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  1. Yes, you have to have intent to want to abuse the child. I serve with the young men and on the weeks we meet we discuss social life, family life, school life there is no grooming going on there. So I agree with you
  2. I completely agree, people believed more in the policy then the Prophet. I hadn’t heard anyone left when the policy was changed back, but I would not doubt it. Thanks for sharing. I think to add to this, people no longer believe the Prophet or God and they start to believe Satan. James E. Faust shares this “Much of what comes from the devil is alluring and enticing. It glitters and is appealing to the sensual parts of our nature. His message sounds so reasonable and easy to justify. His voice is usually smooth and intriguing. If it were harsh or discordant, nobody would listen, nobody would be enticed. Some of Satan’s most appealing messages are: Everyone does it; if it doesn’t hurt anybody else, it’s all right; if you feel there is no harm in it, it’s okay; it’s the “cool” thing to do. Satan is the greatest imitator, the master deceiver, the arch counterfeiter, and the greatest forger ever in the history of the world. He comes into our lives as a thief in the night. His disguise is so perfect that it is hard to recognize him or his methods. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
  3. I don't think if the Church changed its views on homosexuality anything wound change. We would not have this rush of millions trying to join the Church. People would still be upset and still hate the Church. I heard that Greg Prince stated that sixty thousand people left the Church after the November policy (I know there are some other numbers out there). Did those same sixty thousand return once the policy was changed back? I am guessing is a big zero that came back! So what makes anyone think this will be different. People are still leaving over the Priesthood ban, you think they will just let this go? People are leaving over the fact that there are multiple accounts of the First Vision. People will continue to leave with or without a change to the Law of Chasity. I would love to hear others thoughts on this, I could be totally wrong with my opinion here. Thanks
  4. That probably would have been best. He must have known someone else would see it, but maybe not he did remove it once it was picked up.
  5. I’ll have to study that. Thanks. I don’t think that Christ was born with the Priesthood but received it while on earth. Bruce R. McConkie said the following: “But as pertaining to his mortal ministry, Christ … received the Melchizedek Priesthood here on earth, and was ordained to the office of a high priest therein, thus setting an example for others and being in all things the Prototype of salvation” (Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, vol. 3 [1973], 157). I definitely appreciate your response, I enjoy learning about this. Thanks
  6. In Mark 3:14 is stated “14 And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach,” this to me reads that Jesus gave them the priesthood and in order to do that he must have had the priesthood. Though I could be reading this wrong. Thanks
  7. I agree, I was trying to figure out how these scriptures fit into the discussion on keys. It is unfortunate there are several people I would like to excommunicate.
  8. I could be way off here but, my understanding of D&C section 84:19 and 26 states that all holders of the Priesthood have some keys. 19 And this greater apriesthood administereth the gospel and holdeth the bkey of the cmysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the dknowledge of God. 26 And the lesser apriesthood continued, which priesthood holdeth the bkey of the cministering of angels and the dpreparatory gospel; Are these keys different from the ones discussed?
  9. We don't live in Utah, so our ward boundaries are big. Our kids play with both members and non members. There are kids who are members who I don't let my kids play with because I feel they are a bad example. I don't think this is an issue; however, I am sure there are some members who only let their kids play with other members (a very small number).
  10. If directed by the Spirit to share an experience or story, it should always be shared. I apologize if I made it seem that I didn't agree with that. Thanks
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