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  1. Dear @Calm I found in going to the dealer that there were many, Ford! , recalls and special fixes that I was unaware of. The 2013 Ford Focus has a clutch problem for example. I had no information from Ford on this.
  2. Dear Smart people, Do you need to take your car to a dealer to be serviced? That is, if your car is a Ford as mine is do you need to take your car to A Ford Service station to be serviced? I had assumed that due to the electronic equipment in the car that one needed special proprietary equipment and computer programs to diagnose and fix specific models. As well specific models have different warranties and recalls so each car brand has a lot of information that needs to be tracked. If you have a late model car, do you take your car to the dealer or a regular garage? Do you think taking the car to a dealer makes a difference? i had my tires changed recently and the garage asked why I never had my car serviced. I say ‘I do. I take my car to the dealer’. The owner of the garage was really annoyed which I thought was strange. What do you think?
  3. We have few active members. I suspect that Ward Missionary is considered to be a low priority assignment. Our Ward Mission Leaders are usually someone who can’t fulfill even minor obligations due to health or work issues. We had a group of Chinese university students who wanted to host rotating Family Home Evenings at which they would invite non members. The students had limited English and resources and were far to shy to organize themselves although they were happy to follow orders. I tried to talk the Ward Mission leader into organizing these evenings but he refused. In fairness, my area has 1 active person to 5 inactive people. So ministering is challenging. People here often have long standing grievances based on past experiences with calllings that were too demanding. Consequenly people often refuse callings.
  4. Hardware stores often sell a soft shell specifically for hard seats like pews. I lived in a city in which we held concerts in churches. The little soft seats were very popular and light to carry.
  5. I wish we had this! Our ward mission leader is often someone who rarely attends due to job issues. No ward missionaries. Oh well.
  6. Is a ward missionary the same as Ward Mission leader?
  7. In Canada, this might be useful https://www.ymcacalgary.org/community-ymca/newcomer-programs/
  8. I thought that they were calling bishops who had some skills in dealing with youth and were therefore, younger?
  9. We had a stake conference recently in which the speakers made the point of telling us repeatedly, ‘you guys are doing great! God loves you!’ This was great as we are the bad numbers ward, in the bad numbers Stake. We got used to being always told off. I hope that not collecting numbers associated with the Ministering program will help to dampen the urge to stigmatize some areas.
  10. Would you mind telling us what he said? A friend of mine drove to hear Pres N speak. Apparently he is frequently woken during the night with revealation about the church. He keeps a notebook by his bed. His wife needs to leave during this time. He now gets up and goes to a closet so that he does not disturb her. He talked about the important of parenting. He was very impressed that we have children in our ward
  11. Pres Nelson i is touring Canada Apparently he has hinted that there will be an easing of our burdens. I an hoping for a reducing in the 3 hr block. Or maybe he just means Gobal Warming? 😉
  12. http://www.ldsliving.com/The-Best-Twitter-Reactions-to-President-Nelson-s-Mormon-and-LDS-Announcement/s/89112
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