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  1. I have a brother who no long goes to church due to stress, guilt, and shame for things he never did. He just felt there was to much stress to be perfect that he finally just stopped going. Maybe more transparency would be a good thing.
  2. I guess if you are not sure you can discuss any matter with the Bishop and he would be inspired to give you guidance on what issues would need to be addressed.
  3. No, I am not careless in my reading and find no fault in my post. Perhaps the error is on your end. The very fact that you are so against my thoughts on Prince, makes me think that I am on to something.
  4. My comment about "Well once again I have been proven wrong, highly educated and well accomplished individuals can’t push an agenda." was sarcasm not straw man. Sorry you missed that. It is just great the we can each share a different opinion on Mr. Prince. I will agree that Mr. Prince and those who promote doomsday to make a money are one in the same.
  5. Well once again I have been proven wrong, highly educated and well accomplished individuals can’t push an agenda.
  6. I must have gotten him confused with another Greg Prince who wrote a book on this topic that is for sale. Please accept my apologies.
  7. This is such a divisive topic within the Church and when people try and get financial gain from topics like this. It just shows what kind of a person they really are. This is my opinion and I am sure many many will disagree and they are all welcome to do so.
  8. I put no stock into anything Greg Prince says on this subject. Dehlin is an idiot for several reason, in my opinion.
  9. I would look at who was telling me the belief I had was wrong. Your example is kind of hard because it can be proven. Are there beliefs in the Church that can be proven to be wrong-not a policy but a belief?
  10. So honest question, how does everyone reconcile this with the teaching of the Church. I see how excited everyone gets with orientation is mentioned as long as it’s not heterosexual. Just wondering how everyone is doing this.
  11. Yeah...I will take President Nelson's telling of the events over Greg Prince any day.
  12. My understanding is that they stopped the practice of polygamy but never changed the doctrine. Can you help me understand how the doctrine changed? Thanks!
  13. So has the Gospel been preached to all the world?
  14. Does anyone know where the Frist Presidency will meet when they are working on the Temple?
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