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  1. My bad, I’m on my phone at work most of the time and I’m not paying attention haha
  2. It is most assuredly about Jesus! I can’t do any of the work of my own accord. His is the only way and power whereby I can come into a fullness of the Father in the next life. I also don’t believe anyone will replace God or stand in His role as it is now. However, there will be those who become like Him. They will perform works similar to His, have children, and perform the work of salvation among them in some form or another (however that works out). I also don’t believe God worships or gains glory from another being or Savior. I’m believe (but don’t know) that God has a father like we do, but God has become independent in His glory, power, and abilities. He doesn’t need another being to grant Him these things because He is GOD. But there are others like Him. It’s not a hierarchy necessarily (again, I don’t know) but it is a family.
  3. I always liked the rumor that the cane that Brigham used to mark “this is the place” was the rose that Oliver had.any canes were made from the coffin of Joseph that had locks of Hyrums and Joseph’s hair. They were said to heal many people and had power to signal answers to prayers when used correctly (temple robes). I wish the Church would let us see the other stones. When the Manti Temple was delicated, it’s believed to be the white stone that Joseph had. The green stone, I believe, is in a private collection as well.
  4. He’s was a member of a dousing group I believe! It was also most likely what the “rod of nature” was that Oliver attempted to use to translate the BoM.
  5. I think the main difference is that we interpret certain verses (and sermons by Joseph Smith) differently. I take them literally (but I like your interpretation a lot!!) to mean that I will be God, through the power given to me by Christ, and eventually get to (if I’d like) to walk in His shoes.
  6. Some people agree, some are adamantly against it. I’m not sure if it has much bearing on salvation on this earth, so long as we continue to put our whole souls to Father and Christ. I suppose if we can do that we will be prepared for anything that comes next!
  7. I actually ascribe to the concept that I to will eventually, if I desire to further my exaltation, have to make a sacrifice like Christ’s. Call it blasphemy or whatever, but I believe it’s progression. I don’t even know or understand it it all..but that’s what makes sense to me and I’m trusting in it until I can be taught otherwise. So in this context I would know I’d sacrifice, I would have made the ultimate sacrifice and thus also possess the keys to death and hell. My son would then be able to become in the express image of His father because he would make a sacrifice like He did. Just as my Savior did before me. It’s complicated and I don’t have all the pieces, so I honestly couldn’t just sit down and try to explain it. I just feel and believe that those principles are true.
  8. I apologize, I read your post incorrectly. You did say “practically all”, which would imply some did not, which is true. While the early church was adamant that the BoM happened here, I don’t see any reason for that to be the only case and they could have been isolated or heavily mixed with other tribes in South America and/or Latin. Either way, that fact that some did not come from Siberia lends the chance that there could easily have been two small families that came to the Americas 2000 years ago and ended up mingling with a lot of other groups. It took a skeleton to be found in Siberia to make the complete connection, so maybe if we find a skeleton from a certain family, tribe, and race in the Middle East we’ll find a distant match. DNA can paint a very broad picture for migration and travel, but when it comes to specifics..it can be troublesome.
  9. And your CFR was asking for the evidence that ALL native Americans came from Siberia. Not a single DNA analysis I’ve read has ever claimed this, it’s an amazing claim that is worthy of a CFR. No google search will turn up this result. I agree that all statements of fact should be backed up evidence, even if it’s our interpretation of it.
  10. Just because a lot of the genetic markers have faded or not doesn’t make someone NOT of that lineage. We can’t blood test random Jews and say “Hey you’re of the tribe of Levi, you’re a priest” but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just because the Lamanites mixed with other races and such doesn’t mean there aren’t descendents of those people. I do have a very far ancestor that was African American, just one that I can see, but my blood test came back as 0% African. Odd? The markers might be gone but that doesn’t mean I’m not a direct descendant of that individual. (I believe a lot of my Irish and Mexican ancestors messed up the tiny minuscule amount of African markers there would have been).
  11. Sure, like I said, it’s a debate. It wouldn’t be a debate if there wasn’t evidence and defenses on either side. My research has led me otherwise (and I have read Ostler plenty.) Hugh Nibley, Margaret Barker, and others are ALSO thoughtful people who taught and teach that there was a belief in Apothesis that is similar to us. And yes I believe in your first paragraph. I don’t know EXACTLY how it all works out, or if it’s sometimes different. But I do believe my children will need a savior in order for them to come into possession of a forgiveness of sins and resurrection. It’s not so crude as you make it sound, I see it as elegant. It’s not a line of Christ’s, it’s beautiful and wonderful that there are those willing to sacrifice their will in order to save others, especially on a cosmic scale.
  12. I don't think its blasphemous. If we are to have children, spirit children, of some sort in heaven then someone needs to be a sacrifice whereby they might have actual have a chance. On top of that, you are wrong about the ancients not viewing apothesis the way we do. It's, of course, a debate, but there is a lot of evidence, writings, and teachings (not necessarily all from mainstream Christianity) that they viewed apothesis a very similar way to us. Many of the Gnostic groups (See Sophia and Valentinus), Hermetic Religions, jewish sects (like Kaballah) and ancient Israel worship (Margaret Barker has done some work here) believed in that doctrine in a very similar way. Besides you also have to go off of our belief in new scripture and revelation from a mouth piece of God. Sticking to a single book or collection of texts will, of course, stop you from believing in other doctrines that may exist. Not to say that is an inherently bad practice (the scriptures vouched for by God should be held on to) but it can be dangerous if we don't allow God to build upon more of His words. Edit: Also, just using some logic, if Jesus inherits ALL the Father has and we are Joint-heirs in Christ..then we would also inherit ALL the Father has, thus making us essentially Fathers in Heaven. There's a lot to that, but even the bible points in that direction.
  13. Very tiny population (the lamanites) in a probably huge mix of other populations would probably wipe out any dna markers from almost 1400 years ago. Plus they were probably already mixing with other groups and thus their markers were already beginning to fade. On top of that we have no markers for what the ancient DNA of a person from a certain tribe of Israel over 2000 years ago would be.
  14. It also mentions that The Lord will not suffer a mixture of Nephis seed to be destroyed. In the end the Lamanitss were a mix of various clans under one name, including Nephires. After all, is it unreasonable to believe that a handful of Nephi’s decendants had families with lamanites over hundreds of years? God made it clear in the scriptures what would occur to Nephi’s seed. You might have just missed the verse.
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