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  1. I wouldn't go. But I have missed several weddings in the family. I live away from them and will only make the effort for a few. I missed my brother's wedding as well. I didnt and still don't like the replacement wife.
  2. salt lake valley. They lost a ward two years ago. It's an older area. Not a lot of families. Older people mostly. Younger families that can afford the area are going west to new construction. I wanted bigger lots, no hoa and quiet. There is rumors that we will be losing our stake soon. We are very small and small wards.
  3. No. I will be in my normal weekend clothing. Jeans and a football shirt. saturday is college and Sunday is nfl. I wear church clothes to church. I may have my Seahawk shirt on under a sweater during fall. I see no reason to dress up to sit on my couch.
  4. I wouldn't like a woman as a counselor. It would sit right with me.
  5. I have had one good one. She was a friend of my sister's. She was great and got burnt out quickly. I have been in 8 wards and she is the only one that knew anything about me or cared to find out. I also think if she is doing the job, she probably doesn't have the time to go to more meetings.
  6. My Rs president doesn't know anything about me. She knows nothing at all. Our Bishop knows me and our family 100 times more. I moved while pregnant from 900 miles away. I had a 16 month old and a husband that traveled for work. I had a very high risk pregnancy. I lost all my support when we moved. All I got was asking if I could take meals to people or watch other people's kids. This was within a week of moving in. No asking if I was okay. If I needed help or even trying to get to know me. It turned me off the RS. I haven't been in 2 and half years. I doubt that will ever change.
  7. Any girl can refuse to be baptized by a boy. I don't get how a boy she knows baptizes her or some stranger is any different. Maybe if its too much then the girl shouldn't be doing baptisms.
  8. Why? It's a great thing for boys to be given this opportunity. My nephew gets to baptize in the temple. My daughter thinks it pretty neat that it's her cousin baptizing her and not some stranger. I don't see how it's an imbalance of power?
  9. Honestly people need to stop judging so much. Work on themselves and focus on being a better person and doing better in your family, neighborhood and community.
  10. My Patriarchal blessing talks about my prayers in faith being able to heal. It makes sense to me. I wouldn't feel right laying my hands on someone. It wouldn't work for me. Others are able to do what they feel is best. I think that is a great thing that people can act according to what they feel is best.
  11. I would never lay my hands on someone to bless them. It feels wrong for me on so many levels. I cannot explain it. I believe that prayers in faith can and do heal. That's what I would do if I didn't have access to my a worthy priesthood holder.
  12. My dad has prostate cancer that has spread to his blood. He got it from agent orange while on the navy. My mom doesn't really remember my 2 youngest. It's hard to have the same conversation 5-10 times a day. Dad is doing better. They had to change up medications after his heart attack and surgery. It seems to be doing better in keeping the cancer numbers low.
  13. I was not assigned any when we moved to our ward. I honestly think the relief society doesn't know that I exist. I have 2 little ones and was called to nursery. I have 5 women introduce themselves at the last ward dinner. I tried not to laugh. We have been here for over 2 years and everyone knows my husband and my teen son. I think it's a relief for me. I am busy with my kids, animals, the house and my husband travels a lot for work. I don't need that extra work right now. My mom has dementia and dad has cancer. My plate is full.
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