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  1. Yes there is a television series that plays here in the UK, it is a comedy and upon observing fascist tendencies one man says "Funny how you get more right wing as you get older" I constantly battle with myself to stay in towards the center of politics. Also like you said it still takes a village to raise children.
  2. Perhaps, It seems to be Peter who says it.
  3. I am not trying to be difficult and really do not know the answer. If you search the new testament on the word tree there are (about) four entries that say Jesus was hung on a tree. Anybody have any ideas on this?
  4. My understanding (I could be all wrong) is that a prophecy should fulfil a purpose. Such as those foretelling the coming of Christ's birth etc.. You want warnings or broad strokes there are plenty in the scriptures about the latter days. So let us take a specific example such as the super volcano in yellowstone national park. when that goes the predictions are for at least 20 feet of ash in Salt Lake City. So the Lord wants to warn the people about the volcano and the President speaks to soon about the event then people will forget. Sometimes to be a life saving warning it must not be to far in advance. No big prophecies right now maybe noting big about to go on IMO.
  5. Yeah, let's get some of the bad and ugly stuff out of the way! I know for sure that I am not as good a car driver as I used to be - since my ability's gone down I have to rely on my experience more than before. My night vision is shot, so I avoid driving at night as much as possible and do not enjoy it at all. Car journeys longer than about an hour are more difficult just because I get sore when sitting down longer than that. This is not me being grumpy about these things, but trying to be honest with younger people.
  6. I am sorry about the title I could not resist. Well I am most certainly over 50 for sure. I searched this board for old age and other related age terms with no hits. I understand that at this point in history there are less older people using computers because they did not grow up with them. So YES PLEASE post the good things about being older and also the bad and ugly things. If you are not yet 50 or over PLEASE post your observations of those over 50. I will post as I can. Thank you to all.
  7. I was about to explain carefully what to do, but then remembered my vow of silence.
  8. Wow I have never thought or heard this idea, very impressive indeed. Is this your own concept?
  9. So much history just vanishing, so tragic. The very lastest reports say that they may not be able to save the building, they are focusing on saving the Art.
  10. You mean created first spiritually? A finite number of spirits .would be reasonable but finite is really not a Godly concept it is much more human way of seeing. Less concerned when a species goes extinct? No not really because there is so much evidence that peoples mismangnement and downright not caring is causing present extinctions.
  11. I was moved by your post. We naturally look at the present as human beings and project that into the future. The scriptures testify that changes can occur from the present to have a better future. When the pain is great we despair and that is a very human trait. I will pray that Lord will show forth blessings to make manifest His mighty power of change and hope in your life
  12. When I first joined the Church I took an Institute course (I think I had to pay for the material in a huge binder) It very clearly stated that as members we are only bound by what the First Presidency states. This makes great sense to me and aligns with the Temple.
  13. I think you and I can have gotten forgiveness at times, but if we repeat offend then we have to repeat the process. I honestly do not know what you should be feeling. My struggles have brought me much grief.
  14. You could be very well correct, but saying that former kinds of sins returning and the suffering is still no small thing.
  15. Well my deepest thoughts are that true repentance is not repeating the sin ever again, so a permanet change. There are many scriptures that directly support this. However for myself I continue to struggle with the same problem. May the Lord have mercy on us and show the way to real change and to peace.
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