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  1. Think of what an abusive relationship this would be if a husband treated his family like this... He admits that he may be wrong at times, but expects his wife and children to do what he says regardless. When they question him about anything that may be inconsistent, or go against what the wife and children believe is right, he calls them to repent and have faith, reminding them that he is the only one authorized to speak for God. When they ask whether what he says is revelation from God or a personal statement, the answer is fuzzy, and always reverts back to "Just follow me whether its my opinion or a revelation." Now - this may be the way that God truly operates. BUT, let's admit that it takes a helluvalotta faith to buy into this, and not think it "cult-ish."
  2. I’m glad this perspective makes sense to you. It does not make sense to me.
  3. Thanks for the perspective. I’ve studied that statement from President Woodruff and it’s context quite a bit. I’ve pondered the implications and his meaning and made it a matter of prayer. I don’t draw the same conclusion that you do. I think God respects the agency of presidents of this church just as much as mine or yours.
  4. I don’t like this line of reason because it puts all the blame on the laity if they are led “astray” (whatever that means). Your reasoning here would defend “the brethren” from any fault if souls are lost. They can prophecy right or wrong, and never apologize or correct themselves. They would be claiming all the authority of leadership without the responsibility and accountability for it.
  5. You bring up a good point. I wrote hastily when I said Nephi had “no idea” why he was writing. I was thinking about 1 Nephi 9:5 5 Wherefore, the Lord hath commanded me to make these plates for a wise purpose in him, which purpose I know not. There was clearly some element of faith and the unknown in his record keeping, but you’re right. There are other scriptures that indicate he wasn’t completely blind to it. Appreciate your clarification of the truth!
  6. That’s too bad. Amidst all my struggles with much of the LDS dogma, the principle of the atonement is one that is central to me. It works and I know it from personal experience.
  7. Buddy - I honestly just want you to find peace. You’re right, I don’t understand your situation other then telling me you get angry often. I’ve never seen anger as a productive emotion - no matter the circumstance. Jesus has helped me immensely overcome much of my anger and negative emotion. I’m a lot happier.
  8. I hope you find the peace and rest from your anger and sadness that the Atonement offers.
  9. The Bible is not God's word. No scripture is. It is the communication of men who were supposedly told to write. Even the Mormon Nephi had no idea why he was writing! Take the good from where you find it. Reject the rest while keeping the perspective that you (along with EVERYONE ELSE down here on earth) can't see or understand everything, and maybe your perspectives on certain recorded events in the 'scriptures' may change. I am finally letting the crappy parts of Mormonism go. It's great. It's brought me more peace and closer to my maker, despite the warnings I've heard for years that there is only misery for those that let go of the 'iron rod.' Keep going, keep asking questions about you, goodness, and god, and you'll figure out more and more.
  10. Ok - so could we say that Christ leads the Catholic Church because the Pope and Cardinals and Bishops and Priests around the world are following their consciences? Authority may be viewed as a separate matter from leadership (in your view)?
  11. I apologize for interjecting, but you’re using a production of a church (Book of Mormon) that claims it is the only church Christ leads to prove a point that Christ has only one organized church. Do you see how that wouldn’t be convincing? It’s like me using a book I wrote that states that I’m the king of Mexico to prove that I’m the king of Mexico.
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