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  1. Please do share your research as that is good practice. Also, please read and share any falsehood you find in the book. If it is good, then it can only be proven with the cover opened and pages turned. Don't be scared to find out! Without drawing attention to myself, I'd like to say that my opinion should have more weight than all the commenters who haven't read the book. I read since no one else had so that I could answer the original question authentically. And my opinion is that it is well worth the read and reread. I would love to hear others' thoughts but please read the book before forming and spreading them to avoid confusion.
  2. I found this thread when I, too, was looking for information about this book. Other than its own webpage, this is the only Google hit for the title. Since I couldn't find reviews, I went with my gut and ordered, read the book. This book is NOT produced by the LivingTruthWithin group and DOESN'T suggest or encourage any following. It ISN'T comparable to Denver Snuffer (whom I haven't read, but know his general beliefs/actions, and disagree with them). Perhaps your sister just wanted to be a part of a following so she looked at where the book was printed. The book is about the broad power of the atonement, and encourages a richer relationship with Christ. This is a good and inspired book with no quackery.
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