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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UaagwvVViLzWAyiqgeqC3-mopo0bghuI/view http://egyptianalphabetandgrammar.blogspot.com/2018/08/click-here-to-view-chart-this-is.html These are the links to my chart on Book of Abraham/KEP theorists and their positions on issues. If anything is in need of updating/correcting, you may contact me about that privately. Otherwise, I will not respond ever again to anyone on this forum or participate as I said in previous messages, and will only post things like this from time to time. Since it is an excel sheet hosted on google drive, you may have to scroll all the way to the right to see everything. Ed Goble
  2. I started a couple of postings a few weeks ago but now I'm going to be real clear to explain myself. This is my last posting here, to set the record straight. i think. Some of you people complain that I have made complaints. Perhaps so. And some have accused me of conspiracy theory. But all of my complaints are quite well-based, from personal experience. Some of you have seen a certain person that has been real active on this message board in being very condescending to me, and working very actively against me. There are certain individuals on this message board that have been real condescending to me, but not so openly. They are more passive-aggressive, where they put on one face as one persona, but behind the scenes, they actively work against me. And this is nothing new. There are certain individuals in prominent groups that have been real condescending to me over the years, and they have actively worked against me to make sure that my work has no representation among these groups they belong to. They treat me like I am not an intellectual equal, and that my work has no value. I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but it is quite insulting. Only these people can answer why it is that they feature the theories of others, and why mine has no representation, and why it is not taken seriously, and why I am not treated as an equal to the rest. And why the work of other people has value to these groups, but why my work is labeled mere "hypotheses," yet has just as much grounding as anything else. You see, there is this thing called blackballing by secret ballot. Someone has decided to do just that to me in these groups over the years. They claim that they have done all sorts of "favors" for me, but have withheld the most precious of all things to me: equality and regard and sociality. This is not about having people agree with me. This is about people treating me as an equal, which they have not. I only know this treatment exists. I don't know why. Only these people that have been condescending to me can answer this. There is a reason that Joseph Smith mentioned that the same sociality that exists in this world will exist there in the eternal worlds. It is because the human species is made of social creatures that desire friendship and associations. These things have long been denied me by many of you out there, because I have not been included, and my work has been derided, for whatever reason you have to label me as a lesser. And they have poisoned the well for others that have come along and decided that I am an easy target. For this, you will receive what is coming to you. To the Savior, we are all VIPs. To some of you, I am not your equal, but you have made me the lesser. And you have denied me that which is most precious to the human soul: equal treatment and sociality. You have treated others with open arms, but excluded me, and made me into a punching bag. This is the basis of all of this that I have described before, even though some try to make it appear that I am crazy. I am not. This is what these people have done to me. And because some of these people are in power positions, I label them the "establishment." As I said, this is the last message where I explain myself, since I have nothing to lose, I am trying to be as clear as possible without pointing fingers. This is the basis of what I have felt. If you don't believe that this observation has a basis in reality, then you have not lived my life. If you believe my pain has no basis in reality, then you have no regard as well. Farewell. Ed Goble Personal threads are not allowed. ~ Mods
  3. I'm sorry, but its too late for any of that.
  4. Those at the heart of both FAIRMormon and Mormon Interpreter that ARE combined against me are not always the same people as those that post on this board. So sorry, you are not personally acquainted with the history I have with these people. Of course you would not be able to relate with the circumstances where people WERE actually combined against me. You were not a part of those controversies. You did not live through them on the receiving end. I did. Same with you, Mr. Smith. You are not my Brother in Jesus Christ. Mr. Smith, and you are not acquainted with what I suffered. And I leave you to have to answer to him for what you have done. This place does not provide any good opportunity for anything except more of the same. More vacuous criticisms that aren't worth anything. Farewell, that is, if I can discipline myself to stay away from here as I should.
  5. I see that you persist. Well, I owe you nothing.
  6. It's ok. My participation on this thread is over now, and this is now another thing that has no continued value or productivity. I said what I wanted to say. You are welcome to study my words out carefully if you are interested in knowing my point of view. I never said that the scientific method could not be used outside science in other realms. I just mean that pure science as practiced by scientists is pure research in that domain that cannot be mixed with religion.
  7. No, actually my post was only about the importance of the philosophical separation between science and other realms.
  8. You clearly do not have a handle on anything that I said. You didn't even read what I wrote. Again. You are just spouting off. You once again only THINK that you disagree with what I said. If you really read carefully enough what I wrote and its supporting quotes, you wouldn't disagree with it. No kidding. Any so called apologist can fully utilize science, but science has its rules, and he must play by its rules. Therefore, when anyone that is a scientist does science, he must play by its rules. Therefore, as I said, they are scientists WHEN they do science. If you read AT ALL what I just wrote, you would realize that you just basically restated what I said. But then you deliberately respond as if there was something wrong and that you are responding with a rebuttal. When in truth, all you did was restate what I said as if it wasn't what I said. Really Robert? Of course religious claims can be scientifically tested. But religion cannot be mixed with science and be called science.
  9. Final arbiter. Not really. And this is not so much about you "agreeing" or even that you think I am in error. This is indeed about fairness that you keep bringing up that you say life is supposed to not be full of. Well, that is a matter of your choice, whether you personally choose to be fair. Because you have not adequately examined my points of view to know what it is that you think you are against. You don't understand what you claim to be against. That is a matter of fairness, to adequately represent the facts about that which you claim to be against, even if you are against it. Therefore I don't care that you are against it if you are. But you don't know what you are against. Otherwise, you would be fair about it. This is about people unfairly poisoning the well about things that they do not even understand, or try to understand. You want me to name names. ... EDIT...... I named them, and then decided to change it. Sorry no. I won't. Even though you in your rhetoric would make it seem that this is a paranoid conspiracy theory.. The fact that I have stood up and had courage to make myself heard in spite of you all. Yes. No, others don't define me, but they have defined what others think of me. And I have no control over that. But if the deck is stacked against me, and people continue to poison the well against me with factual lies, then they have done this and I have no control. I just am the receiver of that. Of course it doesn't matter to you. You are accepted. You are welcomed. You are not persona non grata. You don't have a set of people actively acting against you behind the scenes to destroy what you are trying to accomplish. Of course it doesn't matter to you. You are not the person in question that it would matter to, and you don't care about me or my interests, and you have no compassion for me, or what I do, or what I am trying to accomplish anyway.
  10. There will be no change in behavior. I have to live with this.
  11. Thank you for not viewing me as an outsider. Unfortunately for me, those that are in power in the establishment do not share your opinion of me. They are the ones that gave me this badge. They are the ones that deliberately exclude me.
  12. You have the ability to play fair if you want, Robert. You have not. You can have charity as a fellow Latter-day saint if you want, or you can continue to play whatever game this is that you think you need to try to invalidate everything I have to say at all costs. You will pay for that in the end. God as my witness. Because to the degree that you have opposed me, if you have engaged in being part of the Great and Abominable where you have opposed me, if my errand was from God as part of my life mission, not as part of some calling as if I have some commission from the Church or something, but to the degree that the Lord had something for me to accomplish, and you stood in the way, and you refused to lend your support, you will pay for that, and there will be a reckoning.
  13. No. This is not true entirely. The distinction here is very important, but very subtle. As I said, apologetics can include scientific things as information that it draws upon, but not the other way around. Therefore, there is only one direction where one can inform the other. You are right that when Royal Skousen as an example engaged in textual criticism, divorced from religious concerns, as an example, he was doing something scientific. Because he divorced himself from all outside concerns when he was focused on that. Its the same distinction that Intelligent Design Science is nothing of the sort. It is Evangelical, young earth creationism in sciency clothing. It violates the cardinal rule of science. No matter how you slice it, when you pollute science with outside concerns, what you have is no longer science, but a pollution. Therefore, if you claim it is science, you engage in pseudoscience. With the appropriate disclaimers you can engage in whatever kind of "sciency" research you want that is not pure science, so long as you don't call it science, and you don't claim it is something that it is not. For example, James E. Faulconer, a professor of philosophy at BYU wrote: Then in the end note for this statement, Professor Faulconer writes: So, this “impoverished” region of life is abstracted away from the rest of life, in order to focus in on what is important for that pursuit. It is impoverished in the sense that it whittles things down to the bare minimum using reductionism. It is non-theistic, instead of being either theistic or atheistic. And in this sense, it is not an enemy to religion at all, but a parallel pursuit that discovers truth in a different way with a different set of rules, and has limitations on what it can discover based on how much its rules allow for, and in what scope those rules apply. Donald R. Prothero, a paleontologist, wrote the following, essentially putting for the same concept: So, just as intelligent design young earth creationism is not a valid scientific pursuit, neither is apologetics, when they are called "science." The information only flows one way, from science to apologetics. You cannot mix God and science and call it science. When you mix God and science, or any religious concern, it has become something else. Something else valid yes, but not science. Unfortunately, those that oppose apologists (who are atheists) only deal in the secular and in science. This is the realm that we cannot meet them when we do apologetics. Because to them, it is an invalid pursuit, or at least one that they do not acknowledge. But to us, in our realm who are believers, it is a valid pursuit. But we can't expect our adversaries to agree with us. They just say, "its not science and its not scientific." Unfortunately for us, they are right, and our realm of apologetics cannot invade in that realm. But for us, it is valid, because we accept it. They do not. But we are wrong if we think it is somehow "scientific." Its not, and cannot be by definition.
  14. Sorry that you aren't entertained. You are welcome to watch some Abbot and Costello on Youtube which is a great source of entertainment. Or you can read this stuff.
  15. I see. Well, again, the point of the OP was a complaint, not really about "standard egyptology." I used the term Standard Egyptology in this way, because a certain someone used this term in a way that was to put me down, and put my work down, as if LDS academicians that do apologetics on the Book of Abraham do Standard Egyptology and I was responding. This will not be a very long-lived thread I believe. I wanted to finish my point that I wanted to make before the other thread was shut down.
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