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  1. Prof

    LGBTQ+ Question

    I thought (and may be wrong) that gender reassignment lead to church discipline and perhaps excommunication. Perhaps a current or former bishop can weigh in on this. A question that I have would be are temple marriages in effect if one (or both) parties are excommunicated?
  2. Prof

    Where books go to die

    This. My former home teacher visited Salt lake a few years back and stopped in a DI while there. He brought back a bunch of books that he bought there for dirt cheap. You would have thought he was a kid in a candy store by how excited he was about it!
  3. Prof

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    I'm hearing the hype. No details about what the changes will be, but several have promised lots of changes are to come!!!!!
  4. Prof

    Come follow me

    In my ward, they will be given out next week. We have been discussing the program for the last 3 or 4 EQ meetings. I think next week we will have a combined 3rd hour meeting to discuss.
  5. Prof

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    And will you seek out those who help in leading you astray for purposes of eternal revenge?
  6. Prof

    Coat retrieval plan?

    So, Duncan, how did it go? Do you need bail?
  7. Prof

    Coat retrieval plan?

    A good place to hide, amongst the party balloons. You would need a lot of them. Might be good to have, just in case!
  8. Prof

    Coat retrieval plan?

    Remember! There is a policy against bringing firearms to church! (which is why I still recommend the shiv!!!!!)
  9. Prof

    Coat retrieval plan?

    Keep a shiv handy, just in case.
  10. Prof

    How much should religion cost?

    Nothing, and yet everything.
  11. Prof

    Coat retrieval plan?

    I was thinking the guy needed to be shanked in the leg with a shiv. Maybe I watch some bad TV as well!
  12. Prof

    Wear it with pride...

    I want to get a ring that has DTRT on it. Do The Right Thing. A slight permutation of CTR, but with the same thought!
  13. Prof

    Wear it with pride...

    That is too cool!!!!!
  14. Often nowadays, people are easily offended. For me in this case, since I have used the term myself for over 50 years, I will take no offense by anyone else using it.