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  1. Israel has built the Iron Dome which I feel could be rebuilding the 'walls of Jerusalem'
  2. There is the functionality in the Church Directory of Leaders and Organisations (CDOL) to see who the previous Bishop, Counsellors, Exec Sec of organisations were, but not what the previous callings of a member were. Regarding Annotations like revelstoked mentioned they are not easy to acquire. The Handbook gives the following reasons for as to why an annotation can be added. If the individual was involved in incest, sexual offense against or serious physical abuse of a child, plural marriage, an elective transsexual operation, repeated homosexual activities (by adults), predatory conduct, or embezzlement of Church funds or property. In addition, the stake president and bishop may jointly recommend that a person’s membership record be annotated for other conduct that threatens the well-being of other persons or of the Church.
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