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  1. Others have been resurrected since the Saviors death. Peter and James are good examples. Moroni is the pinnacle example of course because he resides on our temples. So while the majority will be risen when the Savior comes again, there have been a few brought forth for various missions. Now that the Savior has the keys I see no reason why He wouldn’t utilize them when needed.
  2. They actually still sell it today!!! 😂
  3. Sure, but when I hug my concert after her amazing baptism and spiritual experience and then i get in trouble there is something very wrong with what we are instilling in our elders and sisters. Hugs are not “inappropriate” unless someone makes it clear they do not want one.
  4. Exactly. A great example would be J. Golden Kimball. He was always a little on edge but drank coffee for years without any repercussions into the 20th century.
  5. Purchasing liquor for entertainment purposes?
  6. Probably depends on your ward and the people in it. I’ve had home teachers and visiting teachers give me really weird looks when they see my coffee maker, but yet others don’t even notice.
  7. According to historian Will Bagley, “Salt Lake City gadfly Josiah Gibbs noted that during 1868, when Salt Lake City controlled all liquor sales, Brigham Young purchased $128.25 worth of liquor—strictly for entertainment. That same year, the Deseret News itself spent $189.46 on liquor.” Mark Twain visited Utah in 1861, then Nevada Territory, met Brigham Young and wrote about the pioneer whiskey: “The exclusive Mormon refresher; Valley Tan is a kind of whisky, or first cousin to it; is of Mormon invention and manufactured only in Utah. Tradition says it is made of [imported] fire and brimstone. If I remember rightly, no public drinking saloons were allowed in the kingdom by Brigham Young, and no private drinking permitted among the faithful, except they confined themselves to Valley Tan.” (from Roughing It, Mark Twain, 1872) There’s post-1867 endorsement.
  8. Same thing with “hugging” the opposite sex. There is not rule, at all, about it. However, there is a pervasive thing among members and missioanries that is forbidden and a rule because it’s considered flirting. What silly things we make our missionaries do.
  9. But Brigham never formally stopped it because it continued into the 1920s.
  10. I’ve never really agreed with that at least in regard to this particular revelation, but I don’t see anything directly wrong with it. God made it clear that it was not by commandment but some words of wisdom and that it was purely for our temporal, not spiritual, salvation. Always sounded to me like solid health advice for the time. I like to think of it like the ban on shellfish in the OT. It seems weird, but at the time there wasn’t a good way to clean out shellfish (cause they’re disgusting sea creatures) so it protected them.
  11. A whole dozen recommends for the 2a?! Holy cow haha
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