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  1. Okay Bill since you will not leave me alone, But, if you like...what troubles do you speak of, that you “wish you could fix”.  I was referring to your thread I find myself in disagreement with the Church’s position. I did not read it but I felt it must be a trouble for you or else you would not of started a thread about it. I said I was sorry twice to you, Once for starting the thread and once for you having been upset by it. You have never said SORRY for misquoting me. Is this better is this what you like, we will fight like cats and dogs all day long if you want.
  2. Yes maybe that is the thing now about now calling them Instruction rooms. Thank you for not being upset as I have just had someone lose it on me in another thread. I even said I was sorry but that was not enough.
  3. Okay Bill I do not know you and have never met you. I have no wish to say anything else that you may not like.
  4. Dear Bill I was hoping to avoid this but since you asked directly I will say. Part of your post said: Also, speaking of God the Father, though his Son, Jesus Christ, who created all things as some kind of “magician”, is an attempt to put him on the same level as some, Las Vegas act. Well I never said that God was a magician. So I figured that if you misread what I said you might of been having a difficult time for unknown reasons to me. My concern for your well being is real.
  5. Yes I have always believed this also. Nothing will be hidden.
  6. I understand what you are saying. Incomplete as in all those endowed (including some endowed when dead) will not see Celestial Glory for whatever reason. We are all incomplete until reunited with God. The endowment stands on it own! It stands because of what you learn and where you are when you learn it. So yeah not to upset you but it is not half an ordinance.
  7. So an observation about this board before I go away. If you find yourself repeating the obvious to those who disagree with you then I respectfully submit that you need a break away from this online world. It not for your own sanity do it for the sake of the this forum as trying to force others to be as you are will drive others away from here.
  8. Dear Bill do not stress out everything is all right. Yes it is 25 years ago and I was checking to see if attitudes had changed. I was surprised to be treated here on the board as if I was at Church by more than one person. I am now sorry that I started this thread and sorry that you got distressed over it. I know that you have troubles of your own and wish I could fix them for you.
  9. To keep the record straight, the last time I broached this subject in class was 25 years ago. It was in a Priesthood class on the resurrection.
  10. Well campers there maybe someday a lack of people that will want to start threads, if that happens I will not have to wonder why.
  11. If you check my original post at the start of this thread you will see that I said "All that I know points to God not being a magician." I am sorry you are having a bad day, truly I am.
  12. I found this Alma scripture you quoted Alma 37:11 and I can truthfully say that the mystery of the preservation of the plates has not been made know to me either. I feel better now that I have confessed this.
  13. While it is difficult to tell peoples ages on the board there are clues sometimes for an age range. So I am getting the message that younger people are more willing to talk about a subject like this one. I do not know if this is good or not but it sure is a change from my generation (over sixty).
  14. Well I served with a Branch President who had been excommunicated previously. I know you are asking about Bishops, but this is all I am sure of.
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