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  1. aussieguy55

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    As raised in a conservative Lutheran (Missouri Synod type) church spent my late teens and young adulthood in the Mormon church then leaving and trying others it was always hard to get use to the less activity required in other churches. My wife went with the Pentecostals i tried but being brought up listening to J S Bach Hillsong type music was not my thing. Wesley P Walters would find me today a too liberal Christian for his liking. Peter Enns explains it well in The Bible Tells Me So " "If your present community sees your spiritual journey as a problem because you are wandering off their beach blanket, it may be time to find another community. One should never do that impulsively. But if after a time you are sensing that you do not belong, that you are a problem to be corrected rather than a valued member of the community, maybe God is calling you elsewhere and to find for yourself that 'they' aren’t so bad after all. That decision is very personal (sometimes involving whole families) and can take some courage to make, but it is worth the risk. One thing is certain: if you stay where you are without any change at all, the pressure to either conform or keep quiet will work in you like a slow-acting poison. And if you go too far down that road, it can be a tough haul coming back from bitterness and resentment— especially for children." Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It (p. 241). LDS Apologetics which I have followed has not convinced me otherwise. The Book of Abraham issue was the issue. Gee's recent Fair presentation gave me no answers. But I and my wife don't regret our time made some good friends who friendship continues even though we took different paths.
  2. aussieguy55

    Elder Pearson at FairMormon

    I thought poverty would be more caused by the policies of Governments who move money upwards.
  3. aussieguy55

    Elder Pearson at FairMormon

    Every member a blogger or Everyone have their own Youtube Channel. That could be dangerous. I have commented in many videos submitted by Trumpsters. The internet is so valuable in searching and posting evidence to support ones view. I remember how easy it was to find evidence that most of the red states were among the poorest and the wealthiest were blue states. In discussing the historicity of the early OT one can find plenty of youtube videos by Enns Finkelstein and Dever. Do a search "Mormon Critics" and most of the first page list apologetic sites. Must be some clever IT people among the LDS.
  4. I watched all of Gee's presentation and I was somewhat disappointed as he did not respond that much on the BOA. He was asked if he would respond to the response of Robert Ritner to the Gospel Topic essay on the BOA. Amazing response. From my position I kind of felt sorry for him. He set off a firestorm on FB and elsewhere. People like Randell Bowen were disappointed with it. Is there another September Six type event coming?
  5. aussieguy55

    Jaradites meet the Siberians?

    My brother's local Lutheran pastor told him he had he DNA checked and there was some neanderthal there. Seeley over on Biologos.org discusses local flood theory.https://biologos.org/blogs/archive/the-flood-not-global-barely-local-mostly-theological-pt-1 https://biologos.org/blogs/archive/the-flood-not-global-barely-local-mostly-theological-pt-2 https://biologos.org/blogs/archive/the-flood-not-global-barely-local-mostly-theological-pt-3 https://faculty.gordon.edu/hu/bi/ted_hildebrandt/otesources/01-genesis/text/articles-books/seely_babel_wtj.pdf
  6. https://www.livescience.com/62531-native-american-founder-population.html " The Americas are a big place, but the Native American group that first settled it was small — just about 250 people, according to a new genetic study. These people, known as a founding group because they "founded" the first population, migrated from Siberia to the Americas by about 15,000 years ago, said study co-lead researcher Nelson Fagundes, a professor in the Department of Genetics at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil." Do LDS accept a universal flood ? What dates do LDS believe the Jaradites arrived?
  7. I saw an article where it said the Southern Baptists were losing millennials. Some membership stats was that they have 16 million members but only a third are active. Still i like the famous author John Grisham who I understand is Southern Baptist.
  8. aussieguy55

    Ammon Bundy, socialists in the church?

    Here is sunny Australia I have solar panels on my roof. I usually get a credit in my three monthly bill. It along with universal healthcare and gun control makes Australia a great place to live.
  9. aussieguy55

    Mormon Transhumanism- New Interpreter Article

    Nancy Murphy (a prominent Christian Physicalist) maintains that humans are only physical entities, we have no “additional metaphysical element such as a mind or soul or spirit.”10 That is, she accepts the standard physicalist explanation of human beings. Duquesne University Duquesne Scholarship Collection Electronic Theses and Dissertations Spring 2-28-2017 Techno-Salvation: Developing a Christian Hermeneutic of Enhancement Technology Richard Landrum Wilson
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-administration-says-employers-fire-195610268.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=fb Don't worry the gays will soon have to go back in the cupboard. OMG America is going down the toilet.
  11. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    If Kaminaljuyu is a great candidate for the City of Nephi there should be remains of people who have died whose dna could be checked. Just sayin.
  12. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Deanne G Matheny' conclusion ""Does the shoe fit for the current Limited Tehuantepec theory models? Rather than a comfortable "Cinderella" fit it is more like a "step sister" mismatch, requiring considerable remodeling of shoe and foot" p.322 New Approaches to the Book of Mormon
  13. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Wesley Walters told me years ago that Matheny was asked in a threatening way "You like your job at BYU?"
  14. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Ray Matheny and his wife both with knowledge of both areas have expressed opinions that the evidence in the area of archaeology is a problem..
  15. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Where have you published in peer review journals non-church related your arguments for the plausibility of the historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon? Have you ever spoken with Michael Coe or Ray Matheny or his wife?