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  1. Be careful comments like that will be used against you at Final Judgment. And sockpuppets are cute what do you have against them?
  2. No they're too strict here like a cult club. There needs to be more freedom.
  3. Oh you should see all the stalkers you have making posts about you on the Mormondiscussions board. Apparently you have a lot of enemies over there. JKwilliams here posts under Runtu over there and is a spy here for that board. They obsess over this board by making thread after thread about this place.
  4. Never I demand to pretend like i never existed! As Matt Hardy the WWE wrestler says: DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! I am woken.
  5. Please delete my account. Posters like Calm are abusive power stalkers and should not have the power they have. Please ban me and delete my account.
  6. You act like a mod. I want my account banned and deleted. Maybe you can help with that. You're a spy anyway. No wonder your avatar is a mole.
  7. We should only worship God, not a piece of wood otherwise we are heading towards golden calf territory. poster removed
  8. If they become worshipped like crosses and rosary beads are then they become idols.
  9. Mormons are told not to have symbols and the cross is a symbol.
  10. My dads a Catholic and I've been to 23 Catholic funerals.
  11. So we are getting to an important point. A lot of women are ok with men they find attractive acting a certain way, but scream harassment if someone they view as not that attractive does the same thing they were okay with the attractive man doing.
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