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  1. In my family, it was used at times as a passive-aggressive way of telling me (or us) to stop fighting, or be quiet. I feel less of a spirit of love, and more of being misunderstood, and my needs being ignored... Oops - now you got me on my therapy couch...
  2. Side note - I wonder who the poor sap is who was asked to read through all of the suggestions from members around the world and aggregate the opinions shared. Then, he has to share those findings with general authorities who have opinions of their own, and be careful not to offend them. Poor guy...
  3. Yes - I had read those former lyrics. Feisty might be the right word. Angry might be another. I just want our hymns to be consistent with our beliefs.
  4. Why do you prefer LDS composers? Shouldn’t the hymn’s tune, lyrics, and message be enough to judge it’s value?
  5. Interesting. So if a man born today becomes worldly and unrighteous, in God’s eyes, he will be held accountable for the murder of Joseph Smith?
  6. I do think that the idea that the earth (whatever that means) having to atone for the sins of the mob who killed our great prophet is false doctrine. Is there a perspective I’m missing?
  7. I voted to have “There is Sunshine in My Soul Today” removed. No false doctrine there, no misplaced worship - just annoyance with the overly chipper lyrics and tune. Its the LDS version of “Its a Small World.”
  8. Regarding songs about Joseph Smith: Not Joseph Smith, nor any other man atoned for my sins. Jesus Christ atoned for my sins. There are plenty of other great men out there whom I can honor and admire. But, I only worship one man: Jesus Christ. I come to church to worship Christ, not to honor good men. Additionally, I am not sure that “earth” will atone for Joseph Smith’s blood/death (Praise to the Man lyrics). I believe that it is Jesus Christ who will atone for those sins. If we treat our hymns as scripture, they should be true. Also - @Scott Lloyd, how did you know someone would bring it up? A great prediction! I smiled when I first read it.
  9. Maybe they are, but why so much angst? Find peace, brother!
  10. I already entered my thoughts on the survey, and suggested “Mary, Did you Know?” I love that song, but I think it will be some time before anyone at the Church Office Building seriously considers it. Too modern?
  11. Can you show me how the MormonLeaks team are half-wits (IQ Data, or similar)? Give me facts, as you claim. If you can’t, this just seems like emotional vomit. Judgemental, not factual. I’m not sure I agree with what McKnight and team are doing, but the vitriol they e received makes me wonder why they have struck a nerve with some people!
  12. Agreed - it will be interesting. I hope the LDS church’s lawyers are wise in advising the pros and cons of pursuing the breaches and publications.
  13. But what if you think you’re going to sin again? If you feel like that’s who you are, and can’t stop? Not trying to argue with your logic here in many cases. Just trying to point out where I found some pretty harsh teachings.
  14. Whoa. Not cool. And I generally like what I know of Dan Reynolds. Any good point should stand on it’s own merit and not need embellishments or dramatization.