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  1. A bishop points those he counsels to the Savior and invites them to avail themselves of His comfort, wisdom and healing. People are free to choose how to respond to that invitation. If they accept the invitation, I’m certain the Savior won’t be in over His head. That said, as the father of a marriage and family counselor, I know they can offer tools which, if learned and implemented, can be used to improve decision making and help process information in a healthier manner.
  2. When I received a copy of the rules/guidelines for ordinance workers, I just smiled. I was also smiling when I asked on my first day as an ordinance worker what the penalty was for the first offense on the no gum chewing rule. Culturally, we definitely take ourselves too seriously. I would definitely smile if I saw this good brother in the temple as a patron or an ordinance worker, as I believe would all of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the veil for whom works is performed in the temple.
  3. I grew up in Eugene and we used to take frequent trips to the coast (mostly Florence). The Oregon Coast is beautiful indeed, if you remember to bring your jacket. 😊 Welcome Caspianrex
  4. I’ve benefited from posters sharing their missionary experiences as well as their opinions on how best to approach baptismal invitations. That portion of this thread is worth thoughtful contemplation, and I am grateful to those who have shared. Frankly, I’ve resolved to ignore the other portion of this thread. I don’t see the benefit of trying to read Elder Ballard’s mind or of ascribing a certain meaning or motivation to an isolated comment. Some of the questions and defense seem well-intended, but too much on both sides has been disheartening. We can do better.
  5. Agree. The OP poses the question how can anyone claim the Church is led by God...as if these things would not have happened if God was leading the Church. God is omnipotent but doesn’t use His infinite power to eliminate all suffering. Over a million of God’s sons and daughters died of starvation over the last 12 months. He has the power to prevent that but didn’t. Does that mean He’s not their father? God is omniscient and all things are present to Him. He knew of the plans regarding 9/11 and allowed them to unfold, does that mean he’s not the Father of those who were killed, or not the Father of those who perpetrated the deadly act in the name of god? God allowed those who were baptized by Alma and Amulek to be slaughtered and constrained them from using Divine power to stop the slaughter. He also kept three young men thrown into a fiery furnace from being harmed. Coming to understand the seeming inconsistency and ambiguity in God’s actions is part of acquiring a faith that is not blind. I’d invite the OP to review the thread on the Hafen’s book Faith Is Not Blind.
  6. But as a practical matter, hasn’t that been the mortal experience for the majority of God’s children. Of the 100+ billion of God’s sons and daughters who have come to earth, how many would you say have been associated with an organization you believe was instituted by God?
  7. I’ve seen a number of sisters wearing the cross in the temple, fwiw, including during the endowment. Just one brother, unless you count tattoos of the cross, then it would be a half dozen more.
  8. Amazing that the amount had remained the same for more than 15 years. Also the increase impacts only missionaries leaving from the 18 countries listed in the correspondence.
  9. Wow. You actually told people that if God wasn’t telling them something was wrong, that means it is right. Equating feeling nothing with feeling the Spirit. I’m pretty sure the scriptures say just the opposite. The whole stupor of thought concept.
  10. Thank you for your thoughts. I’m happy that you feel you’re in a good place with both your family and Deity. I’m not sure what you saw in my post that led you to believe it was saying the Church is the only way back to God. My post didn’t even mention the Church. Anyone who understands the doctrine of the Church will readily concede that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom will not have been members of the Church.
  11. Thank you for your response. The scriptures that come to mind for me are His invitation to ask Him if we lack wisdom and He will share “liberally” and His promise that if we trust in Him and not in our “own understanding” He will “direct our path.” I agree He’s given us the ability to think and act for ourselves in deciding whether we will accept His invitations and take Him up on His promises. My decision to do so was mine alone.
  12. Thanks for this. Do you have a view on my question about Deity and Position 9?
  13. The “disconnect,” “hurting” and “wide gulf” you describe, I believe, foreshadow the eternal experience for those of God’s children who choose to not join Him in His work. Our premortal experience with Him will no longer be veiled from us, our love for Him which motivated our decision to come to Earth will be restored, we will feel of His perfect love for us. We will see clearly our mortal decisions to ignore His promptings and invitations, the “huge gulf” we decided to build between Him and us will be evident. We will also recognize that our mortal decisions to choose our own path prevented us from allowing Him to refine our souls in such a way that our soul would desire, and be capable of, joining Him in His work. We will realize we have “disconnected” ourselves from Him. He will love us always, in His perfect way, including honoring (i.e. not changing) our agency and the consequences thereof. We will recognize and feel of that perfect love and will “hurt” as a result of our inability to reciprocate that love in the way we once intended...that hurt will forever burn.
  14. How is Authority defined? Is it assumed that people process information from all Authorities (e.g. teacher, religious leader, Deity) in the same manner. With respect to Position 9, where Authorities are not included in the description, is the proper inference that folks at Position 9 don’t see the need for Authorities and thus don’t acknowledge Authorities? And specific to Deity, they’re agnostic? Or could someone at Position 9, after selecting and judging, exercise their agency to follow direction from Deity, as they understand that direction (and if so, is that considered something other than obedience)?
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