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  1. There seems to be so much internal conflict and debate over the Book of Abraham. Hauglid agreed with some of the work done by Dan Vogel. Blake Ostler has some negative comment about Vogel and others on Faith Promoting Rumor. What surprised me was some of the potty language. . I expected a blast against the paper by Kelan. He attends church with his wife. He said "I'm nobody of any significance and I make no personal claims of authority or scholarship; I just thought a good way to illustrate the problems with the Book of Abraham would be to insert my notes directly into the text of the essay to underscore how fundamentally deceptive even the most official apologetics can be."
  2. If the revelation approach was adopted what does one do with the interpretations of the facsimiles?Everything is changing so much that apologetic writings are becoming redundant.
  3. Terry Givens has taken a different approach to the issue of the Book of Abraham
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/11/science/camels-had-no-business-in-genesis.html#targetText=The archaeologists%2C Erez Ben-Yosef,David%2C according to the Bible. https://www.academia.edu/6300284/Comment_on_Camels
  5. How much evidence is there that Abraham even ever existed? The use of camels is considered an anachronism. I saw an apologetic book on this area of the Bible whose author used that catch phase ""Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence," The author suggested that originally it was "donkeys" that Abraham used but it was not considered right that the patriarch should be riding a donkey. As well as the problem with camels Finkelstein writes "an even more telling detail the camel caravan carryig "gum balm and myrrh" in the Joseph story reveals an obvious familiarity with the main products of the lucrative Arabian trade that flourished under the supervision of the Assyrian empire in the eighth- seventh centuries B.C.E. " p.37.
  6. This is a point by point response to the Gospel Topics Essay on the Book of Abraham https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LogowrocK8t2X9R-oXAUyte2Dg654Kjt40qOhleGrdc/edit Why did Smith take so long to produce the book to be eventually published in the Times and Seasons? It gave him plenty of time to research Josephus and Book of Jasher and Clarke's Bible comments.
  7. If they did hire that person they would be hiring someone who questioned carbon dating and tree rings for determining age
  8. Would BYU employ a biology professor if he or she has numerous publications in Creation Science Journals ?
  9. Would Ritner be concerned if he became aware of Gee's apologetic writings before he got his PHd.? If his student is publishing material on the BOA which in the eyes of many other Egyptologists is dead wrong would that not affect his reputation as a member of the committee granting him the PHd.
  10. The question did Smith get his ideas in the Book of Abraham from sources readily available to him.
  11. It is also unprofessional to spread rumors about the sexuality of one's critics if you do not like their critique of one's work.
  12. Interesting paper on the gospel topic essay on the Book of Abraham, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LogowrocK8t2X9R-oXAUyte2Dg654Kjt40qOhleGrdc/edit
  13. When one does a search on Google scholar the majority of entries are in Mormon apologetic publications. One can find entries relating to subjects nothing to do with the Book of Abraham just like I imagine LDS in the BYU archaeology dept write on the Mayan without mentioning the Book of Mormon.
  14. As head of a department in the field they must have been aware of any articles Gee had published.
  15. An Egyptologist told me "Dr. Gee is not claimed or supported by Dr. Ritner in any way. And in the larger field, Dr. Gee is not an Egyptologist with any weight. I repeat, Dr. Gee is not an Egyptologist with ANY weight in our field.?
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