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  1. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Understandable Though it could be argued with evidence that polygamy and consecration are higher laws. But whether one or the other is more difficult would be a matter of opinion and experience.
  2. I couldn't agree more that the guy who does the ambush and is prepared will almost indefinitely win. Though I would still say there's a lot of scholarly argumentation. The guy who really stands out to me is Pastor Jeff Durbin. He's very intelligent and knows how to argue effectively from what I observe. But yes, I agree most people won't stand chance in those circumstances. But I still have yet to hear a good rebuttal from main stream Mormons.
  3. I actually have. I took a college course on Hebrew Texts and I remember hearing that theory. Please refresh my mind
  4. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    lol well it's a relative opinion; not an absolute. So I guess it's not something that can be argued through logic or theory. It's all empirical argumentation.
  5. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Is what I'm saying confusing? Or is it the concept that doesn't make sense? In other words, are you wondering what I'm saying? Or are you wondering how that could possibly be true under my belief system?
  6. Alright, I've seen quite a host of YouTube videos where some helpless Mormon gets cornered by a scholarly individual who knows how to argue against Mormonism clear and through. One thing that anti-Mormons seem to always bring up is the notion of there being multiple Gods in our belief system. They inevitably point to biblical scripture with statements such as, "Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me," (Isaiah 43:10). In Mormon Fundamentalism, the rebuttal is quite simple. To us, the individual and the office are not the same thing. In other words, in the given scripture, there is only one God, because there is only one office of God. But there are a never ending number of people who fill the office of God and have throughout the eternities. My question is this: Doesn't the LDS Church believe this as well? If they do not separate the office from the individual, then how do Mormons reconcile these sorts of scripture with their current beliefs?
  7. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Am I making sense under the pretense that the Church, Priesthood, and Kingdom of God are separate organizations? Or are you just confused about my communication in general?
  8. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Lol sucker. Jk lol no I firmly believe that full consecration and plural marriage are the hardest things to do in mormonism.
  9. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Thanks again to everyone for the kindness. I'm aware that most polygamist situations end badly. It's very rare for families to function well in this type of lifestyle. All I can say is that I personally grew up with a good example of living plural marriage and I had a wonderful childhood with three moms. And my life now is wonderful as well. Its hard for sure, but I love that we all live together and work together. And I love the challenge of trying to be there emotionally for lots of family members while having to financially provide for them. It keeps me busy and stretches me to limits that most of the world simply won't be able to grasp. But its true that most of these marriages fail. In the words of Brigham Young, "It will damn more people than it will save." (unsure of citation).
  10. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Don't be sorry...it's half the reason I'm here lol I'd like to learn how to explain my beliefs better, and maybe even come to some conclusions wherein my thinking and beliefs have been inaccurate. We don't proselyte for a couple reasons. Firstly, we believe its a function of the Church, which Church we support and believe in. Our purpose for the most part is to keep things alive like polygamy and full consecration, which things are much higher doctrines. In other words, proselyting should be done through the fundamentals of the gospel, like Joseph Smith and his vision, Faith, Family, Jesus Christ, the Church, and those things. I suppose we "could" proselyte, but we'd only teach the things that the Church already teaches, then tell them not to join our group, but to join the Church...which would be pretty confusing lol. The AUB group isn't so much a religious faith as it is a body of people with an objective within the body of Mormonism as a whole. Again, the matter gets down into how we believe the Church, Priesthood, and Kingdom of God are separate organizations. We aren't the Church, and we admit to being apostates of the Church. But we do believe we have proper Priesthood and we function through the Priesthood, not the Church.
  11. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    Forgive me, perhaps I'm incorrect, but I was under the impression that the purpose of this site was to discuss controversial issues and have ongoing dialogues about them? In other words, isn't this site meant as a platform for Apologetics?
  12. Josh516

    Hey everyone

    I briefly went over the article and I would say that's probably accurate. In a small religious faith like ours, we know when there's a new comer so people will kind of flock around to see that individuals for themselves and get a feel for who they are. Since we do try and protect ourselves legally and get along with the laws of the land, having some random person show up that admitted they didn't even so much as believe in the Book of Mormon would be confusing to say the least, and very suspicious to say the most. We've had numerous undercover investigators come just to find something to tear us down in the media with. It's very difficult fighting with how we're viewed when we have people like Warren Jeffs tainting the rest of us. And yes, I do have more than one wife. Though my intention is not to argue that point here, unless it comes up in a round-a-bout matter. My main purpose for being here is simply to learn how to better express my thoughts, argue effectively, learn more about Mormon Apologetics, and make some good friends in the process
  13. Agreed... I almost want to say it's akin to light mindedness and levity.
  14. Lol ok maybe I'm not remembering the story properly
  15. An interesting point to me is God telling Abraham to lie about his wife and tell people she was his sister. I think the lesser of two evils comes into play quite frequently when it comes to lying. And honestly, exaggeration is usually done subconsciously and not deliberately. I find it hard to call someone dishonest when it comes to that... I'd prefer just "exaggerator," or "crazy" lol
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