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  1. Does anyone actually consider what it takes to be classified as "LGBTQ-etc."? I mean, what actually takes place in that relationship to create this situation? In other words, what do these people do, SPECIFICALLY, that makes them somehow 'perverted'? Just think about that for a couple of minutes, okay? Right. Now, go enjoy your dinner.....
  2. You don't look all that old. What's your secret?
  3. I did inherit the 116 SHEETS (not PAGES). I did perform some rather risky feats to secure them, and I understand that most Church members do not use manipulation and cajolery in their daily business. Excuse me, but: 1. I am still a new member, and some of the ways I do things have not 'rubbed off' yet. 2. It worked, and none of it was your money, so it's none of your business how I got it done.
  4. What story? What is a salamander letter? I know who hoffman was: a thieving, murdering pile of crap. What does that have to do with my Dad (FYI: 1935-2014)?
  5. It wasn't a post about women. It was humor. Period. However, if you think it will increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex to act all outraged at me, go ahead. It doesn't cost me anything.
  6. I dunno. Consider the corollary: In my house we had four cats, two dogs, one pet bird, twenty chickens, 8 sheep, four goats, four humans. Only one of them was male. I'm pretty sure that much estrogen can cause at least as many suicides as testosterone can homicides....
  7. My ancestors had it pretty good, too. They hunted and fished all day, drank and smoked dope all night; the Women did all the work, and the Children were kept quiet at all times. The you white men showed up and thought you could improve that system.....
  8. Wasn't even thinking about the date, but yes, it was just a joke. Thanks for that link, though. There's a ton of good stuff in there that a new guy can use..
  9. LOL. I really did raise sheep and goats, but I never actually got that much production......
  10. Let me point out some thoughts on the issue that I have not seen here, nor most anywhere else: 1. Who in their right mind would want 10 or 20 wives? Ron Sherwood, my first sponsor, asked me back in 1996 to go and speak at a women's prison in Arkansas; 476 women, all doing long-term prison sentences. My first reaction was that it sounded like a REALLY great idea for a service project, and that I could probably help out 476 women who had not had a man in their midst for several years. My second reaction was exactly the same as my first reaction. Unfortunately, due to the McClintock Effect, when we got there they were all in the throes of PMS, and the welcome I received was not as warm as what I had expected. 2. Moses was one smart man. He decreed that all women should go and live in special housing several hundred yards away from the rest of the population, for 4 days before and 3 days after (My numbers could be off by 1) their monthly cycles. THAT, my friends, would make for one VERY calm environment. Not to mention the decrease in PMS-related homicides. 3. Why on earth would anyone want to support more than one Wife? In this day and age, with credit so easy to obtain, try to imagine 20 Wives, each with a purse full of credit cards, and ALL with you as the legally responsible financial party. If just the thought of that does give you the shivers, you might want to forego the "Word of Wisdom" and just take up drinking heavily. 4. I used to raise sheep and goats. I had one ram (that's a boy sheep for you city folks) and one billy (boy goat), 16 ewes and 12 nannys. They each delivered twins almost every time, so on average, I had 2 lambs and 2 goatlings to sell every month, and got to eat lamb chops, rack-of-lamb, and leg-of-lamb constantly. As long as I didn't run out of mint jelly, life was pretty rosy. Some of you may have already deduced the corollary, however. But for those haven't, let me put it in simple terms: If one did have 20 Wives, and are forbidden by Almighty God to sell OR eat the extra Children (most of the Wives would also object), how long before we'd be forced, in order to protect our sanity, to simply run away from home. 5. However, all of those reasons pale in comparison to the most important one: My Prophet told me not to. If he decides to change that and wants my opinion, I'm sure he can find my number. Until then, I'll stick with the one God gave me. She's beautiful, devout, healthy, smart, skinny, and was born 10 months AFTER my last day in combat. I should mention that I was not allowed to actually have contact with any of these 476 women, moods notwithstanding, so I ate with a couple of guards on one side of the cafeteria, while all of those women glared daggers at us from across the room. Ron Sherwood (now deceased) came in and waved the guards away from the table, and took my picture. I was somewhat flattered with the idea that he thought so much of my willingness to serve that he wanted to immortalize that photographically. Sometime on the drive back I realized what that miserable SOB really wanted was a picture of me eating alone in a Women's prison.
  11. You are correct. Those papers belong to the Church, and they are none of your business, as I am certain you are not one of the 15 men who will make the decision as to what is to be done with them. Until I can openly transport them without fear of going to jail, or having some foil-hat moron trash me for my decisions, they are secured to their rightful owners. What remains of this matter? Artifacts and heirlooms which are MINE, and which are also none of your business. If you wanted to file a complaint or a suggestion, you should have joined the "Let's support Dan Judd while he spends his money and risks his freedom securing something which we have not been able to find for over 180 years" club. You did not do so. Please accept my cordial invitation to mind your own business. You are also right in your statement that, "No one is going to finance any part of this except me". So far no one has, including you, either as regards those papers, or any artifacts which have come my way, now or in the future. The people who have done more to secure those papers AND those artifacts are not even members of the Church. Why? Because I cannot trust you.
  12. Thanks, but until July of 2021, I'm still s--t out of luck. The other way was more funny, though....Thanks!
  13. Nope. These SHEETs were quite a bit larger than current writing paper size. The first 88 and the 2 illustrations were about 8" by 17-18" and on heavier, better quality paper than the other 26. Those were the same width, but a little longer. Every time we handled them a little dust would crumbled off the sides, so they could have been maybe 0.2" wider when new. I have no way of knowing that, since everyone who was involved is dead, except my Dad's half-Sister, whose mind is shot and all she ever knew them by was "The Mormon Box".
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