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  1. Metis_LDS

    What Other Message Boards Do You Like?

    After what I have seen in Woman Loses Temple Recommend for Talking About Her Divorce I am done here this is my last post. Good Bye and Good Luck
  2. How does one Report a thread out of control!
  3. Beware of the never ending thread it will sap your resolve and drag you under!
  4. CA Steve you are a braver man than me!!!
  5. Thank you for your answer, I take what you say on faith. So a Stake President performance makes it a popular topic???
  6. Could or would someone tell me why this thread (topic) is so popular???
  7. Metis_LDS

    An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    I hope that this can help. I have never lived in the USA but I have visited more times than I can now remember. From afar now what I see is that the social contract has been broken. Many nations are not always completely sure about what their social contract is, but most nations know quickly when it has been breached. So dare I say that the repeated mass killings of students at their schools is a serious breaking of the United States social contract. What ever is written is never as important right now as the state of the social contract in any country.
  8. Metis_LDS

    An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Yes I was aware of the Doctrine and Covenants passages before posting and agree with the principles. So preach the gospel I support that but be careful you do not preach the United States that era is now over.
  9. Metis_LDS

    An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    I remember going to conference about 45 years ago and someone would say in the conference talks that the U.S. Constitution is divinely inspired. I do not have a problem with that. But not being a citizen of the United States it became old hearing this after awhile.
  10. Well Bill when I joined the Church we did not have to drive very far for Conference but we could now watch it. It was audio only over a telephone line. It was like that for a few years until a Satellite dish was installed at the chapel.
  11. Metis_LDS

    Funny true stuff with members

    Thank you, there is nothing like panic to create comedy.
  12. I salute you Bishop, many years ago in Canada I was not the leader of the church unit but a leader. When a Sister would mention things were getting out of hand we would go talk to the husband, most men were not afraid to go on such a duty as the culture was that these men were only good at violence when done to a lady or children. That was another age, violence and threats seem to have increased when people do not get their way. A visit was good to make things more stable for awhile, there was for the most part long term changes that needed to be made. It was always difficult for everyone who played a role.
  13. Metis_LDS

    Funny true stuff with members

    Thanks for that, I love it when children say what they are thinking.
  14. Metis_LDS

    Funny true stuff with members

    I was helping a member move and as the house was now bare my friend and I (we were young, strong, and mostly stupid) decided to leave. The man who was beening moved said you can't go there is more in the basement. We go down there and find many 50 gallon steel drums full of wheat. These raw wheat kernels are supper heavy with the drums full. SO we struggle hours to load them into his van. It was a type no longer sold in North America where the driver sat in front of the wheels. It was not big but had a side door and back doors for cargo. I cannot remember how many drums we fitted in the van anywhere from 6 to 8 I think. It was dark by the time the three of us got in to drive away with our load. Now the van was broken it would only go about a foot or so then stall. I said is your handbrake on etc.. Finally after getting nowhere I got a light from my car and started checking the van. To have a real flat tire you have to have lost the airpressure in the tire. All the tires were flat on the van but still had air. The steel rims were just about at ground level I was surprised that the tires had not burst. The other two did not believe me thinking it was a joke they had to see for themselves. It really happened.
  15. Metis_LDS

    Funny true stuff with members

    Thank you, what a story! Probably seemed funnier afterwards like a lot of these things do.