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  1. I have a very very strong testimony, but I definitely don't fit the mold of a "peter priesthood" type. While remaining temple worthy, I do not (and in some senses cannot) conform to the ideals of "Mormon culture", a lot of which simply don't work in my own life. In some ways, I do my own thing within the bounds of temple worthiness, which is why living in a small and isolated Texas ward suits me well. I find that I am often very vexing to both Mormons who are very conservative and religious as well as Mormons who are very liberal and secular.
  2. I have always understood the gospel to teach that you can (and will actually have a responsibility to) visit family and/or friends in lower kingdoms. D&C 76 is strong evidence for this, and states that you will actually have a responsibility to take care of those in lower kingdoms. This "isolated for eternity" doom and gloom sounds like really depressing personal opinion in direct conflict with scripture (D&C 76).
  3. You don't have to be remotely near perfect! Just live worthy for your temple recommend and you will be fine.
  4. My understanding is that the standard for being exalted is essentially the standard for living temple worthy, assuming you have received the necessary ordinances. These are not very stringent or mystical standards. I think those who are being perfectionistic to an unhealthy level need to read the Pauline Epistles and remember we are saved by grace, not works.
  5. I may have my theological disagreements with my Mennonite friends, but I very much respect their love and devotion to Christ.
  6. I have done it occasionally in the past. That said, I am not really receptive to door to door contact. I am a very private person and I do not like the loss of control inherent in inviting strangers in. I have exhaustively done my own research on Catholicism, protestantism, Islam, and atheism, including reading their own missionary materials, and came out with a much stronger testimony of the Church. But I have honestly examined other religions to see if there is anything more true there than the Church. I have said the sinners prayer, prayed for the gift of tongues, prayed about the Quran, deeply thought about atheism, and delved into Catholicism. And every time all roads led me to the conclusion that the Church is true. I didn't want to knock doors on my mission, because I felt it was invading others privacy. However, it appears to be the best way of reaching some, so I put a lot of my negative feelings aside and did it.
  7. I don't have a problem with gaming. I do it once a week, on Saturday night, after my daughter has gone to bed, for a few hours. Time limits and confining gaming to low priority times of the day are key. I think excessive gaming is a lot like watching excessive TV. The big difference is, society is so used to so many people who rot in front of the TV all day that no one really cares anymore, whereas gaming is less familiar and seems scarier. But I don't think gaming is evil or addictive per se the way drugs and pornography are evil and addictive.
  8. Haven't been to tithing settlement in years! I just pay the tithing and tell my Bishop I am a full tithe payer at temple recommend interviews. Apparently no one cares.
  9. If evolution is true, then I'll be a monkey's uncle
  10. Middle Way sounds pretty good to me. I feel a little uncomfortable around both those who are too liberal regarding the Church AND those who are too conservative (or at least those who loudly proclaim their viewpoints either way and are judgmental about it). I feel best around middle of the road Mormons who are believing and trying but who aren't weird about it.
  11. Greetings! First, I am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I will keep you in my prayers. Second, I don't know if this will make you feel better or not (and my wife hates it when I make statistical observations to try to help others feel better), but 5 year survival rates are simply how many people who get a type of cancer are still alive after five years. The 17% are those who have died from any cause, not just cancer - so a person who was diagnosed with cancer and then died of a heart attack within five years would be counted in the 17% of those who did not survive. Now, given that your cancer is primarily diagnosed in much older individuals, that 83% may be skewed low because of older individuals being diagnosed with the cancer and then dying from other causes (e.g., old age, heart disease, etc.) Basically, the odds of beating this cancer are higher - probably much higher - than 83%. So, it seems to me your chances are at least 90%, if not much higher, of being just fine. I agree with @katherine the great - you have every reason to expect many years ahead. Anyhow, I don't know if this helps make you feel better, but is more of a reason to be hopeful.
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