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  1. I had many friends who had sex at 15 or 16. Some had heavy duty make out sessions. There is far more than masturbation in the Law of chastity that teens are breaking.
  2. So a free for all on everything? No more temple recommends needed for anyone because we can all just do what we feel is best?
  3. But they can't talk about sexual things with them, right? It's wrong for an adult to talk about it to a teen. That's what I get from you.
  4. I was never asked anything other than do you keep the law of chasity as a youth. Dh said the same thing. I guess I don't understand what's going on unless it's part of them needing to repent. So if they don't keep the law of chasity. They answer no to the paper given them, they what happens? They can't talk about it to the Bishop because that's not okay now. So they live with it and can't properly repent until they are an adult? Does it magically change at 18? 21?
  5. So it's okay if they are given something to read about sex, but not okay to be asked about it? I don't get the difference. Maybe it will be better for all the kids if they have to wait for the temple until they feel grown up enough to answer the recommend questions.
  6. Yes. I refuse. He throws up horribly when he eats wheat. He was skinny and had other health problems from it. He learned to read labels at a very young age. He refuses homemade food unless itself me and my one sister. He will question me at times when I make something new or it looks too good.
  7. He is 14 and knows to not trust grandma. She got him sick twice before I figured it out. I watched her bring him food with this look on her face. I stopped him from eating it and she got upset with me. I don't get it. She watched him suffer and be very sick for years. We went to doctor after doctor. We all prayed and we so thankful that we found the problem. She didn't like the solution to the problem. I cannot understand it. I was so thankful it was only changing his diet and it made my boy better.
  8. My mom tells me that I breaking the wow by not making my son eat wheat. He is very intolerant to wheat. She thinks he will be blessed if he follows it word for word. She sees it as black and white.
  9. The only time anyone really pushed the sex talk stuff for me was the stake president when I was getting married. Other than that, I never got asked more than do you keep the law of chasity. So of they can't ask about the law of chasity, does that mean no more youth on the temple? Is that what they want? I see no other way because you have to have a way to figure out who is worthy to go into the temple.
  10. I was in nursery for a while. It would have been so nice to be in slacks. I know some women have nicer pant suits than my basic dresses. If we are talking about wearing our best, their suits would win over most church dresses and skirts. Oh and the flip flops to church. I can't even...
  11. I was the only lds kid at school. Other kids were not allowed to play with me because of the church. My kids hang out with mostly lds kids. They are together a lot in church and form friendships. It makes sense for them to be friends. They have non member friends as well, but do more with the lds kids.
  12. My son will be fine going at 18. It will be right after he graduates. Waiting a year would put a kink in his plans. I think its great that they can go at 18.
  13. I make killer gluten free cakes, brownies and cookies. Just don't ask how much butter, mayo and/or oil are in them. haha. Good thing the kid is all muscle can use some fat!!
  14. My son is gluten free. Lots of gluten free stuff are dairy and egg free. It's like cardboard. I have found a few brands that are good. Butter makes everything better as far as baking goes.
  15. As a kid, My mom refused to let us have it because of the caffeine. She made a huge deal of it as she chugged diet pepsi. It was served to kids because it was root beer. I have it at friend's houses all the time. I liked it and don't drink the it here because it's weak without the caffeine in it.
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