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  1. No, you said "That seems to be the interpretation of that phrase." Not "how some people interpret it," but "the interpretation," simpliciter. I'm not arguing with you about what you meant; you obviously know what you meant, and I have no reason to disbelieve you. But after saying that, then you immediately added: "It’s too bad he included that as I see the rest of what is quoted to be really good." It's too bad he included - what? Please note that for the small and dwindling band of believing Latter-day Saints in this forum, we don't have prophets and apostles to tell us what we could find out just by agreeing with the prevailing winds of society. We have prophets and apostles to keep us in the strait and narrow path. Poster removed: another insult
  2. You're right, I've wandered a bit far from the topic. Here's something that's a bit back on track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_vubr3Y0tU Be aware that the language is a little bit salty in some places. This is a salty provocative rant without a shred of documentation and we believe you do think it is "on track." You are done here.
  3. No. Satan doesn't tempt anyone to be anything. Satan tempts people to do things. There is a difference, you know.
  4. It sounds like two good talks. What sort of chatter are you seeing?
  5. Okay, I went looking, and couldn't find what I was looking for. All I can say is that I remember reading it, somewhere, and was rather surprised.
  6. I always admire the faith some people have in future scientific advances. But this: Demonstrates, yet again, that "equality" as used by the LGBT-whatever movement, is just a slogan. How cruel of nature, to "discriminate" against people who don't have the right chromosomes!
  7. From one of your quotes: My first thought when reading this was that this person had seen the original Shrek movie recently. "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make." (Lord Farquaad.) My second thought was that I've seen similar sentiments right here. A bit depressing, that.
  8. There are certain words that tend to be trigger words around here. Suffice it to say that I'm referring to certain groups who seem to think that the suffering of women should be the only concern, such as when they claim that wars are really fought to give men the excuse to rape lots of women.
  9. For the delight and edification of anyone who actually cares, to put words into someone else's mouth does not mean to suggest an alternative phrasing that would be more accurate. See this page: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/put+words+in+mouth Ironically, those who wishfully assume that the SP's apology means that he thinks he shouldn't have withdrawn the lady's Temple Recommend may themselves be the ones putting words in someone else's mouth. And can anyone actually cite a single word I've written that, by any reasonable construction, comes within a light year of smearing a female poster? Feminist dudgeon. If you think that is acceptable and you want to argue about it you are leaving the thread.
  10. I know this. In fact, I rather clearly and explicitly said that they were not. The line immediately before the one that triggered your artificial indignation reads: To more accurately represent the true state of affairs, your statement above should read something like this: What does the word "should" mean to you, ALarson? The fact is, ALarson, that you didn't point anything out. You made an argument, based upon an assumption about what was in the SP's mind at the time he wrote the email, but which was not found in the words thereof. The only "dishonest dialogue" I can see is the attempt to smuggle your interpretation into someone else's words. What, exactly, was dishonest about it? Okay. I won't. And, as you know, I haven't yet.
  11. Her behaviour wasn't merely "annoying," it was destructive. Make no mistake. And, just BTW, who says that her ex and the alleged "other woman" were the "wrongdoers?" Well, she does. I'm not quite sure how to break it to you, but her word doesn't exactly carry a lot of credibility any more. The alleged "emotional affair." The thing is that she was trying to get the members of the ward to take sides with her, and thus socially isolate her ex. Such behaviour is utterly reprehensible and cannot be tolerated. Now Tacenda, I realise that we've got a major bit of feminist dudgeon going on here. Well, it happens that one of the victims of her systematic smear campaign was a woman. Who's going to speak up for her? Do not smear female posters. Do not put words in other poster's mouth.
  12. Just like when you go to court. The party representing him/herself as aggrieved doesn't get to deliver the verdict or hand down the sentence.
  13. Yes, that seems to be the way she's trying to dramatise it.
  14. "Pointed out" means that you are drawing attention to something non-controversial. Which, as you know, you are not. To more accurately represent the true state of affairs, your statement above should read something like this: "And I argued that apparently the SP's words can be interpreted in a way that disagrees with you" I'm not doubting his word. I'm doubting your interpretation of his word. There's a difference. Are you really incapable of seeing it? Indeed. His word doesn't include anything like "I shouldn't have taken away your Temple Recommend." Because, after all, he really should have. Furthermore, given the fact that Tiercy wasn't at any stage trying to engage with him in good faith, the apology is unmerited.
  15. One of the things about the repentance process is that it is a process, and it takes time. It's not just a matter of ticking off items on a list. Sometimes you have to pick your moment to try to make amends. One of the things about divorces is that there are two parties involved. I rather suspect that both of them have reasons to regard themselves as "an offended party." Of course the only version of events that anyone's heard is her version, but the one absolute certainty is that it isn't the whole story.