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  1. tulip

    Saints Manual - Word of Wisdom

    Advisory or commandment, the prophets should have obeyed the counsel in the revelation. None of these prophets would receive a temple recommend today.
  2. tulip

    Saints Manual - Word of Wisdom

    It was a commandment and then it was switched to advisory, but you think the prophet would have obeyed it the best. In the Joseph Smith papers, it also says that he drank beer in Nauvoo. I believe in the Book of Mormon, but Joseph sure was a hypocrite of a leader.
  3. Saints Manual - Chapter 15 When Joseph took the matter to the Lord, he received a revelation—a “word of wisdom for the benefit of the Saints in these last days.”26 In it, the Lord cautioned His people against consuming alcohol, declaring that distilled liquor was for washing their bodies while wine was for occasions like the sacrament. He also warned them against tobacco and hot drinks. The Lord emphasized a healthy diet, encouraging the Saints to eat grains, herbs, and fruits and to consume meat sparingly. He promised blessings of health, knowledge, and strength to those who chose to obey.27 The revelation had been declared not as a commandment but as a caution. Many people would find it hard to give up using these powerful substances, and Joseph did not insist on strict conformity. He continued to drink alcohol occasionally, and he and Emma sometimes drank coffee and tea.28 Church admits that Joseph Smith did not follow the word of wisdom. What do you think?
  4. Jeff Flake supports Fidel Castro and the Cuba regime. Flake lies about everything!
  5. tulip

    EQP now over Ward mission leader?

    EQP should be called the Moving Quorum President. The keys to his truck is what he needs. 😄
  6. tulip

    Speculations for General Conference

    Just more ministering talks. I can't even go the third hour anymore since it is ministering every week. Can we please have lesson about something else?
  7. if women are willing to sacrifice, most can stay home with their children. if they want new large homes, fancy large cars, and exotic vacations, they will need to work.
  8. The church is going along with the globalist narrative now. All people should work.
  9. I am an active church going member. I have a calling. Nice of you to jump to conclusions. I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I however do not agree with the church doing whatever they want to do. They should follow laws just like everyone else.
  10. tulip

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    with all this money, can we hire some janitors!
  11. tulip

    Was Tithing Used to Fund City Creek?

    Brigham Young used tithing as his personal piggy bank to pay for his 55 wives. So yes the prophets can do wrong.
  12. tulip

    Was Tithing Used to Fund City Creek?

    There are malls in Salt Lake City.
  13. tulip

    Was Tithing Used to Fund City Creek?

    The problem is that the church is competing against private individuals and companies. If you owned a store and the church built one right next to your store would that be good? No, they would put you out of business since they have financial clout.