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  1. This whole notion is just another product of the deeply sexist attitude in the church. The church and its leaders are stuck in the 1700s. Just as they held on to racism longer than most they are hanging on to sexism. It’s going to take the same kind of external pressure that existed in the 1970s before women are truly seen as equal in this culture.
  2. How do you barricade a door that opens out from the room like every door in a LDS chapel?
  3. It's funny how none of those "hide" protocols are possible in a LDS church building. No locks on doors, the doors open out into the hall and can't be barricaded, all of the doors have windows in a lot of churches, etc. The best course of action to take in an active shooter situation is to return fire but they decided to take that away and instead come out with guidelines that are not applicable to meetinghouses.
  4. Women will have the priesthood within 30 years time.
  5. It becomes complicated for many when previous prophets taught that black people were trash and that Adam is God the Father. Forgive me for not believing Nelson’s PR campaign that the original policy was revelation when it only lasted 1 week before it was changed and less than 5 years before it was rescinded.
  6. President Nelson is singing a slightly different tune than he was at the last BYU devotional when he unequivocally stated that the policy change was as a result of direct divine revelation to the living prophet. He’s now making it seem like it was driven more by their personal opinions as policy makers.
  7. It becomes problematic when the endowment has gone through changes to make it less Masonic. That shows that Freemasonry is the entire fundamental base for the endowment which was already evident to begin with.
  8. Do you have any sources that show that? In my research I haven’t ever come across any substantial similarities between the Freemason ceremony and any other ritual in history.
  9. It’s kind of ironic that this is what Joseph Smith did to the Freemasons.
  10. Didn’t Nelson specifically say that the policy of banning children of gay parents from being baptized was revelation through the prophet?
  11. When it comes time to fight I would prefer to return fire. Unfortunately that’s not a possibility at church anymore.
  12. This uncomfortably feels like a public announcement to all mass shooters that they have an easy target at any crowded LDS chapel. Either I’m allowed to protect my family at church or we’re not going.
  13. I agree with this in theory a little bit but in practice it doesn’t work well. We are more dealing with an office than the people fulfilling that office. If the prophet of the world led people astray in the past how can we believe that the prophet of the world today isn’t? It’s nothing personal against current leadership. It all comes down to the fact that previous LDS prophets have severely messed up. That can’t be separated from the present if you take the calling of a prophet literally.
  14. When you’re talking about the ONLY person on earth who can speak on God’s behalf for the entire world (the prophet) then they absolutely should be infallible when they claim to be speaking for God. Forget the trivial issues like where the Hill Cumorah is, I’m talking about hard core, fundamental doctrines. After learning of the various false doctrines taught by these supposed prophets it was pretty much over for me. The infallibility argument does have a place when you are talking about the men themselves. Yes they are human and are allowed to make mistakes in their personal lives. No they are not allowed to teach harmful doctrines while acting as the prophet and lead the church (and supposedly the world since that is what they are over) astray.
  15. That is a very good point, hadn’t thought of that.
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