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  1. I don't think anyone should mock someone for being sent home from a mission, at least they tried. I have thought about that, I know someone that came home early from a mission with some mental issues. Not sure what happened, another person that came home early said they had a mission president they viewed as mentally or psychosocially abusive, not sure what happened. With all the challenges my son has had to his testimony and sub par interactions with other members it may be the best that he has not decided to go on a mission.
  2. Forums like this are good to promote open minds. I came into the church at 20 years old, went on a mission at 21 and had a missionary from South America tell me in Spanish that the Garden of Eden was in this country. Wow, Initially I thought, what a crazy concept. We all know the location of the Tigris and Euphrates valley is in the land of Mesopotamia, on the other side of the world. Then a missionary said, they could have renamed them after the rivers on this continent, and that made sense. I met a Mormon that knew the Book of Mormon land was in the Northern United States area, instead of where most everyone thinks it was, in the Central/South America area. I thought that was crazy since, I envisioned mountains going up and mountains laid low at the death of Christ. Where are the mountains in upper state New York, or all the way over to Michigan? The Andes sound more like the event. But I suppose with God all things are possible. Maybe North America was more south and the crustal displacement at that time shifted it northward, and the mountains slid off to the side and went south and their flat area shifted up to present day Northern United states, with God all things are possible. I remember years ago a very intelligent man told me that the bones from the dinosaurs came from another planet, when all the pieces of the earth were put together those were just building blocks of an old world and they never lived on this final product planet. Sounds insane, I just imagine a molten planet that dissolves all those old bones, or at least scatters them all over the place, so not one complete skeleton could be found. but I guess with God all things are possible. Maybe that planet was the topping on the cake and it just sprinkled on after the cooking was done. Someday maybe we will find out that the men on the moon referenced are not in the flesh but may be spirits of men. Maybe the terrestrial sprits go back and forth between earth and the moon. I think there is some wisdom and learning of men that is going to get shaken up as we enter the millennium. 1,000 years to learn the way things really are and really were.
  3. Has anyone seen comments from General Authorities about the Hollow Earth Theory? Is it a possibility that a family like Lehi’s was led away before the scattering of the 10 Tribes and they were relocated under the earth. The theory goes there is a sun source internal to the earth.
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