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  1. let’s roll

    Middle Way Mormonism

    Understood. So if compelled to check a box, I check “Other” and say son of God/disciple of Christ. I don’t think of the Church in any other context than in the context of my relationship with Deity.
  2. let’s roll

    Middle Way Mormonism

    I visited BCC and read a bit on middle way Mormons. Not my cup of tea. I don’t generally find labels to be helpful, I don’t try not to use them for myself or others. But more to the point, while admittedly I read only a few posts/comments, everything I read was trying to define a relationship with the Church and I don’t really spend any time thinking about my relationship to the Church or trying to define it as an institution, tribe or anything else. I believe time is better spent focusing on relationships with Deity. I try to focus all my activities within the construct of the Church on communion with the divine.
  3. let’s roll

    This American Life

    My expectation is that your lawyer would explain it to you this way. And the study you cite supports this explanation. An apology “may” result in fewer lawsuits being filed and has the “potential” of reducing anger and blame, but unless there’s a statute that prevents an apology from being admitted into evidence you will lose 100% of the cases where you apologized. The only issue in the case will be the amount of damages. (This fact is mentioned in the study). By contrast, only 27% of medical malpractice cases end up with a judgment for the plaintiff. 100% v. 27%. You decide.
  4. let’s roll

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    Understood. It’s not my prerogative to change instructors, but it is my prerogative as to doing the other things I described. My CES supervisor was the Director of the Institute at Mt. SAC. We were asked to teach in a white shirt and tie, I typically taught in a sweat suit, and would go on a run after class. Each of the 4 years I taught, he’d drop in to the class two or three times a year. I’m pretty sure I had my sweats on every time, and every time he told me with a smile that if that was my strategy for getting released, it wasn’t going to work. I love that man. If you know Bob, you’re probably up in the Santa Clarita area. I attended law school with his sister.
  5. let’s roll

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    Btw, I taught early morning seminary for four years about 20 years ago. Went in with low expectations because my experience with early morning and home study seminary was, to be charitable, mixed. I loved it. Many of my students still keep in touch all these years later.
  6. let’s roll

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    I’m contemplating starting another thread to ask folks who’ve had experiences similar to this whether they pass the information along to CES and/or Stake leaders. Am I the only one who, if told the above, would tell both CES and Stake Leaders, If this is true, I plan to inform the parents of all the students in the class because I believe they have the right to know, and my child won’t be attending this Seminary class while that teacher is teaching.
  7. let’s roll

    This American Life

    Any woman asked a question of that ilk would not just be justified, but would be doing a great service to all members of the Church by immediately standing up, telling the Bishop, “we’re done here” and immediately reporting the incident to the Stake President.
  8. let’s roll

    Odd question

    Yet the Book of Mormon tells us that ALL will confess that God’s judgments are just. So you can trust in the fact that if you don’t yet understand it, someday you will.
  9. let’s roll

    Odd question

    Saved in the Celestial Kingdom is pretty self explanatory. I’m not sure why you think anyone is getting a free pass. We had agency during the eons of time spent in our premortal life. It wasn’t just some fireside where we were taught the plan of salvation and then decided whom we would follow. Many were so valient in our premortal life that they merit Celestial glory. Mortality for them has only the purpose of gaining a body and offering to us the opportunity to see the glory of God made manifest. If you consider the demographics (approximately 100 billion people have lived on earth and the average infant mortality rate has been over 20 percent) between children who die before reaching the age of accountability and adults whose mental deficiencies prevent them from attaining accountability, there have over 25 billion of our brothers and sisters who had been saved in the Celestial Kingdom prior to their mortal lives. Understanding that provides added depth and perspective to our premortal life.
  10. let’s roll

    Change to TR Interview Question?

    I was asked about the intent of the question a number of times while conducting interviews and would say I believe it can be understood to be asking whether we are, in word or deed, unapologetically in opposition to Gospel teachings. Btw, respecting the law of the land, even if the law is contrary to Church teachings, is always appropriate. i
  11. let’s roll

    Love the gospel, not the church

    I feel no obligation to listen to talks or testimonies that don’t help me feel the spirit. I typically come to Church with a thought in mind that I read, ponder and pray about through the end of the sacrament. Once the talks/testimonies start I listen at the beginning of each and continue to do so if I feel the spirit. If not it’s back to my personal study and meditation. Rinse and repeat in SS and Priesthood.
  12. Agree. I view his counsel and invitations on this topic to be a reminder to those of us who have made covenants of whose we are, and an admonition that as we identify ourselves and our discipleship to others we do so in a way that demonstrates we both know and gladly acknowledge whose we are. As to the rest of the world, while we’re unlikely (as President Hinckey acknowledged) to convince them refer to the name of the Church as given by its Head, it’s proper for us to ask.
  13. let’s roll

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Deep, perceptive, wise, and as always, delivered with love. Amen and thank you.
  14. let’s roll

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    Has anyone seen data that explores the question of whether those who identify themselves as having a faith crisis characterize it as a crisis of faith in the Church, a crisis of faith in Christ, or both? As to those who would say it’s a crisis of faith only with respect to the Church, which has curtailed or ended their association with the Church, it would be interesting to understand how they describe how they’ve been acting on their faith in Christ; whether they perceive those actions have led to a deeper faith in Christ and, if so, what actions they have taken as a result of that increased faith.
  15. let’s roll

    what is our position on the Caravan

    Agreed, although I think many were anxious to give all the credit to Pres. Reagan. 😊