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  1. I'm glad that he could laugh at himself! Its good that he has a good sense of humor!
  2. In my area, I see a lot of youth leave the Church once they graduate high school. I hope that this program will give them some testimony building so that they don't leave!
  3. No cookies? How dare they!!!!!
  4. Here in Indiana, we are studying the scriptures to find the plans Noah used for his ark.
  5. Agreed. If God has forgiven them and remembers them no longer, the Church should do the same.
  6. Does anyone know if the people who spoke are actually members of that ward?
  7. In another thread, it was mentioned that Catholic priests would rather face death than break confidentiality. Doing so would lead to immediate excommunication. Perhaps our bishops could take a lesson from their example.
  8. I'm with you on this!
  9. This happens in my ward. Then the rumor mill takes over and the whole ward ends up knowing. Sad.
  10. Not disagreeing with you. I would go back to the point that I made in response to the original post. This should be in the scripture, not a policy manual. I believe that the idea of "Church forgiveness" should be clearly laid out in our scriptures. Just my opinion.
  11. I wonder why more about church discipline is not present in the scriptures. I would think, given the importance of the matter, that things would be found in scriptures rather than policy manuals.
  12. We had a similar meeting here on the last 5th Sunday. It was more about being self reliant and financially secure, but we spent some time specifically on this subject!
  13. Congratulations on this anniversary day!!!!!!
  14. I visited there last year and thought the same! Beautiful chapel. Nice organ! Not sure what they had in terms of rooms for primary, scouts, pitch-ins..... but the chapel was awesome!
  15. Happy Easter all. Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.
  16. I am eagerly watching as I type!!!!!
  17. Rpn, What is the purpose of institutional forgiveness (as compared to forgiveness by God)?
  18. Mustard, I am 54. Grew up in Indiana. Like you, I try to respect that others do things differently. Dealing with change can be hard, when something is so ingrained as this was. My 81 year old mother has a much harder time than I do with it!
  19. I was thinking the same thing! When I was a kid, cola was forbidden! Period! That was understood by everyone in the ward! It is still disconcerting to see the bishop walking into the building with a Coke, or people bringing 2-liters of Coke to ward pitch ins!
  20. Happy National Carrot cake day!!!!
  21. I would agree. I bet they still have a lot of shirts and vests already made up. After they go through those, perhaps we will see a change of some sort.
  22. My ward seems to have a lot of problems following the handbook!
  23. In my ward, it does require a white shirt and a tie!!!!!
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