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  1. cherryTreez

    One of those days

    man, everything about me is sleep deprived. 😴
  2. cherryTreez

    One of those days

    My kids have been sick. I haven't slept for more than 3 hours at night in a week. My baby has a horrible ear incfection. One of the worst that her doctor has seen. Sleep wontons be coming for a while. I need 7-9 hours of sleep. I feel grumpy and my house is messy and its all making me crazy. But hey what do you do when you have two littles that need to be on mom? I don't feel human or really nice right now.
  3. No mom in her right mind would want her stillborn baby cut up and torn apart. It's your only chance to see your baby. My doctor said he would never recommend it to any mom dealing with a stillbirth. It does more damage to the mom's mental state. Giving birth is way easier on the mom than an abortion or a csection.
  4. I have carried 5 babies. I knew so much about them before they were born. I could list things about their personalities that I knew from before their births. My mom could do it as well. Brigham Young said "when a mother feels life come to her infant, it is the spirit entering the body.' And Presidident Joseph Fielding Smith said "that these little ones will receive a resurrection and then belong to us.' I felt my daughter kick at 10 weeks. I thought that I was crazy. I told my ob about it. He said then let's find out. We did an ultrasound then and sure enough what I had felt and thought was movement was her moving around.
  5. babies breath in the womb. Have never watched an ultrasound? They are alive and have their own personalities.
  6. cherryTreez

    Gladys Knight: WOW!

    so amazing.
  7. dad wanted a plain pine box, two pillows and a quilt. He wants a big roast. No fussy funeral, no churchy stuff, lots of food, good friends and stories of dad.
  8. My dad just requested to be cremated. He can be buried for free at a national cemetery. He says the older he gets the more he likes the idea. I have always wanted to be cremated. Dad was against it when I was younger. It shocked me when he said he wanted to be cremated.
  9. cherryTreez

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    My brother left because he was offended. It happened when he was 14. He still holds the grudge. He was told that he was helping a kid that he didn't want to help. He refused and was told that he had too. He is 48 and still holds the grudge. It's sad to me. I never stuggled with the gospel. I struggled with the people. We struggled to have baby #3. People were mean about us only having two kids. It hurt so badly. We were left out of many things in the wards because we weren't good enough because we only had two kids. I was told this. I wasn't one to broadcast my infertility around. It was none of their business. I heard horrible things when my daughter was stillborn. I had to stop myself from slapping some of them. My dad has always said the Gospel is true but the people are may not be. We moved away from that ward. I couldn't stand how they changed when my next baby was born alive and I had three kids and could be included in the good mormon club there. I won't say my new ward is great. They shoved me straight into nursery. It's been two years and I have never been to relief society here. No One knows me and it's lonely at church. But then again, I don't go to church for the people. I can see why people leave over others behavior and why others stick around.
  10. cherryTreez

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    I am one of those women who do not want to share. I asked my husband to not be sealed to another woman if I die. He says that he wouldn't marry again. He could be married for this life and have a companion. I would not remarry. But that's a whole different story.
  11. cherryTreez

    Temple Sealing Changes

    We were told that we had family on the other side with us. That they loved us and wanted to be a part of this special moment. It was very neat feeling. The sealer was my husbands great uncle.
  12. cherryTreez

    How was two hour church?

    My sister had a baby at 17. Horrifying enough but this was 80s and she dared to keep her son. People treated her so bad. She quit coming to church because of it. My dad talked her into blessing my nephew. We were all there at church, the baby's dad and his family( who were very anti the church because of how my sister had been treated). Right before church was to start the Bishop came and said that they couldn't allow us to bless the baby during Sacrament meeting. We had made it look too easy and it set a bad example. My sister left with my nephew crying. My mom's best friend stopped her. I don't know all that she said, but I know she said not to let them win. It was agreed to bless the baby right after Sacrament in the Relief Society room. Family only. Word got out and most of ward came. There was no standing room and people stood in the hall to be there. It was an amazing thing for my sister and our family to have that support. The bishop looked very mad and upset by what happened. He was a good friend of my dad's. It hurt their realtionship for a long time. The Bishop came later and apologized to my sister and our family. I am beyond grateful for those in that ward that looked forward to his blessing and wanted to be apart of it.
  13. cherryTreez

    How was two hour church?

    yes. Our good friend was there. He was in the bishopric. We couldn't do it on Fast sunday. We didn't do it on a Sunday. We blessed him on a Saturday. It was a day when all his family could be there. It was a long and hard time to have him. He was also born 2 months after his grandfather died. It was a very emotional and special time for our family.
  14. cherryTreez

    How was two hour church?

    We blessed our son at home. I had family come in from several states. One group came over 1000 miles to be there. I wasn't going to have them miss it. It was also very emotional for my husband and his family. It was the first big family thing to happen after his dad died.
  15. cherryTreez

    How was two hour church?

    It was so nice to have a short nursery time. My son just went into sunbeams. He hated it and kept trying to come back to nursery and me. My poor husband had a struggle with him the whole time. I don't know if this boy will ever be going to class alone. So yes, one less hour of church was amazing. We had family over for dinner after since my oldest was ordained to a Teacher today.