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  1. Israel Finkelstein in The Bible Unearthed calls it The Failed Search for the Historical Abraham. p.33.
  2. "Today, 18 years on, armed with cutting-edge dating and molecular technologies, archaeologists increasingly agree with Herzog that generally, the Bible does not reflect historical truths. But the jury's out on several key issues, and at least some stories have been bolstered by actual discoveries, for instance, in the copper mines of Timna, the mysterious powerful fort of Qeiyafa, and in Jerusalem itself." https://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/MAGAZINE-is-the-bible-a-true-story-latest-archaeological-finds-yield-surprises-1.5626647
  3. A FB friend who has studied in the area said this when I shared the discussion with them. "Looks nutty to me. . . . Egypt was founded (if by "founded" you mean the kingdom of Upper Egypt defeated and annexed the kingdom of the delta region) by a warring pharaoh (Narmer) long before the time period of Noah's Flood. Noah's Flood's time is right in the middle of the Old Kingdom which was totally unaffected by it. It's very possible that some common themes in Egyptian religion (resurrection) may have been the historical basis of what became aspects of Christianity, but wild parallelism doesn't interest me."
  4. Jefferson's wife Martha had asked him not to marry again if she died. If Sally had married Jefferson then she would slept in his bed and not in some recently uncovered little room. Amazing after all the attacks on Brodie from historians even Mormon ones accept the facts on the relationship.
  5. Where do Michael Coe and Dr Ritner fit in these categories. Coe has done a couple of articles and interviews on MS. Ritner had some articles and a book on the BOA. When one looks at his cv his work in 99% of the time nothing to do with Mormonism.
  6. Both Michael Quinn and Dan Vogel visited him at his home where he was able to share material. He according to reports tried to convert them. I am sure he would not favor my current position as a progressive christian with doubts about the soul and historicity of the early Old Testament.
  7. It is interesting that you mention Wesley Walters. For an anti-Mormon he sure gets referenced a lot in Rough Stone Rolling. It was interesting that Nibley's article on the apostasy had been critiqued by an LDS scholar Petrey. If anyone is interested I can upload the letters. They are all on one file.
  8. It is interesting you mention Wesley Walters now. I read that paper by Mormon scholar Dr Petrey on Hugh Nibley's article in Church History where he critiqued Nibley's standards. It prompted me to retrieve a letter Walters sent to me in 1972 where he responded in seven typed pages on various issues in Nibley's paper. I sent a copy to Dr Petrey. and hope he might respond.
  9. In the printing picture do you notice any chisel marks above the 'slave" Anubis head. Google images of Anubis show two ears. You notice a rough markings on the head on the right side of the one ear?
  10. Merry Christmas. A pic of my wife's Christmas gift to me. It is a device for older guys like me for putting our socks on which normally can be difficult. Now I am armed for old age sock horn long shoe horn and long shower brush.
  11. Doesn't the fact that the name "Hor" appears both on fac 1 and the Book of Breathings indicate that they thought that was the Book of Abraham (or pretended was)?
  12. I suppose one could be explanation could be Fac 3. The "Prince" and the "Slave" are holding onto the "waiter " because he is angry that"Abraham'" complained about the service. Does anyone have evidence that in this facsimile Abraham is discussing astronomy. Did Smith have access to information or legends in Josephus's writings "“For whereas the Egyptians were formerly addicted to different customs, and despised one another’s sacred and accustomed rites, and were very angry one with another on that account, Abram conferred with each of them. … He communicated to them arithmetic, and delivered to them the science of astronomy; for, before Abram came into Egypt, they were unacquainted with those parts of learning; for that science came from the Chaldeans into Egypt, and from thence to the Greeks also” (Antiquities of the Jews 1.8.2).""
  13. Just a point on the facsimile 3. Why are the "Prince" and "slave" holding onto the "waiter". Did Abraham complain about the service? Paul Osbourne (aka Shulem ) has shown from the printer's plate that the nose on anubis/slave has been chiseled out. When you look at it closely why is Shulem's face curved inward. Have you see the plate ? https://book-of-abraham-facsimile-no-3.my-free.website/ I am open to any other plausible explanation.
  14. Chris Smith gave me permission to post a message he sent me. I was asking him about the issue of positivism. "Yeah, I got into an argument about this with Alan Goff a few years ago. He's using positivism as a synonym for unreflective naturalism. Dan may or may not be a positivism in that sense, but truth be told I could really care less, because naturalism happens to be the correct philosophy, so if Dan is an unreflective naturalist then good for him for stumbling into a fruitful way of thinking."
  15. Will the longer scroll argument for the Book of Abraham ever bee settled.?
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