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  1. Prof

    O Love

    What a beautiful song!
  2. Just a second tier candidate trying to grab attention to stay relevant. I bet he drops out of the race within a couple of weeks.
  3. Prof

    Need prayers

    Sending Prayers!
  4. That would be too cool! I would definitely drive over to Nauvoo or to Kirtland to see that!
  5. 1 ward. Rural Indiana. The buildings in the larger cities usually have 2 or 3.
  6. T shirt and work pants. Between sessions on Saturday, I may try to get some work done around the house!
  7. My understanding was that for the last several years, each council would directly bill the Church HQ in Salt lake for scout registration. The wards and stakes would not pay registration fees. The current fee for registration is $33 per individual. This includes all boys (cubs and scouts) and all adults (scoutmasters, assistant scout masters, and committee members). It looks like the registration fees will go up significantly next year, but they haven't released an amount yet. One more reason that I am glad we are leaving BSA
  8. I think the program has a lot of potential. I am a bit concerned that in my ward, the young men don't want to do much. We've given them the opportunity to plan events, but they really haven't done so. I hope that changes. Growing up, mutual night was pretty much just basketball. I fear that might be where things are headed here. Oh, and that was a good looking cake!
  9. Each October, we have a Chili cook off/cinnamon roll competition followed by trunk or treat for the kids. It is the most well attended event of the year. The guys cook Chili. The women bake cinnamon rolls. Both are judged and a champion is crowned! Side note: The guys always make very hot chili. My mom always brings very mild chili (not for the competition). It is always gone by the end of the night!
  10. Prof

    Music Thread

    This is one of my favorite versions of this song
  11. Prof

    Music Thread

    One of my favorites, of late
  12. Happy to see this! Best wishes for further success!
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