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  1. Romney always bashing somebody. Just retire Romney!
  2. They told us that Scouting was the activity arm of the priesthood. I guess they changed their minds.
  3. This should have happened when gays and transgender were let in. The church lost its moral authority by staying with the crowd. I stopped supporting Boy Scouts with their moral decay started. It is embarrassing that the apostles just figured this out.
  4. tulip

    The Demise of Scouting

    It can't be the activity arm of the priesthood with these changes.
  5. tulip

    RS & Priesthood Topic List is now available

    6 months of ministering lessons is overkill. I will definitely skip out on some of these.
  6. tulip

    church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    Church businesses pay tithing to the church. They pay on the profit of the business(not the revenue).
  7. Brigham Young was divorced at least ten times. Good proof that many women did not like polygamy. He would court women in one room while he ignored his wives in the other room.
  8. Polygamy was the worst thing the church ever did. There were equal number of men and women at the time. Just like polygamists today, the young men were chased out of the town so the old men could have plural wives. Brigham Young being the worst of the worst.