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  1. Yep. Garments are at least double the price of real underwear. $4 each piece is pretty steep. I’d like to see how much it costs the church to manufacture each article.
  2. We can expect to find that the theory that the Native Americans came from the Middle East was a common belief during the early 1800s. The entire premise of the BOM is not an original idea at all. Oliver Cowdery’s own pastor even wrote a book about it before the BOM. That’s why I say it is possible Joseph gained his knowledge about this kind of stuff in NY.
  3. Why did God wait until Nelson was president to make all these changes?
  4. One of the problems here is that the events in the BOM didn’t occur anywhere near Mesoamerica. Moroni lived in New York. This is like comparing the BOM to a history book about Australian Aboriginals, finding similarities (because you’re looking for them), and then concluding that the BOM is true.
  5. They also ask members to not talk politics at church but then the church itself joins political campaigns. Too much hypocrisy.
  6. Pres Nelson could literally come out and say that he’s been deceived into believing the church is true and step down as president and these types of apologists will find a way to spin that into a positive event that proves the church is true. It’s pretty remarkable what they’re able to justify in their minds.
  7. I wonder if the general authorities will be getting bonuses on top of their six figure salaries for this acquisition. The church having a “lay ministry” is always a warm fuzzy feeling until you realize it doesn’t . 🙄
  8. I had to give up my belief that the prophet was the single authority for the entire world and that this church is the only “true” church on earth. I had to completely rework my testimony and core beliefs in order to stay in the church.
  9. To be fair, I’m not sure regurgitating the official church position that the early prophets were bigots and taught false doctrine about black people would have left a better impression on the friend than the missionary’s bad analogies did. Sometimes there are no good answers for bad events. The mistake here was inviting questions about those events.
  10. Or is it more for temporal topics of concern? Should investigators be encouraged to study church history and then ask God if the conclusions they draw are correct? Should we both study the BOM and the historical background of its creation? Should we study the origins of the BoA, temple ceremony, how polygamy was lived when determining whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet? From what I remember on my mission investigators were only to read select parts of the BOM and then pray about it. Should they be doing more?
  11. I don’t know. I appreciate this line of thinking and used to embrace it myself but I don’t believe teaching that Adam is God and that black people are unworthy of blessings due to the color of their skin simply fall into the traditions category.
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