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  1. So if I understand this correctly, this link shares a vision had by a woman about an event that hasn’t happened (yet?) in which leaders of the LDS church made good decisions? You take this as a testimony-building experience that shows you that LDS prophets/leaders are guided by god?
  2. If faith without works is dead, is work without faith dead?
  3. When you miscommunicate, it doesn’t make you look better when you blame someone else.
  4. Heck yes. That man is more Christian than I’ll ever be. I think anyone who is doing their best to follow the teachings of Jesus and wants to be called a Christian should be.
  5. It is spelled out clearly - you’re right. Here’s what challenges me. I know a few people who I consider extremely spiritual who have not made the LDS covenants. What am I to make of it? Would they be more spiritual if they did make those covenants, or are the covenants unnecessary in growing spirituality? Something else?
  6. I’m most curious about events that a latter day prophet clearly foretold and came to be. Less interested in great guidance that a prophet gave.
  7. I for one don’t necessarily believe that my standing in the Mormon church and agreement with its teachings are indicative of spiritual strength. They are two separate things.
  8. Yes - I love when people here give me perspective and information that changes my mind. It’s the main reason I come here is to find that.
  9. Buddy - please reread my message to which you are replying. I know a lot of people here stand firm in their views and won’t adjust. I’m genuinely in agreement with you that the prophecy of missionary work moving to lands that in the 70’s (and 80’s?) would have had no indication of opening is indicative of god’s influence. I’m putting your example in my record of what I see as genuine prophesies that have come to pass. Now - If President Nelson we’re to prophesy that a mission in Kanab, Utah would be opened, I’d be less inclined to count that one as a legitimate example of him “predicting” something would happen outside of his control. Agree with you about those who covenant not to smoke. But the context of that statement was as it relates to health only. Covenants are a different matter. Lastly - no need to insult my intelligence or limited knowledge of subjects. Doesn’t do much good at all.
  10. Few things: A sip of tea never hurt anybody. One cigarette never hurt anybody. One beer never hurt anybody. Etc... One of anything advised against by the WoW as revealed in section 89 probably will not make much of an impact on one’s health. I’m making the comparison that if the WoW was only about heath, it’s teaching today is pretty hypocritical (at worst), or incomplete (at best). There are a number of LDS scholars who have studied the temperance movement (as it relates to hard liquor and tobacco). Documents show that around Kirtland in the 1830s, the movement was quite strong and well known. My understanding of the context of Joseph Smith’s revelation on the word of wisdom would be somewhat akin to me “revealing” today that exercise is good for you and that God wants his children to do it.
  11. That’s a good point! I was born in the 80’s, so my memories and understanding of the implications of soviet communism and the impact of a divided world on missionary is quite limited. There have been global events that have changed that opened doors largely out of control to LDS leaders. But, let’s acknowledge that in some countries, the permission to lead missionary efforts has gone backwards, and that there are some areas of the world we aren’t quite able to teach in yet (for a perfect fulfillment of President Kimball’s prophecy). But, time will tell.
  12. https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Word_of_Wisdom/History_and_implementation#Revelations_in_Context:_.22Nevertheless.2C_it_required_time_to_wind_down_practices_that_were_so_deeply_ingrained_in_family_tradition_and_culture.22 Sure it must have been a sacrifice! You and I don’t disagree with each other on that. It appears our disagreement is around whether others before Joseph’s time knew of the ill effects of those things. My conclusion is that the evidence leans strongly toward the fact that many movements had already begun to warn of the ills of tobacco and hard liquor. Coffee and tea? I don’t know of any group besides the Mormons that have banned those substances. Maybe evidence will one day come forward about how bad those things are for us. I know there is some, but no more compelling than evidence against fatty foods, high salt or sugar contents, etc (health issues not addressed by the word of wisdom). You bring up a very good point about meat. I have not been able to uncover any group (besides Buddhism and some eastern faiths, whose reasons are very different) who encouraged less consumption of meat. That honestly could be very prophetic! Nutritionists are fairly united in their science behind humans doing better consuming far less meat. But, it’s too bad our current leaders interpretation of the word of wisdom (so far as temple worthy goes) ignore much of what was revealed in section 89. This leads me to believe that our prophets today have revelation telling us that a bacon-based diet is more righteous than someone taking a sip of green tea.
  13. You’re taking about President Kimball spinning a globe? I can kind of see what you’re saying, but the church was behind that drive. I put that in the same category of when I was 18 I “prophesied” that I would graduate from college. Lo and behold I did. It was an action I undertook. That example you shared of a future event being foretold seems to be helpful and faith building to you. Doesn’t resonate as special to me. People all over the world set goals and achieve them.
  14. That’s awesome. Glad you’re having good experiences.
  15. I’d check your facts and dates to make sure you are right about those things. I’m not as sure as you are of those things.
  16. I see what you’re saying. Thanks for pointing it out. My perception is that some people instead of answering the question directly and saying “there really aren’t that many at all!”, the responses seem to redirect my question as if my question is not valid. As if I need to reframe my expectations. One respondent mocked the question asking if I expected a fortune teller (instead of a prophet). I completely understand that the LDS and other definitions of a prophet are more encompassing. Let’s stick to the one topic instead of swerving the topic to other great things these men do besides predict the future.
  17. You may be right. But, what is challenging about this is that if we’re asked to believe something that we don’t know if it ever happens.
  18. Maybe. See my earlier post. Does god have to intervene for it to be a miracle? Or can we call any natural cycle or law a miracle? Gravity = miracle where we can see god helping those in need?
  19. Darn it heck! It seems most people here seem to be extremely unnecessarily defensive of LDS prophets for some reason! I don’t want anything. President Nelson, Monson, Hinckley, whoever can call themselves prophets and people can call them prophets! They’ve done some great things. I feel the Holy Ghost when they speak sometimes. I’m just addressing one aspect of what a prophet can do (per the LDS Bible Dictionary), and wondering how much of that has been done in “these latter days.” The emotional defense I’m sensing from y’all of this title and word is so telling! Defensiveness often stems from insecurity. But maybe I’m wrong.
  20. Sure. This is fine! Anyone can define a prophet however they want! I’m just wondering if being able to know what will happen and state that to others is part o the definition. In Mormonism, it seems that is a very minor aspect of the role/title.
  21. First, it was not particularly bad that year. I worded my summary poorly. If a natural occurrence can be counted as a miracle or prophecy, and promote faith, then sure! But I put the seagull event in the same level of miracle as the sun rising or a solar eclipse. Not god’s intervention.
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