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  1. Sometimes it is the offering of struggle, of seeking redemption, of being told of a Redeemer, that we need Him, that as we learn to obey not just the base commandments, we learn to follow the directions He gives to us through personal revelation and the covenants we make, that the natural man or woman is slowly purged from us, and we become like Him, 3 Nephi 27:27. Vital in this journal is Mosiah 3:19, For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father. That is the key. We yield, we yield our heart and our will, it really is the only thing we have to give back to our Father and our Savior. We then follow the enticings of the Holy Ghost and look what happens as we do, we transform and become even as He is, as is described in Mosiah 3:19. The Savior is submissive to our Father, meek, humble, patient, full of love (charity) and is willing to submit to all things that our Father sought fit to inflict on Him, even the atonement of Jesus Christ. Here Christ submitted to the Father. Confess? Lets be honest, follow the enticings of the Holy Ghost and He will tell you what to do. Think your not worthy? Sure He may not linger, but in 36 years as a member, from a variety of leadership calls, the Savior never gives up and yes, He will direct and invite you to do what you need to in order to put off that natural person, completely loving you, guiding you, directing you until you fully repent and overcome whatever it is that holds you back from becoming like Him. Yes, do your part, you never give up striving to come unto Him, but remember that it is by grace that we are saved even after all that we can do. Lay your heart and will on the alter, repent, keep your covenants and by doing this I promise that one day, you will come to your own veil, you will have an interview with Jesus Christ who will gather each of us in His arms, one by one, embracing us, welcoming us home and we will know the extent of what true charity is, even the love of Christ as it flows to us, burning out the dregs of our minds and hearts, purifying the impurities that we have repented on and cannot let go of, so we may each come home to our Heavenly Father, in the family of Jesus Christ. Follow the enticings of the Holy Ghost, you'll know if you need to confess to a Church authority to clear yourself with the Church, but you will have to clear yourself with the Savior as I have described and glorious is that day when you feel His arms around you, your heart bursting, perhaps tears flowing when you realize the Savior has always remained with you in this journey we call mortality.
  2. I work Oquirrh Saturday midday. Our sessions are running at around 50 and initiatory come and go during that shift. The baptistery is always busy. Having said that, I do expect a pick up when Salt Lake Temple closes as boundaries are adjusted for the closure and I remember in Oquirrh how much busier we were with Jordan River down. I expect some overflow from Salt Lake once it closes. We saw it big time in January when Salt Lake was closed for the month. The baptistery was slammed between the 11 year olds and Salt Lake being down. Endowments were running at 50 plus (50 is the suppose limit) and initiatory were always full. I wonder if we will see ordinance workers coming to Draper, Jordan River or Oquirrh when Salt Lake closes from Salt Lake as we did with Jordan River when it went down. We picked up a good amount of workers at Oquirrh then.
  3. 1. I have heard that Salt Lake needs building reinforcements, seismic upgrades, mechanical and electrical upgrades, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning and I would assume the roof could be replaced during this time. Very similar to Jordan River Utah Temple when it was done. I have heard 5 years but don believe that. I would say 2 to 3 and sessions remain live. 2. I heard that Logan will be the Temple with a complete overhaul trying to restore it to its post 1979 overhaul. Upgrades would be building reinforcement, seismic upgrades, mechanical and electrical upgrades, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and again the roof. Here walls will be removed and replaced as they try to make the interior more like the original. Will we see live ordinances return here? Not sure on that. 3. Manti will be like St. George, a two year overhaul. Stays live. Plan on carpet, furniture etc on all of these Pioneer Temples. Also if you live in the Salt Lake Valley when the Salt Lake Temple goes down boundaries will be realigned for the closure and expect Bountiful, Oquirrah, Draper and Jordan River Utah Temples to become even busier.
  4. I could see a 12 month service mission or mission served locally. This could range from service in a Welfare Unit, to being an ordained Ordinance Worker at a local Temple during that period of a call, to perhaps a combination of duties. Perhaps called filled time to assist in the work of missionary work and reactivation within a ward or stake. This is easier in Utah and the western US where the Church is built up more and has more opportunities, but I would say there are opportunities all around. I could see a 12 month service call to say Africa helping bring clean water and other needed items to communities there. It will be interesting to see. Proselyting missionaries. I converted at age 18 in 1983 (two weeks after turning 18) and served a mission in the south from 1985 to 1987. My call was for 24 months though most of my MTC group were for 18 months and they had the option to extend. Most did not. It didn't take us long to get really effective, 5-6 months at most. None of my 18 month companions were not being effective in the work from say 6 months to 18 months unless they were not converted to the Savior or the work or had personal problems. Those were farmed out to the small towns of the state we labored in so as not to hurt the work overly. I think the key to remember is the personal conversion through spiritual experiences that a mission offers to the missionary serving. If they engage in gospel study, prayer, revelation and the work, they find that they have experiences that strengthen their faith in Christ. Conversions are great, but the conversion of the missionary I would argue is the key here. My mission reinforced that for me 32 years after I came home. It deepened the personal conversion I had with the Savior through a variety of spiritual experiences. They have been a foundation to my continued journey in my relationship with the Savior as I strive to return to our Father. That is the key to either a service mission or a proselyting mission, spiritual experiences that deepen the faith of the missionary. So be it 12 for a service, 18 or 24 for a proselyting the key isn't the time, it is the spiritual experiences that deep personal conversion to Christ and our Father.
  5. In the past, if a bride went through the endowment prior to marriage, the groom to be would take her through the veil at the end of the endowment. Not happening anymore. Now the groom to be would go through the veil normally and the bride would go through normally. Since all couples now do the short veil ceremony (name is changed now) on the day the get sealed, it seems to indicate that there will be an option for a civil ceremony with no 1 year wait, then go to the Temple later that day or the next, do the short veil ceremony and get sealed. It may just be an option and the other being short veil, sealing/marriage. I think The Church of Jesus Christ is just allowing options for converts and those who do not hold recommends to see a civil ceremony and then for the couple to be sealed at the Temple either the same day or the next day, but I could be totally wrong.
  6. If you want to PM me, I'd explain but I am rather uncomfortable discussing the veil and what goes on there in public. Because now every couple will participate in what in the past was called a short veil ceremony before being sealed, it leads me to believe that there will be an option for a civil marriage prior to being sealed right after that ceremony. It may be in the US they give the option of a civil ceremony followed by a sealing with no 1 year wait. I am a convert of over 36 years now, served a mission and my wife and I were married in the Logan Temple. My mother did not attend as we lived in the Bay Area and she couldn't go there and to a reception in Washington where my wife is from. My older sister also did not come though she supported me. My younger sister did make the journey and waited outside with some of my wife's family who could not be there. IF we had had the option to do a civil ceremony that morning and then go to the Logan Temple that afternoon and be sealed we would have done it and my mother would have been there supporting her only son. As it was, it took time for her to finally come to terms to missing our wedding. With no choice, I made the right choice by marrying my wife in the Temple and would do it again, my commitment is to my Father in Heaven, my Savior and to her above all else. The civil ceremony and a sealing provides options that ease the tension and burden that not witness the marriage of their children by parents not holding a recommend or parents who are non-members have to bear. Hope this one is true.
  7. I cannot speak on Bountiful or Ogden, I only know of Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Draper and I believe Mt. Timp. but unclear on that. What I do hope is they break ground for the Temple up in Layton (?) soon as it is needed there (we use to live in Clinton UT and have friends there still) and another in the Salt Lake Valley. I could also see on going in out in Tooele/Stansbury Park area except there is a light pollution ordinance in Tooele Co. I believe that may impact that location (bright Temple in the middle of the night probably won't pass the light pollution ordinance). Call your temples and see if they are taking large group reservations (you don't have to make one) and that will tell you or ask the next time you attend. In terms of civil marriage and then sealing, the First Presidency had Temple Presidencies train the Ordinance Workers on new procedures. ALL grooms and brides will have what use to be called a short veil before they go up to the sealing room. In the past this only happened if both bride and groom were endowed before 14 days of their wedding. Now all will go through that procedure as of May 1st. Seems a significant move that they will be announcing civil marriage and then sealing in conference. I like it. As a convert at 18 (served a mission, married in the Logan Temple, raised our family in the Gospel kids served missions etc.) I would have loved a civil marriage where my mother (father is long deceased) and my two sisters could have been present. We could have done a reception that afternoon/evening then the next day had a personal, spiritual sealing (it was anyway) and then perhaps the same family luncheon we had anyway and then off we go. Also nice for family who do not hold a recommend. Love the compassion of it though I assume some will complain of the additional step. Could also mean couples have the option of a civil ceremony followed by a sealing or having the marriage/sealing in one step. Choice is good and there is a lot of choices being allowed of late.
  8. The problem is that teaching in the Church has been seen as a sage on a the stage where the teacher gives out sage wisdom and knowledge to those they are teaching. That mirrors education from the public, to the charter, to the private to the university. We are learning though that the instructor/teacher as a facilitator who asks questions, collaborates replies and allows others to construct their knowledge from discourse with others is a true teacher. Perhaps what we are seeing is more and more people participating instead of the vocal few and in my ward, that means about an equal balance of sisters and brethren. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that as we are prepared and ready to receive knowledge, then the Lord directs his prophet to deliver that knowledge and make the appropriate changes. The Temple changes in January reflect that. If anyone thinks the wording hasn't changed since the Prophet Joseph revealed them, they haven't studied. President Woodruff basically implied that they have changed and will continue to change as the people are ready for more knowledge. I don't find anything new here as I find that in reality husband and wife are equal in terms of value and love by our Heavenly Father and hopefully complimentary to each other in their roles as wife and mother, husband and father, acting as one or learning to in this mortal journey so they may continue so in the Spirit World until their are gloriously resurrected and enter into the Celestial Kingdom. People have to be ready to receive and live revelation. If they are not, as further revelation is revealed, they will most likely depart from the cause, fall into the mists of shadows and get lost, or end up thinking they are righteous but truly mocking the true Saints of God who have partaken of the fruit and are journeying home. Much like Lehi on his journey to the "Promise Land" (speaking of the Celestial Kingdom), he shared what he saw with his family, was rejected and mocked by his two oldest sons and their families but I think the key point is he kept trying. Same for us today, be it in our families or within a ward or Church family. Hold to the rod, stay true, and in the end, as we walk through the trials and challenges, we may just find we are a little bit more like the Savior through it all. Just my two cents.
  9. Few items. 1. Youth and Temple Baptisms. In the Salt Lake Valley now all the Temples are Walk In Only, no more large group appointments. Jordan River and Oquirrah (not sure on the rest) have two days a week for 4 hours set aside as Family Priority Time. During family priority time families may make appointments and they get dressed right away, and then proceed to the font right away and will do 4 names regardless of type (some call this the Fast Pass like with Disneyland). During this time walk in patrons can come in but they will wait until all appointments are taken care of and their wait could be from an hour to two hours just to get their clothing. This was done because large group appointments would show up and there was an hour wait already for walk ins, and the large group then would take that up to a two hour plus wait. There are on average depending on the Temple in the Salt Lake Valley, 1500 to 3500 more youth now attending the Temple per Temple with the move where 11 year old's who are deemed ready by their Bishop can now be ordained and/or attend the Temple. Also some of the newer Temples here in the Salt Lake Valley are seeing the growth of 1 to 2 stakes a year in their Temple Districts since they were dedicated. A good problem to have and overall more ordinances are completed and thus more work is done for those on the other side. Names: the standard now for names are 4 Family File Names or 4 Shared Family File Names in Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain Temples (the name now used for what some call Temple Names in the past). If a chapel in the baptistery reaches a certain number of rows filled then the Baptistery Coordinator moves to 3 names on Family File or Shared Family File which speeds up the process allowing for 1 to 2 more groups to process during a hour period. After confirmations patrons with Family File are invited to record their names in a recording office and if doing Shared Family File Names are also invited to record. The recording by the youth where they can in the names completes both ordinances and is a very spiritual opportunity for them to participate in. Finally, a letter of changes from the First Presidency to Temple Presidents came out about two weeks ago or so that directed a prayer roll be added in the baptistery of the Temples for the youth to contribute to. Jordan River and Oquirrh I know have made these adjustments. Also, no temple is taking large group appointments in the Salt Lake Valley because of the growth of youth and number of 11 year old's attending now. They are either all walk in or as shared, two days a week there is a Family Priority Time for 4 hours on each of those days for families to make appointments and attend as families. I will note this. We are seeing a fundamental shift in the Church of Jesus Christ from the Church of Jesus Christ centered position to truly the Home/Family Centered with Church Supported. When it comes to appointments for those Temples following this direction, the Family Centered Time is exactly that, the time for families to attend, parent with children the Temple and participate in the work of the Lord. The time for youth groups coming to perform baptisms is closing and the time for families to pick up their responsibility is here. Remember though that those without active or member parents and such are the responsibility of Ward Leaders to ensure they come to the Temple and are supported by a friend's family or a neighbor's family but it is not the responsibility of the Temples to arrange that. Local leadership on that one needs to coordinate with ministering brethren, sisters and friends of youth who may be disadvantage as they follow the Handbook, revelation through the Holy Ghost in fulfilling their calls. 2. Rumors for General Conference April 2019 a) Word of Wisdom to be reviewed with an emphasis on electronic vaping (some say the tea and coffee will be removed as a formal part of the commandment which I do not see likely). b) Removal of Stake Callings leaving the Stake Presidency, High Council, Relief Society Presidency in place with a Executive Secretary and Stake Clerk (Finance and Membership) in place. This frees up more people to serve within the Ward. 50/50 chance as it makes sense freeing people up for a Family Centered Approach and Church Supported. c) Fast & Testimony Meeting will be removed and replaced by personal or family based fasting as needed. I could accept this as a move to more home centered. Perhaps now two High Council Sundays? d) Temple Sealing. Couple's will have a civil ceremony that will be followed shortly afterwards by a Sealing Ceremony in the Temple. There has been a change in Temple Procedures of late that I will not mention publicly, that may be viewed directly as supporting this. For me I think this is a great idea as the Civil Ceremony would allow those not holding a Temple Recommend or members of The Church of Jesus Christ to witness the wedding and the reception that follows. Then the next day or two a sealing ceremony is performed in the Temple that allows a spiritual focus. e) More Temples (easy prediction) but I predict an announcement of another Temple in the SW portion of the Salt Lake Valley as growth out there is incredible. D is the one I would look for though because of changes announced recently to all Temple Workers in a Training by a Presidency Member. E is an easy prediction and we'll see on the Temple in the SW part of the Salt Lake Valley. B maybe but I don't think so, may be an option for stakes spread out in the North America and other parts of the world. A would not surprise me in terms of strengthening the Word of Wisdom and C I give as a 5% chance. We'll see.
  10. Elder Renlund in our regional leadership meeting was asked about the take your vitamins and he basically said he was not sure. He is aware of things that he is over, but admitted there are things occurring with other members of the twelve who under the direction of the First Presidency are looking at items related to their assignments. So big changes? Perhaps or perhaps not. Temples open on Sunday? Someday they will be that is for sure but is the time now? I am not sure. That would require filling many more ordinance worker positions as for some ordinance workers like me, our callings prohibit serving on Sunday (EQP). I am not sure we have the capability to staff the Temples, especially in Utah on any given Sunday. What do I know though, what do any of us know on this topic of depth? If you want to stay up on rumors, follow certain people on Twitter who seem to have a knack for sharing rumors that are of substance.
  11. No, no hard evidence on the 2 hour block, just the speculation. Personally I am fine with it staying the way it is but agree that there the time could be more spent more effectively. In terms of the EQP and the Bishop, I took my ideas from One Coordinate Effort Video in Ministering site LINK (watch the 2:47 video or skip to about 2:00 min and see the chart laid out there) where it explains how the EQP, the RSP and the Auxiliary leaders are responsible for missionary work, temple and family history work, the quality of teaching in the ward and the ministering effort. Per the handbook the EQP works under the direction of the Bishop as the Presiding HP of the Ward. I am just saying that the model where a Bishop presides over those areas, but lets his EQP, RSP and Auxiliary leaders carry the work of those areas is critical to allow the Bishop to handle the Young Men and Young Woman organizations, finances, temporal and building items, caring for the poor and needy and being a common judge which are all items he cannot delegate to anyone because he owns the keys to them. Several of those are very spiritual in nature, such as working with the youth, caring for the poor and needy, the common judge which the bishop solely retains the keys to handle. However, as a former Bishop I had a great HPGL and EQP and RSP who did do this. If and when in the course of their calling, they found out a welfare need for a family, they went and accessed the need, found out where the family was in terms of money, bills and food, made no promises, and then reported back to me with that information and often made suggestions of what they thought could be done. Often after I interviewed, about 99% of the time I concurred with their plan and was blessed by their efforts to do the leg work and research and make a recommendation so that I could then review and meet, interview and confirm or amend the plan they had recommended. The keys were mine to make that call, but it was nice that they did the leg work and made our response to need quicker and more timely. A current EQP and RSP working together can do similar work as they identify need or under the direction of a Bishop. To me it seems quite clear that the Savior is wanting a lesser load on his Bishops, who retain the keys and are the Presiding High Priest by a more actively involved EQP. So say the work load of a Bishop has been 9.75 and a EQP and Auxiliary Leaders in the past was 7.25, now we can take 1.25 off the Bishop and transfer that load to the EQP and Auxiliary Leaders so the number goes 8.5 work load for the Bishop and 8.5 for the EQP and Auxiliary Leaders. It will never be a perfect balance and a Bishop will always put in more time, but a wise Bishop uses his leaders to build capacity in their organizations and areas they are responsible for so that the "STP" or the Bishopric are not doing all the work as in the past. The model is there, it is just if it can be followed and adapted in practice. Don't know if I am making any sense, evidently not and I don't think this is a rumor, but the information in the video I link above could be covered more in depth in this conference, or a talk on roles. We'll see.
  12. Looks like Mormon Land podcast LINK pretty well confirms a 2 hour block. 3 models are mention. a 40/40/40 block for each of the three meetings. I would assume no opening exercises for Priesthood there. Alternating Sunday School with Priesthood/Relief Society every other week. 1st and 3rd say Sunday School and 2nd and 4th Sunday RS/Priesthood. Third, normal time for sacrament meeting, almost normal Sunday School and a shorten RS/Elders Quorum where ministering needs are discussed and efforts organized and assignments also. Others, more service missions, missionaries, both males and females can opt for how long they will serve, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir being now called The Tabernacle and Mormon.org will change to Become.org. I also agree that we will see a talk or two on The Saints book and how to use it in the home and in the church. To the Bishop interviewing. In the new videos that came out last spring for ministering one had a distinct organizational chart. The Bishop was responsible for the items where he cannot delegate his keys. These are to preside over the young women and young men; finance, common judge, temporal affairs of the Church, the care of the poor and the needy. Many of these areas function as part of his temporal call regarding the Aaronic Priesthood. The Elders quorum president, holding keys, acts for the spiritual welfare since he is called by the Stake President whose call is to minister spiritually to the Stake. This is done by his representative in the ward, the Elder's Quorum President. Working with the Relief Society President and other auxiliary leaders, the EQP is to focus on the missionary work in the ward, temple and family history work in the ward, ministering program and the quality of teaching in the word. I would add one more item here. The EQP should be most concern with building the spiritual capacity of the members of the Elder's Quorum so that they are active in each of these areas be it by calling or assignment and that alleviates the burden on the Bishop. This requires a EQP that is trusted by the Bishop and in some ways under the new program, I believe the EQP is perhaps critical to helping a ward run correctly. The problem is the Saints and many Bishops cannot let go of control, they cannot build capacity even allowing an individual to fall short so that they learn. We are here not always to be successful in every effort, but to fall short and learn and grow. The Savior did this masterfully in the Doctrine and Covenants with Joseph Smith as testified there. With ministering interviews, follow ups and Elder's Quorum Presidencies visiting each member and as the handbook points out, it is there responsibility to meet with each member of the Elder's Quorum once a year outside of the ministering interviews. IF a Bishop will allow the program to function as laid out by the Savior, they can focus on what matters most; youth, getting members back on track, and the finance and other temporal affairs of the Church and caring for the poor and needy. My personal belief is that it is time for each of us to stand up, be counted as being all in per our temple covenants, and regardless of our calling, seek to minister and bless those around us as the Savior did. So in truth though the speculation is fun, that they are going to allow missionaries to determine their length of service or more changes coming to the endowment (that is something I don't believe will happen in Conference, it would happen and as you attend the Temple you would notice the changes) to sisters being allowed to also opt to serve up to 24 months in the mission field. All these are fun to think about, but in the end, conference will be a personal invitation for each of us to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him and by Him, listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Ghost as the Savior leads us back home.
  13. Two hour block broken down as follows: 35 minute Sacrament consisting of opening song, prayer, announcements, sacrament hymn, passing of the sacrament, closing prayer (perhaps closing hymn). Focus on the sacrament and sacrament alone and no need for talks anymore. 45 minute Sunday School reinforcing new curriculum you have studied at home. Revamp of classes, less being more so to speak. Less Sunday School classes for less teachers resulting in more students discussing and studying personally to come unto Christ. 45 minute Relief Society and Priesthood. No opening exercises for Priesthood, we meet by quorum to begin with. Other possible Changes: New Handbook released with various major organizational changes and areas of responsibilities. Purpose, ease the load and time commitment of the Bishop by increasing the load somewhat of the Elder's Quorum President and the RS President and thus increasing the role of women in the local unit. Bishop retains his responsibility over the youth, common judge, finance and buildings, with all other items, missionary work, Temple & Family History, Sunday School and Quality of Teaching, Ministering all going to the Elders Quorum President, who as the spiritual leader in the ward representing the Stake President who is the Spiritual Leader in the Stake , makes calls and assignments in each of these areas with the Bishop's approval. Bishop then is free to deal with the Aaronic Priesthood leadership side of his calling and the temporal affairs. I am looking for a real split here of responsibility spelled out so Bishops can't micromanage all ends and thus not do what they should do well, the youth and finances and common judge. End of Elder's Quorum Free Moving Company Ending of twice a year Stake Conference. Move to once an annual Stake Conference with very other year having a regional conference or multi stake conference with a general authority. Stake Priesthood leadership is held twice a year including all RS Presidencies, Elder Quorum Presidencies, Bishoprics, High Council etc. Changing of the Ward and possible Stake Structure in a major way which would be an official revelation modifying what is in the Doctrine and Covenants. I guess this is what I am hinting at above. I would expect the Savior to change the organization to meet the needs of a growing world wide Church and its members at some point. I haven't thought of specifics but this would make sense if the rumors are true of major changes and that is the undertone of late it seems. Also, if we move to a two hour block, per above, this might have to happen. Even if we don't move to a 2 hour block major changes in ward organization via a revelation of the Savior to President Nelson could have already occurred. I would lean toward this one personally as it encompasses what I have guessed at above.
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