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  1. It sounds like a great thing. I am excited to see the changes.
  2. They go before school and after. My son went during summer, winter and spring breaks. All were busy. Our school had a different spring break than other schools. It was still busy.
  3. I know the temples in Utah are very busy with baptisms. My kids wait for a long time to do 3 names. We have gone to several temples here in Utah. They are all busy for the youth. I know draper and Jordan river are all very busy. They hand out time cards. It's full when I go. That's why there is another Utah temple being built.
  4. I was given the choice of callings. I was told these were open and did I feel like any would work. It was weird. I was called for nursery because I was in there with my son anyway. I was called to be in primary and I had to stop myself from laughing. I had 2 two and under and the oldest won't go to nursery alone. I asked him how was I going to teach with my little ones with me. He seemed surprised that I would have my kids with me. My husband couldn't take them with his calling. It was just awkward.
  5. My dad got my multiple kinds of ginger beer for my morning sickness. Nothing else was helping. What harm could it do? I threw up so violently after two sips of it. I cannot stand the smell now. My husband loves it. He has to sneak his ginger beers and use mouth wash or I get queasy. He likes the Bundaberg brand.
  6. Maybe it's just me. I don't care if anyone gets things fixed that bug them. If they can afford, go for it. My dad says that even an old barn looks better with a new coat of paint. I would love to fix what having kids has done to me. I will never get my waist back to before kids without help. I torn muscles and it can't be fixed without surgery. I don't want bigger and better, just back to how I was before. Laser removal for the crows feet would be great too.
  7. me too. I hear people talk about how good it smells and I think it makes me gag.
  8. My maiden name was changed at Ellis island. Before that we are Norwegian and had familial names. My husband last name can be traced to 1200s in england. My mom's maiden name had died out. Her only brother gave his only child up for adoption. There are a lot of females in that family and in mine. My dad was sad that he only has 2 grandsons that carry the last name on. He has 29 grandkids.
  9. I tried to be polite and nice about it when some came to my door. My dog hated them and she loves everyone. I had never seen her like that. I tried to be nice because I had family on missions and hoped others would be nice to them. The men were jerks and wouldn't listen to my saying no thank you. I was perfectly happy with my faith. My good friend says that he doesn't do all that he should with his religion, why would he be better with theirs? They never go back to him.
  10. I think there are many variables. My daughter was stillborn. I know in my soul that she is mine. I won't go into details, But I know that she is mine like my living kids are. I have friends who say the baby they lost was their next baby. I think it depends on when and why the lose happens.
  11. I grew up on a farm. I missed it everyday. We grew our own beef, pigs, sheep and chickens. We had both egg layers and meat chickens. It was awesome. I wish I could give that to my kids. We have 7 hens. I may get more depending on what I find at the feed store. I was more curious as to why factor farmed eggs would be better than free range. My girls get to expore our yard several times a week. I would let them out more, but my dog is dumb and wants to play with chickens.
  12. Drinking coke wasn't a big deal where I grew up. We did have some members move in from Utah and they delighted in making a big deal about only drinking caffeine free soda. I would cheers them with my Mt Dew and smile. I am a dr pepper girl now.
  13. How about eggs from your own backyard? I love my fresh eggs my girls lay. It's a perk of having my pets.
  14. I hate going low carb. But I did feel amazing while low carb. I had gestational diabetes and went low carb to try and naturally fix it. My brother lost 120 pounds and has kept it off going low carb. He looks amazing. He does all sorts of iron man and spartan races. It works well for our family. We are mostly northern Scandinavia and if you look at what they historically had for food low carb makes sense.
  15. man, everything about me is sleep deprived. 😴
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