being referred to as edgy liberal because I am open to things. I don’t like the word “wayward”.
  8. Got it. I’ve heard it for all of them- which hopefully explains my POV. For the record- I’m in yw and am totally totally cool.
  9. For me There is a difference between the Y and individual person says it and why we as a people say it. Just like with the lipstick example. I never like to hear a congratulations for a calling but I never say anything because I recognize that the individual saying it is almost always Coming from a genuinely loving place. But I think it’s a behavior that is worth examining because for example if an investigator at church for the first time overheard it, They may interpret it to mean that we place value on promotion. And in fact I believe that we do so.
  10. Do you know that when women wear lipstick, the biological reason is to replicate the lips being filled with blood as happens in a romantic interlude? Now. Do all women who put lipstick on need to feel accused of seeking to look like someone in the throws of passion? Of course not. That said, let me introduce myself. I’m mustardseed, and I like to observe the psychology and etiology of human behavior. I like to understand human motivation, and I like to say “maybe there is a more evolved way of operating.” Do I think it’s “wrong” to congratulate people for callings? Yes, but I don’t think ill of any person who does so automatically. I don’t judge the person, I dislike the act and why it happens, on a deeper level than first glance. It’s not rocket science, world peace or even what’s for dinner, it’s a simple observation and one that I’ve noticed in all my wards from childhood through life in several locations across the US.
  11. “I notice this thing that happens.” ”I rarely if ever have seen that.” welcome to mormondialogue.org
  12. I never blamed the judge . I still assert it was a ridiculous outcome.
  13. Therapy by trained professionals. And love.
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