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  1. I don't think anyone should mock someone for being sent home from a mission, at least they tried. I have thought about that, I know someone that came home early from a mission with some mental issues. Not sure what happened, another person that came home early said they had a mission president they viewed as mentally or psychosocially abusive, not sure what happened. With all the challenges my son has had to his testimony and sub par interactions with other members it may be the best that he has not decided to go on a mission.
  2. Forums like this are good to promote open minds. I came into the church at 20 years old, went on a mission at 21 and had a missionary from South America tell me in Spanish that the Garden of Eden was in this country. Wow, Initially I thought, what a crazy concept. We all know the location of the Tigris and Euphrates valley is in the land of Mesopotamia, on the other side of the world. Then a missionary said, they could have renamed them after the rivers on this continent, and that made sense. I met a Mormon that knew the Book of Mormon land was in the Northern United States area, instead of where most everyone thinks it was, in the Central/South America area. I thought that was crazy since, I envisioned mountains going up and mountains laid low at the death of Christ. Where are the mountains in upper state New York, or all the way over to Michigan? The Andes sound more like the event. But I suppose with God all things are possible. Maybe North America was more south and the crustal displacement at that time shifted it northward, and the mountains slid off to the side and went south and their flat area shifted up to present day Northern United states, with God all things are possible. I remember years ago a very intelligent man told me that the bones from the dinosaurs came from another planet, when all the pieces of the earth were put together those were just building blocks of an old world and they never lived on this final product planet. Sounds insane, I just imagine a molten planet that dissolves all those old bones, or at least scatters them all over the place, so not one complete skeleton could be found. but I guess with God all things are possible. Maybe that planet was the topping on the cake and it just sprinkled on after the cooking was done. Someday maybe we will find out that the men on the moon referenced are not in the flesh but may be spirits of men. Maybe the terrestrial sprits go back and forth between earth and the moon. I think there is some wisdom and learning of men that is going to get shaken up as we enter the millennium. 1,000 years to learn the way things really are and really were.
  3. Has anyone seen comments from General Authorities about the Hollow Earth Theory? Is it a possibility that a family like Lehi’s was led away before the scattering of the 10 Tribes and they were relocated under the earth. The theory goes there is a sun source internal to the earth.
  4. Report post Posted just now Wow, your words brought me to tears. This is evidence of why the church is true. We truly have some of the best men and women on the planet among us, guided by the holy spirit. Thanks for the support, you are truly a minister of our lord Jesus Christ.
  5. Wow, your words brought me to tears. This is evidence of why the church is true. We truly have some of the best men and women on the planet among us, guided by the holy spirit. Thanks for the support, you are truly a minister of our lord Jesus Christ.
  6. I remember preparing for my mission 1 year after I joined the church. Everything was a spiritual life changing experience, receiving the calling, going to the MTC, and serving in the mission field. It simply breaks my heart that my sons will not enjoy similar experiences. There is a reason return missionaries talk about their missions for years to come. They can be the most spiritual concentration of experiences you can witness in your life. It just breaks my heart that my sons are rejecting that opportunity.
  7. That's not the Sunday school response. When we are called to leadership responsibility isn't it a spiritual growth opportunity with eternal blessings? Scouts is not just scout camp, although, that is 5 vacation days used that could have been with the family. I didn't see other leaders giving up 5 vacation days from work in their callings. Let's do the math, 24 hours away from home at scout camp per day X 6 days = 144 hrs. Monthly camping events 24 Hrs. X 12 = 288 Hrs. Weekly Scout meetings = 1.5 Hrs. X 52 weeks = 78 Hrs . For just those Scout events the total is (144+288+78) = 510 Hrs. Compare that to your 9 Hour Sundays X 52 weeks = 468 Hrs. Scouting Hours are higher. Scout leaders don't get up at 3 a. m but I have been up until past 3 am packing for campouts. Also, in addition to those 510 scout Hours. there is also Patrol Leader Council meetings, planning time, training both others and self, father son campout planning, friends of scouting, monthly scout committee meetings, hours of fundraising on Saturdays, and the 5 vacation days used. Also when the Stake goes on a week outing that's another 144 Hrs. When the wind blows at 70 mph. overturning tents and filling them with rain water, getting flashed by a schizophrenic sounds pretty funny compared to a wet and damp night sleeping, and dealing with restless boys. I have seen my father die, it was one of the most spiritual experiences in my life, when we said a prayer after his passing the spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife. The big difference with scouts is the church members left scouting years ago and have not had respect for anyone doing it the way its supposed to be run. Ward leaders tend to get a level of respect from the majority of the members.
  8. But there will be a lack of leadership opportunities.
  9. When I was on my mission there was a discussion one day about the Texas and Utah saints. The one Elder noticed when he was in Utah that many of the male members went inactive when they were released from a calling. When he was in Texas he didn't notice this as much. Is it possible that this was due to the large number of members in the Utah wards, so they could be called to an unsatisfying calling? Now that we no long have the redundancy between the Elders Quorum and the High Priest, no need for two presidencies, two sets of teachers, etc. Will this cause some men to go inactive. I know they can split the Elders Quorums to allow more leadership, but in the cases where they don't, that ward just went from many callings to few.
  10. Next son due to go on a mission is probably not going to go as well. Then I will be zero for two. See Heavenly father did do better, he had 2/3 of his children follow the plan. I have 0%. Feeling depressed tonight and an unsuccessful father. While I spent all that time with them in scouts and other parents sat on the sideline, their children go off on missions and mine stay home.
  11. My son had no pressure of going on a mission from parents or any ward members, other than what he may have placed on himself. Which would have been no more than a milli second of pressure. I guess we take comfort in not sending a boy off to a mission he doesn't want to be on and why would we want him to go on a mission if he isn't feeling it? He has our families Rodney Dangerfield legacy, no one took special interest in him from church. He just went forward with his other life interests, just like he was non-Mormon, no regrets. I personally believe its a duty to go on a mission but believe we have to choose for it to be our duty. I did, he didn't. His patriarchal blessing said he would serve a full time mission, since he didn't does that mean all the other blessings contained there in are void? Or, maybe a full time mission may be with his wife in the future, or maybe he unlike me will be made a high priest and be sealed to go on a full time mission among the nations during the post World War 3, plague, and famine survivors days. Transfigured to go among the heathen nations after the days of the gentiles. He may just be tough enough to not need any transfiguring, I pity the germ that tries to take him on. There should also be full time missions during the millennium too, right?
  12. My sons choice is in no way connected with my feelings towards him serving or no serving a mission. I have not spoken to him about it. My wife and I thought him about the importance of a mission and the time has come to serve and he is not. Period. I have not spoken to him about not going. He has replaced going with other things, profession, music pursuits, education, video game playing. I learned early that my sons character does not respond well to being forced. If he is asked to do anything he goes into a full out rage. I have a hole in our dry wall to prove it.
  13. Your comments are inspirational. My son and I are companions and we need to get out and see a guy that's inactive. Good reminder. I think laziness is the worst enemy in the church, is know it is for me. I remember to check on my ministering families that I see at church. I just need to get off my but and call the one that I have never seen. Thanks.
  14. Not our model. So far I know of two Wards in the stake having the new Elders Quorum President called. So far both new Elders Quorum Presidents are High Priests.
  15. That was my story. My mom and dad thought a mission was a waste of time. I remember the day I told them I was going. You would think I met Jim Jones and had the cups ready and willing to drink the poison. It ended up being the best experience up to that time in my life, age 21. That's why I fear for kids that don't go on missions, they miss out on a highly concentrated opportunity of spiritual experiences. I may not be active today without serving a mission.
  16. Sorry, I did intended to say the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And I don't think they can regulate it, because it occurs naturally, not made synthetically. The Gadiantons in the government can't make money on it. Oh, wait, yes they can, they pass legislation not allowing it to be use for medical need so they can receive campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical companies.
  17. In our Ward we had a fifth Sunday lesson on the difference between church, Doctrine, Policy, and Commandment. I wish we had gone a little deeper into the Word of Wisdom with that. The church may come out with a policy on MM, but in the end it may be right or wrong. Sort of like when Joseph Smith created the anti bank and it failed. He was just using his brain to do something he thought was good, and it failed, period. The church could keep saying we need to follow the USDA and their expertise, then months later it comes out that the USDA is receiving big payoffs from Pharmaceutical companies to keep MM out of the drug stream. Then how would everyone's attitude about MM change? I have a father approaching 100 years old that has horrible back pain, when the doctor was asked about CBD oil as an alternative the doctor said, I don't know anything about that. We said; is that because you don't have a drug rep. pushing it? He said, yes.
  18. I'm learning life doesn't turn out the way you envisioned it and reality is difficult to swallow. I thought my parents and other family members would embrace the gospel when I was baptized at the age of 20, instead I was called "Pushy" just for bringing it up once, and told never to bring it up again. But of course they were willing to watch anti Mormon material from my Brother-in-law after one invite. The knowledge that the entire family watched the anti Mormon movies was a nice welcome home from my mission. My mom told me I could have my own family in the church when I got older. Good thing since my nieces thought I was a monster after coming home from my mission from what they were shown about the church. 2. Now I'm older and have a selfish son, that borders on narcissism. Despite attempts to instill service through scouts, other church activates, and community service nothing has stuck. I remember one Christmas season ringing bells for the Salvation Army and he refused to continue to do it, went into the store, and it wasn't that cold. So I guess the inspiration I felt at the baby blessing that he would serve a full time mission will not be fulfilled. I have not stopped loving my son. I have not even mentioned that I am upset that he has decided not to go on a full time mission. I guess that's why I created this site so I could cry online. My son has said; look at bother X in the Bishopric, he didn't serve a missions and he is doing fine and a better leader then some that did serve missions. I know its just a justification for not wanting to serve a mission but I fear for him because the mission gave me a giant reservoir of spiritual experiences and I fear he will not have those with his current path. Foolish me for dreaming for others what their dreams would be. When I was on my mission I always had good companions that were hard working. That was a change from the missionaries that I knew right before I left for my mission. That was my fear before leaving, a reluctant missionary. On the bright side, my son will not be one of those. I am not driven by any status in the Ward, I have none. I have no friends in the Ward and do not have concerns what others think of me or my son. My concern is deeply rooted in his lack of spiritual experience, or better said complete lack of desire to have them. I always thought that he has not been involved with drugs or gone off the edge, so the opportunity for a mission is there and then he will have the experiences that will hold him in the church. I did have a borderline testimony companion on my missionary, but our experiences seemed to increase his enthusiasm for being a missionary. Now all those hopes for my own son are gone and its time to move forward. Sad Das signing out.
  19. I have not heard of someone leaving because of not being made a High Priest either. But there was the story I told earlier about the family that left the church because they thought the Ward was like a big High School. They thought it was a popularity contest and they related that to how all the popular members were running the entire Ward, STP, Same Ten People. I'm sure if they were in my current Ward and saw the guy become a High Priest without a calling for that office, he would have exploded over that one.
  20. Its more about the perception of others in the church that being made a High Priest is a "promotion". I don't even consider or comprehend it as a promotion, its an office to perform a function. My point is a 35 year old Elder in my Ward was made a High Priest without a calling requiring it at the time he received it or two years to date since. Dozens of Elders younger and older than him were not made High Priests. Why him? The suggested answer was that some families produce "so many effective leaders" that offspring has to be moved to High Priest even if no calling is waiting for them at the time or any foreseeable future time? I think the perception that its a "promotion" to be called to High Priest is more prevalent among members than many of us are wiling to acknowledge. My point is that the act of making him a High Priest perpetuated the notion that its a "promotion" for being better than the average bear. In the church boys "advance in rank" , are "promoted" through the Cub Scouts and Scouts. When boys turn 12 they receive the priesthood and then are "advanced" to Teacher at 14, Priest at 16, and Elder soon after turning 18. Each advancements is preceded by an interview to confirm righteousness/worthiness. Apparently that process programs some boys into believing the next advancement is to High Priest. Maybe that's a secondary reason why the Scouting program is going away. Members begin to question the worthiness of Elders not ordained High Priests by the age 50's for sure, or maybe some earlier member appointed deadline. Since becoming a High Priest has no advancement date, or a list of achievements the perception by some members is that God must have conducted the interview and found that individual to be unworthy/unrighteous, because after all, look at all the younger bucks that have been "Advanced" instead of them. That Elder must be failing their swim test. The attitude is not just among the men, I had a women in my ward say to me out of the blue; "your getting a little long in the tooth for an Elder aren't you? " I compare it to what my wife and I called the Napoleon Dynamite effect. My wife and I noticed when that movie came out almost all the jocks and families of jocks did not find that movie to be very funny, because they didn't get it. Others, mostly non jocks, and families with no jocks thought it was hilarious. I think its the same if your 50 or some other age perceived to be too old for an Elder, you get it. Elders made High Priest at a younger age probably don't get the disparagement, or escaped it before turning a High Priest. They escaped the environment of shame that is put upon older Elders periodically. Not constantly, because after all we are Latter day Saints so you can go weeks and months until an event occurs that reminds you of what people think. Now I'm a convert and have a strong testimony so I just brush off the comments, and like I have said all along it doesn't matter to me. It does matter to me and make me wonder how many Elders have left the church because of that judgmental attitude. That really is an application of the commandment not to judge. We always hear the word "offended" as a reason people leave the church. I would love to see a cause and effect diagram of "left the church because offended, how many causes could be attributed to disrespected by members that perceive them as unworthy because of their calling or priesthood status.
  21. My bloodline must be just short of serf status if we equate leadership to being ordained without a need for the ordination and only because of the bloodline. Now were back to ordinations to High Priest representing a superior status. This talk of superior leadership bloodline comparing them to early Woodruff and Smith blood lines instead of just an office to execute a calling.
  22. I think the change will help stop the Status games. It definitely goes on. We have one guy in our Ward where about 2 years ago out of the blue he was ordained a High Priest at the age of 34. He was not being called to any calling requiring a High Priest office, and has not been since. His dad had a High Priest calling and lets say a higher profile calling. Those are the types of things that go on that make you go Hummm. Can anyone explain that one?
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