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  1. aussieguy55

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    The Community of Christ statement is not generic and is signed by their President.
  2. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    If as Peter Enns and William Dever and Israel Finkelstein argue much of the Books of Moses is myth.No Tower of Babel no Jaradites. If no historical Adam then no problems with Adam God teaching. https://biologos.org/blogs/archive/adam-and-eve-literal-or-literary "If they are literal people, then the trove of evolutionary and DNA evidence can’t be right. It’s impossible for the human race to trace back to a single pair of parents (and this without mentioning a talking snake and God creating Adam out of the dirt and Eve from his rib). For the serious student of Scripture and science, making a choice between literal and literary is impossible too. Can’t there be a middle option?" "To regard Adam and Eve as historical figures leaves us with basically two options within an evolutionary rubric. The first is that God created them supernaturally, midstream in evolution’s flow. To create in such a way would require that God also put in place a DNA history, since human origins genetically trace back to earlier, common ancestors. Conceptually, this presents the same problems as creating the universe with apparent age. Apparent age is how some square a literal Genesis with scientific evidence. Stars that appear to be billions of years old (according to cosmological measurements) are in reality only a few thousand years old (according to literal biblical reckoning). God created the stars with age."
  3. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Jaradites - 344 days driven by a strong wind? Columbus took around 60 days. Going to the bathroom in a sealed boat? Animal and human waste?
  4. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    If the Tower story is myth then there were no Jaradites https://faculty.gordon.edu/hu/bi/ted_hildebrandt/otesources/01-genesis/text/articles-books/seely_babel_wtj.htm
  5. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    https://www.andywhiteanthropology.com/blog/haplogroup-x2a-and-the-peopling-of-the-americas .Haplogroup X is found in living populations in Europe, west Asia, and northern North America. Studies in the late 1990s began to ask whether the geographic distribution of Haplogroup X among living populations was telling us something about the origin of at least some New World peoples. A widely-read 1998 popular article titled "Genes May Link Ancient Eurasians, Native Americans" (Science 280(5363):520) helped popularize the idea that peoples from the Near East or Europe contibuted to Native American ancestry. This idea was very popular among Mormons looking for evidence of a migration of Near Eastern peoples to the New World several thousand years ago (it is regarded with less enthusiasm now, especially after the publication of genetic data from Kennewick Man: see this blog post, for example).
  6. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    Jennifer A. Raff one of the authors of the paper on another site is asked the question - How can you say that this proves once and for all that all Native Americans have exclusively Beringian ancestry when you haven’t sequenced all of them? Isn’t that unscientific? https://violentmetaphors.com/2016/08/15/archaeological-fantasies-and-the-genetic-history-of-the-americas/ Her answer- We don’t say that. This work presents our best interpretation of all the genetic evidence currently available that are relevant to this question. In fact, we end the paper saying: We don’t think it’s likely that new evidence will suddenly crop up showing another source of ancestry for Native Americans, but it remains a formal, albeit remote, possibility. Should such evidence be found, it will require us to reexamine our models. But we can’t incorporate hypothetical results into our interpretations. That would be unscientific.
  7. aussieguy55

    The DNA Issue again.

    https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1179/2055556315Z.00000000040 The conclusion- "It is of course possible that genetic evidence of anancient trans-Atlantic migration event simply has notbeen found yet. Should credible evidence of directgene flow from an ancient Solutrean (or MiddleEastern) population be found within ancient NativeAmerican genomes, it would require the field to reassessthe “Beringian only” model of prehistoricNative American migration. However, no such evidencehas been found, and the Beringian migrationmodel remains the best interpretation of the genetic,archaeological, and paleoclimate data to date."
  8. aussieguy55

    Meet the New Mormons Longreads Article

    Well at least Dehlin made the effort to interview Michael Coe a long time commentator on Mormons and their use of archaeology. Will they ever find a a nephite city under all that jungle?
  9. aussieguy55

    Sugar addictions prominent in Mormon culture

    Prior to one of my daughters getting married she asked if I could lose weight. I gave up sugar. No soda drinks candy. I have fruit on my cereal. Some time later I had to make a few holes in my belt as I lost weight. I have no desire for sugar drinks. What you buy in MacDonalds is junk. I eat a lot of salads. I found on weekends for lunch I have fish with a large salad of lettuce. tomato avocado onion capsicum. I find this meal improves my mood and gives me lots of energy.
  10. aussieguy55

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    With so much money the LDS church won't be affected by any growing inactivity. In the UK I understand more money goes in than out. It reminds me of the Lutheran Church in Australia. They have an enormous number of private schools and an aging membership. Any growth is from the Lutheran refugees from Africa.A lot of the students are from non-Lutheran families.Chinese seem to think that since there is something German about them they must be good quality schools.
  11. aussieguy55

    Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in the 1955?

    Interesting comments on how Kimball changed the views of the apostles.
  12. aussieguy55

    Missionary work and Gays

    Years ago I was having a conversation with a guy who had served a mission in New York. This was before 1978 change in the priesthood issue. He told me that when they door knocked homes and came across an African American family they would if invited give them the first lesson. The family would have to ask the missionaries to come back again and again. They were treated differently to white families in being persistent in giving the discussions. Now that gay marriage is gradually becoming legal in many countries what will the missionaries do when they door knock a gay couple? Will they present the discussions and persist. Would there be a demand for a change in their relationship if they were to be baptized?
  13. aussieguy55

    Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in the 1955?

    If President McKay was having doubts about the ban and asking Lowell Bennion to do a report on the issue why was God not talking to him about this or whispering to his soul?
  14. aussieguy55

    Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in the 1955?

    If one accepts that God inspires the leaders to appoint certain people to various positions in the LDS church it seems God selected different personalities such as Joseph Fielding Smith with his literal approach to the scriptures and his attacks on evolution and higher criticism of the Bible. Hugh B Brown is a speech to students says the church is not so interested whether they have views that are either orthodox or unorthodox but that they had ideas. McConkie tells Eugene England that he is there to teach and it is England's role is to listen. Benson is sent to Europe to get him out of the way because of his political activities.