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  1. I’m not asking about what Catholics believe. I’m talking about what historians believe. What is more likely true than the legends and traditions that support the authoritative narrative.
  2. In not knowing how early priesthood holders reacted, it seems like you are basing your understanding on what you hope they felt and did. This subject of what happened with the 12 and Christ’s followers is interesting. Most Mormons I know claim with such certainty that some kind of apostasy happened. Yet, few have studied the time and the records of the time to explain what that means and how that jives with our ideas of priesthood and keys today.
  3. And you’re certain that the people 2000 (ish) years ago did not petition the lord?
  4. Not following how losing the keys back then was a problem, but that today it wouldn’t be a problem to lose them.
  5. Ok, so just like when Christ’s original apostles died, many kept their authority, and the church went on?
  6. Take a closer look at the actual history of church leadership. The keys Peter received were more akin to how Joseph Smith organized the church leadership than how Brigham young modified it to what we see today. James was the head of the Jerusalem church.
  7. I had assumed perhaps it was the teacher who asked the Sunday school president to address the issue. Maybe I’m wrong. Thanks for capitalizing and bolding the word “president.” It made your message much clearer.
  8. Seems more like an insecure teacher...
  9. Interesting... so you see the church and it’s authority and ordinances as all about setting you up for a reward in heaven? I like to think that this LDS faith and other faiths also help us become better people - which is a reward in and of itself. But you’d embrace hedonism in the absence of a post-mortal reward? So much for a change of heart...
  10. In the historical context, it makes a lot more sense if one sees Jesus as not establishing a new faith, but promoting Judaism among Jews. I’m well aware that this rubs against the writings of Paul, and the rest of Christianity’s theology. But, historically, this paradigm explains a lot.
  11. For the jokes, or for the hats?
  12. So... Mormonism or nothing? Join another Christian church?
  13. That’s cool! You’d do your best to put together the ordinances, structure, practices and teachings of this church despite not having the authority? Not a bad answer.
  14. Yes - it is a very odd hypothetical situation I am putting forward here. My question I’m trying to ask is that in the absence of (if one believes it) Jesus’ authorized vehicle with the authority and ordinances and truth, is there a faith you think would fit second best? Or do you have more the belief of John Taylor - “The Kingdom of God or nothing...”? You’d forgo worship or group worship all together if this COJCOLDS left the earth tomorrow?
  15. So just to confirm: in this weird hypothetical situation in which the first presidency, 12, and the seventy (just for good measure) all dropped dead tomorrow, and the authority and with it God’s church were gone from the earth, you would chose not to participate in any congregation?
  16. If for whatever reason there were no COJCOLDS, but you knew what you know today, would you join another faith? If so which one? Why?
  17. So it’s a signal? To whom? Doesn’t really do anything besides that to dedicate a temple? Teach me.
  18. Then what happens when a temple is dedicated? What does God or the Holy Ghost do to the building?
  19. Can Satan be present in the LDS temple? If not, what specifically keeps him out?
  20. You just gave me an idea for a new topic...
  21. All good points. We are taught that our bodies are temples. Not like temples, but that they are temples. I’m learning that I can have spiritual experiences and shut out Satan wherever I am. I don’t need polished white granite to have special commune with God.
  22. OK. How does one apply that parable to the situation at hand: respecting the agency of those who are members of the church, but choose to be less active?
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