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  1. We aren't going to change things for him. He changed not us. He needs to learn to deal with the consequences of his actions.
  2. We can't stop living out lives to make him happy. He has made choices that I disagree with. Like leaving his wife for some woman he met online. His daughter isn't inviting him to HER wedding. He needs to learn to not say mean things or just don't come. I don't say what I think about his life. I try to be nice and all he does is try to bring people down to his level of misery.
  3. I said OUR niece. It's our sister's daughter. The wedding was earlier this year. She says that she still would have gotten married in the temple even with the choice. My kids plan on being married in the temple. I am not going to change my life because he left the church. I won't walk on egg shells to him feel better. He knew what he was doing and what would happen.
  4. The people in my life that have lefr the church, become very anti- anything church related. My brother got upset that our niece got married in the temple. He gets upset that we do baby blessings and baptisms. Our family is all over the place. We gather together for big things. Much of our family get togethers are around church things. He makes a big deal about how it's wrong. So I am a bad guy if I don't invite him and I am a bad guy if I do invite him. There is no winning with him. He will only be happy if all the family leaves the church. It makes being around him very hard. I find myself walking on egg shells around him. I don't know how to find a happy medium. I am happy for the people who can.
  5. We have the option to seal my dad's parents to each other. They were not members. They divorced. My dad wishes he had the option to block any chance of that sealing happening. Grandma is sealed to her 2nd husband. My dad is sealed to them. I think it would be a crime to ever seal grandma and her first husband.
  6. I knew no one. We got married in my husband's hometown. 800 miles away from mine hometown. There are so many things I regret about our wedding. My mil pretty much ran it all and I was too afraid to stand up to her then. I don't have many good memories of our wedding.
  7. I wish I had eloped to the temple. Me and my husband and maybe our parents. That would be it. I hated our wedding day. It was so much drama and it must be done this way or this way. I wanted simple and easy and mil got a fancy, lets send out 800 invitations wedding. We have lots of elopements in my family. Wish I had kept the same thing but in the temple.
  8. It sounds like a great thing. I am excited to see the changes.
  9. They go before school and after. My son went during summer, winter and spring breaks. All were busy. Our school had a different spring break than other schools. It was still busy.
  10. I know the temples in Utah are very busy with baptisms. My kids wait for a long time to do 3 names. We have gone to several temples here in Utah. They are all busy for the youth. I know draper and Jordan river are all very busy. They hand out time cards. It's full when I go. That's why there is another Utah temple being built.
  11. I was given the choice of callings. I was told these were open and did I feel like any would work. It was weird. I was called for nursery because I was in there with my son anyway. I was called to be in primary and I had to stop myself from laughing. I had 2 two and under and the oldest won't go to nursery alone. I asked him how was I going to teach with my little ones with me. He seemed surprised that I would have my kids with me. My husband couldn't take them with his calling. It was just awkward.
  12. My dad got my multiple kinds of ginger beer for my morning sickness. Nothing else was helping. What harm could it do? I threw up so violently after two sips of it. I cannot stand the smell now. My husband loves it. He has to sneak his ginger beers and use mouth wash or I get queasy. He likes the Bundaberg brand.
  13. Maybe it's just me. I don't care if anyone gets things fixed that bug them. If they can afford, go for it. My dad says that even an old barn looks better with a new coat of paint. I would love to fix what having kids has done to me. I will never get my waist back to before kids without help. I torn muscles and it can't be fixed without surgery. I don't want bigger and better, just back to how I was before. Laser removal for the crows feet would be great too.
  14. me too. I hear people talk about how good it smells and I think it makes me gag.
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