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  1. I’m curious what board members consider to be antimormon or whom they consider to be an antimormon. My experience is that there is no hard-and-fast on this—that it’s like that overused quote about pornography… if you don’t know it, make one up. Is anyone in here taking the word literally—as in, like, any man having one drop of the seed of “anti” in him is antimormon and worthy of a curse, etc.? Also, should we stop using the term antimormon? Or is it like multiplying a negative or whatever in math where they like cancel each other out? Also, would apologetics be antiantimormon? And is there another level of antiantiantimormonism, and so forth? Answer as many as you like. I’m going to bed.
  2. I’m finding this entire thread both interesting and strange. Thank you for posting this.
  3. If the flood might as well have been literal but still wasn’t literal, then all humanity wasn’t wiped out, it was just a myth or fable based on a real flood that killed local population in either Missouri or the Carolinas or Mesopotamia, but left the rest of the earth alone. I think that means god actually preserved more unfaithful people than faithful. As divine achievements go, this one’s nothing to write home about.
  4. Not to derail my own thread, but how, to you, is the garden of Eden story more plausible than Noah’s?
  5. That’s fair. Why do the brethren Take the genesis account so literally then?
  6. Thank you for the delightful read. I thought you meant a covenant tied to the Noah myth
  7. I see now why so much artistic license was used. If it’s just Noah packing a couple of goats and a donkey into a boat and waiting out a typical North Carolina weather event, it doesn’t sell as many subscriptions.
  8. I think the canonized version is sufficiently wild. The covenant being what, exactly?
  9. God seems to be establishing a peculiar and confusing pattern. So, god had Noah tell the people they would all be destroyed, had him construct a giant box out of gopherwood, had him load all the local animals into his box, had him get in the box, flooded some stuff, but not everything, covertly transported Noah to wherever Mt. Asterisk Ararat is, let Noah out and convinced Noah that all his old enemies were dead? What reason would we have to believe Noah’s account over these older versions? If was a snake, it would’a bit ya. Have scholars found any indication that any of these accounts are anything more than tall tales about a really rainy day?
  10. The entire account might be myth then? That’s very poetic. But now I’m thinking god could have just flooded one unlucky/unrighteous guy as a warning to the rest then called it the whole earth. That is a much wilder story, imo
  11. It’s like he hill cumorah then? I wonder how long I could keep my assumptions alive and floating on a boat. Well, that and every human would have to die on the outside of the ark. I see no other reason why that aspect of the flood would be emphasized if it was actually just a wacky transatlantic cruise. Might as well chalk the whole thing up as figurative. Was there actually a guy named Noah? Nice try. I won’t be baited. I would think those have more ability discredit the biblical versions than to support them, but I think we’re coming at all of this from opposite ends.
  12. Yes. I am of a mind that the latter and the latter happened. You must get left out of a lot of discussions on here with that attitude. This is an odd way to find truth. I agree, but probably for different reasons on every point. Still fun to agree sometimes, though.
  13. I believe the main issue would be the construction of the flood narrative. The story you’re telling is pretty far from the one we get from scripture and modern prophecy, unless I’ve missed the ones that downplay Noah’s story in such a a way.
  14. I wish I’d copied and pasted. I typed this whole swear word thing on my phone’s broken screen. The things I do for a good argument. I think the wacky text came as a result of me inadvertently coding as a result of my getting to clever with the parentheses and brackets. Thank you for. Your suggestion, though. I’ve copied and pasted it in plain text to a secret location. Sounds like you’re on team non-global to me, but you’re the expert here. If I take the story exactly as written, then Noah floated around for a year with at least two of every animal that breathes air floating from the United States to Mesopotamia and then reseeding the entire earth with terrestrial life quickly enough for such an event to be completely absent from any evidence. But your way does seem easier to believe, I guess. It does still need a little reconciliation, though.
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