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  1. The key I think to the meaning that this little picture, and other research shows, is that they move the letters back to an original language which in this case was Paleo-hebrew. Then they took the meaning of the letters/hieroglyphs and pushed them together.
  2. I ran across this picture on the internet and did a little more research to confirm that it was at least a little accurate. I have some thoughts on the meaning of this and I've wrote them down but I wonder what you guys think. There are some really incredible symbols to be learned when we breakdown old words into the original language! What do you think?
  3. I appreciate however that they now have a lot more essays. They released I think like 5 on my mission, and they weren't very informational. I learned a lot about our churches history on my mission though by grabbing the JoD off the church libraries shelves, books members would give me, and random anti-pamphlets (not that I believed everything they said, but they did get me to research). Funnily enough I never found anything that shocked me in anyway. I don't know if it's cause my testimony is strong (I honestly don't think that's it though haha) or if I kinda wanted our history to be a little odd. The essays the church is releasing are awesome and I hope pre-missionaries really read them previous to their mission and know the basic references, it really helps in the field.
  4. Last year they I heard the rumors about "your mission location will be announced at next conference" and nothing materialized. However with as many changes as President Nelson has made it wouldn't surprise me if they created some kind of new options available.
  5. I would totally agree with that. Especially if they offered options to choose when they wanted to come home. Of course that could cause some issues with others judging those who chose to only do an 18 month mission, though I think this would pass eventually. I would love if there was legitimate local options for serving full-time missions but being nearby to family and supportive friends. I don't know if anyone agrees but I always feel like many people look down on those that serve service missions and less then actual missionaries, which is not really true. If the Church could combine service/full-time/mini-missions into one cohesive mission program and make them all legitimate and truly fulfilling options that would be amazing. Oh and heavily revising the "white bible" as well, but that's a whole other discussion haha
  6. I have a lot of thoughts on this subject and how amazing it would be. However I've been hearing rumors of the length of missions be altered like they did in 1982. I know these rumors have always been floating around, like 2 hour church was for decades, and every year they resurface in some form or another. This year I've been reading more about how some have supposedly received mission calls saying things like "the duration of your mission will be given during April General Conference" or something to that effect. Maybe it's not good but I'm a huge fan of healthy speculation about stuff like this. Anyone hear anything similar? Even in rumor? And what do you think a change like this would look like? Would you like it or dislike it?
  7. As I've been reading threads in other LDS forums and I've been noticing that a lot of people keep bring up this "Mormon Reformation." I know it was sort of headed up by Brigham Young and that there seems to be a lot of different controversy around it. A lot of people cite events from that period that sound really negative and and intense, while others highlight and the good that came out of it! I love our history, even the weird stuff, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good resources that spells out everything that happened during that time? I'd even love to hear about any stories you've heard from the period of history for me to start reading about?
  8. A lot of work has been done on the Middle East and Egypt on their ancient theological beliefs and how a lot of the principles relate to Adams original religion. A lot of this work focus on the Temple/s and the similarity in ordinances, rituals, and beliefs. High Nibley is probably the most popular scholar on the subject. However I haven’t been able to find any research being done into Farther East religions! Somewhere in this form I saw a user comment that a friend had mentioned to him how the Japanese samurai suicide closet resembled the penalties of the Temple. This piqued my curiosity but as much as I wanted to dig into the history of those ancient religions I have no idea where to start or if any work has already been done! Any suggestions on where to start my research? Any papers written on the parallels between our religions/temples? Considering how old many of ruins are throughout China, Nepal, and the rest of Asia I would suppose that there should be an even been connection to Adams religion then even in the Middle East...or maybe not haha
  9. I want a copy really bad! It looks extremely good and helpful. The KJV is beloved but it seems like Brother Wayment has been able to preserve familiar wording styles but translate to something more understandable. I haven't read it yet but I'm hoping while he was sensitive to latter-day saint beliefs, he didn't alter any translation efforts in favor of certain church doctrines instead of just being faithful to what the translation should have been. I really don't think he would have done that though from what I've read about his research.
  10. So I’m super new to the what the Kirtland Egyptian Papers consist of. I know that it was some kind of attempt to present translations to characters lifted from some Papryi. Whether it’s inspired, reverse engineered, or if Joseph had anything to do with it is obviously hotly debated it would seem. So 1) I was wondering what all is “included” in what we consider the KEP? and 2) Has anyone attempted at just assuming the translation was super accurate and reconstructing what they could of the BoA with it?
  11. The point of the post was to say there hasn’t been explanation for recent changes like 1990 but there has been for other changes in biblical history.
  12. Haven’t measured it out, though that’s actually what I’ve been doing the last little while since my comment. Some of them seemed instant revelation and others took a few years to get a response.
  13. That’s my point. There hasn’t been an explantion for the recent changes (meaning 1990 and more recent alterations). Yet there has seemingly been an explantion for every other ordinances or covenant change in the past dispensation.
  14. Well D&C 74, Moroni 8:8, and Acts 15 all point out that the Lord fulfilled, for example, the Law of Circumsision and thus altered the covenant/rite. The Apostles has some disputations about it and God resolved it through revelation (after much debate it would seem). In fact when Circumsision was introduced the Lord explained what the intent was to Abraham. When the Lord introduced the Law of Moses, He explained why to Moses. When Polygamy was formally made known to Joseph, the Lord explained why. When the Lord gave Adam a new ordinances of sacrifice, He explained why. Of course some of these took a little while before the Lord saw fit to explain the reasoning behind it, but He always did. I dont mean to come off off rude by any means, nor do I want to come off sounding like I don’t believe the changes now are inspired. The Lord works in mysterious ways, however, I still have questions.
  15. I can’t think of a time where a major alteration in ordinances and covenants has not been accompanied by an explanation. Obviously He doesn’t explain everything He does, but when it comes to those two things He seems to be extremely consistent in scripture.
  16. I remember the saying, and I dont know who said it “if symbolism has no meaning to the receiver, then is it really necessary ?” And I honestly can’t answer that effectively when it comes to temple rites. Personally I Love the rich symbols of the temple rituals, even the ones that were removed long ago. It gives me a physical puzzle, like the scriptures, to go home with and decode through prayer, pondering and researching. However to the general population, I sorta understand why things have to be altered. The trick is changing the symbols without changing the ordinance, that’s where people have issue. I always, however, give the leaders of the church the initial benefit of the doubt before I get a confirmation from the Lord, simply because i believe they are inspired! I just don’t believe they’re perfect 100% of the time (obviously haha). I however do see the other sides point of view. I know God will reveal all things to those who are righteous, but I still wish I could have been endowed in that lovely red brick store. It may not have been “arranged right” but the knowledge that must of been pouring out over the roughly 8 hours it took (at least that’s what I remember reading) must have been incredible and detailed.
  17. I’m a little confused actually. What is the exception I’m pointing out? Haha
  18. I’ve never heard of a nonsensical commandment but alright haha all commandments I’ve heard and attempt to keep are rational, especially when trying to look at it with Heavens eyes. However just because it makes sense to me doesn’t mean I’m happy to keep it, or that it’s easy to keep. I highly doubt Abraham was thrilled to go try to kill his son on the mountain or perform circumcision that late in life.
  19. Me and my wife used it on Sunday and our kids (only barely 2) got it just fine. Like they knew the concepts and answered questions about following Jesus just fine. Kids are smarter then even I give them credit for most of the time.
  20. I haven’t checked all the references so please point out if I’m wrong. However in all the instances where God has chosen to alter a covenant or ordinance (and you’re right in that He has a handful of times), He has always had a prophet/apostles give a reason as to why. Usually it seemed that whatever covenant or ordinance it was had been fulfilled, like the Law of Moses. God does update things, that is why we have prophets, however I think the reason people take issue with stuff like this is that there doesn’t seem to be any explantion. Plus the dispensation head Joseph stayed on more then one occasion that the ordinances cannot be altered. I do agree with you but the main issue is not whether God can or has changed ordinances/covenants in the past but is the current change authorized and if so, why?
  21. Well there are commandments that I’m no always happy to keep! God doesn’t necessarily give commandments to make you happy, at least in this life. He gives them so that we can better become like Him even if it’s really hard... I mean I suppose all commandments are given are meant to make us happy EVENTUALLY...but perhaps not always in this world.
  22. I’m totally down with changes like that (though honestly I’m very biased to live sessions). I also understand that we need to update here and there to make sure we can get Temples everywhere effectively without the language barrier. However I don’t think anyone has a problem with changing the story prensentation, it’s removing symbols or altering the wording of covenants that people (me included until I get confirmation from God) have some issue with. Both of those happened last time the endowment was updated, and they happened again this time. It doesn’t mean it’s bad or a sin or anything, but I know why people have issues with it.
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