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  1. Nacho2dope

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    No temple content. ~Mods
  2. Nacho2dope

    The Ongoing Restoration

    Maybe to change policies but not doctrine.
  3. Nacho2dope

    Trib Article Re: Women's Session

    I can understand where people are coming from; however, are we getting to caught up with who is presenting the message when maybe we should be more concerned with where the message is coming from? I never understood the point of conference was equal representation for everyone, but to hear the Word of God.
  4. Nacho2dope

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    I am not sure if this has been asked, but were they offended when President Nelson asked the youth to do a 7 day social media fast in June? I personally didn't see or hear of anyone being offended by that except for some of the youth that didn't want to give up their phones. Will they be offended when President Nelson ask the men to do a 20 day fast in April?
  5. Nacho2dope

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    I have heard this also, but its never first person its always a distant family member. I don't know. I would be cool if it had something to do with missionary work in Russia since they have a temple coming in.
  6. Nacho2dope

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    I don’t put a lot of stock into what Bill says. I think someone else commented he is just trying to stay relevant for as long as he can. So here is what I think that we are going to hear, some more on calling ourselves members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and no longer using the term Mormon. I know now if you go to www.become.org it takes you to Mormon.org so I think they will officially get rid or Mormon.org. Also, the Choir’s name will be changed to The Tabernacle Choir www.tabernaclechior.org. The site states it is currently under maintenance. I think these 2 items are really common knowledge at this point so not much of a prediction. I think the biggest push will be to get us to live more as the Savior lived. Presidents Nelson said the follow in Seattle a few weeks ago: “As a church, “we need to be doing what the Savior wishes us to do. And as a people we need to be looking and acting like true followers of Jesus Christ.” “Have you ever wondered why the institution of the church is necessary” “Why aren’t good deeds alone adequate in the eyes of the Lord? Why was the church restored in these latter days?” With no Priesthood session this time and having the General Women’s Session on Saturday I think that the Sisters may take the lead on this push to help us live as the Savior does. Also, lots of ministering talks and changing the way we function so we can become more like the Savior. Probably more emphasis on temple work, I know this is always talked about, but with President Nelsons recent face to face with the youth I think there will be a bigger push to Gather Israel. With that being said, I don’t see any of Bill’s predictions helping me to live as the Savior.
  7. Nacho2dope


    I am just trying to understand this, my question is 1 Corinthians refers to Christian Churches being part of the body of Christ. So is everyone is part of the body of Christ then why are we doing missionary work and work for the dead? I feel everyone has value and I may be wrong but, once we die we are given a choice to accept the truth and take advantage of the covenants that the Latter Day Saints are currently doing. So they must be missing something from the body of Christ. Just trying to understand better, I may be way off and if I am I apologize. Thanks
  8. Nacho2dope

    Speculations for General Conference

    Sorry its the New Testament 2019 Come Follow Me: For Individuals and Families, its not for sale yet but Wards/Branches/Stakes will automatically receive copies December 2018 for their members. I think it has already been discussed on here.
  9. Nacho2dope

    Speculations for General Conference

  10. This whole thing has me very frustrated. I fell so bad for her and this burden she has had to carry all these years. I don't feel that the testimony meeting is the place for her to discuss rape in front of everyone. You can throw a rock and hit a thread on any social media site and see how many are outraged with chastity questions being asked to the youth, but no one bats an eye when rape is discussed in a testimony meeting in front of the same children being asked those questions. Other say well this gets us talking about the issue. I have not read anything about how to fix this. I have only heard 3 things 1-She has the right to say what she wants. 2- She doesn't have the right to say what she wants. 3-Dont blame her. Again I feel so bad for her and hope she can find peace one day; however, her actions show she is not concerned with fixing the issue or helping others she is only interested in contention.