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  1. We would all do well to focus more on how we curate our lives. I give you high marks for how you curated your life today. Carry on!
  2. To whom? 😊 Blessed are the poor in spirit. Godspeed to you as well Scott.
  3. @smac97 From one litigator (Skadden, Arps) to another I invite you to consider that your penchant for advocacy often gets in the way of acknowledging and building upon common ground. When Jesus identified the human characteristics of eternal worth, peacemaking made the short list. So instead of pointing out how the above statement, along with a number of others you made have some obvious shortcomings you’d likely rebut rather than concede were they pointed out to you, I will instead invite all of us to remember: Blessed are the peacemakers. Godspeed to you.
  4. I don’t think Deity ever burns bridges (at least not in the context being discussed here). I believe we best keep our promise to love our brothers and sisters when we neither burn bridges nor interpret the acts of others as bridge burning. All i saw in Matt’s letter was an effort to find, not burn, bridges. And an invitation for all of us to doing the same.
  5. The promise of this thread returns! Thanks Meadowchik.
  6. My truth, which is clearly provable, is that even after 5 pages of off topic back and forth, this thread didn’t get shut down...the first page and a half, before the diversion, had some promise, then .... 🙃
  7. I’ve reread his letter with an eye toward understanding Matt’s overall take on the Church. I enjoyed his description of Church members “striving for meaning and a better life. Beautiful in their attempts, terrifying in their potential, and human in their efforts.” It’s a description I would have been satisfied with had I written it myself. There was a notable absence of direct references to Deity in Matt’s description of the Church, but there was this indirect one which I believe characterizes Matt’s overall tone regarding the Church...at the core of the Church is “an elegance that is beyond human intention.” I find that a beautiful description of Deity and agree that elegance is part of the core of the Church. As Matt continues to write, l hope he will share thoughts and experiences regarding his relationship with God and the Savior as well as his experiences with the Church and its members.
  8. There is wisdom in the letter. I appreciate his honesty about how family relationships were strained...the fact that they weren’t broken seems to me to be the result of his willingness, and the willingness of his family, to focus on each other’s best intentions, words, and deeds and not the most unfortunate ones. His realization, and articulation, of the “false dichotomy” is insightful. His determination to choose creation over consumption and his resolve not to allow his voice to be co-opted are both laudable. That voice is worthy of attention and I wish Matt Godspeed as he continues to share it.
  9. Anyone you would share your logical argument with already knows and loves the God you would be trying to describe. Perhaps best to just invite them to remember. My experience has been that I understand Him best when I remember and build on our existing relationship rather than try to reconstruct Him using my finite mind.
  10. Omniscient Omnipotent Just Merciful Love
  11. Churches have no power to divide families. If families divide over church, that is the result of family members’ decisions. Deity does have power to divide families, and will. If a family desires not to be divided by Deity, it behooves them to understand when God binds families together and when He divides them and act upon that understanding.
  12. Christ addresses this issue a number of times in the NT, including the principle that following Him includes the need to “leave” family, which He invited/instructed His disciples to do on multiple occasions. l’d invite you to ponder what He says regarding this topic, and why.
  13. Enoch describes hearing the Lord tell him He was angry with the people, using the word twice, the second time describing it as “fierce anger.” The source of His anger? A people He described as having hearts that have waxed cold, ears that are dull of hearing, and eyes that cannot see afar off. Food for thought for all of us. I have especially benefitted over the years from the perspective and insights that have come as I’ve considered what it means to have eyes that can see afar off (looking both forward and back) and strived to do so.
  14. What has God told us He is willing to bless us with? All that He has. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the the ugly. The easy and the difficult. Are we willing to ask Him to bless us with all of those things? Resurrected with Celestial glory means we’ve agreed to join God in His work, which is filled with both great joy and great sorrow. God weeps. Only when we have inherited all that He has and our work and glory has become bringing Celestial glory to our own spiritual offspring will we realize just how exquisite both that joy and that pain/sorrow can be. If I truly desire to join Him in His work, I think I should be asking Him for mortal experiences that provide preparation for that work, the wisdom to both identify those experiences and how best to learn from them, with sufficient tender mercies and thin veil experiences that I can recognize and feel of the joy in the journey.
  15. Sending prayers his way...and yours as well.
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