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  1. I'm curious; maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but what exactly did this guy do?
  2. oklds

    The "Heartland Theory" (?)

    Not on the text, no. I refuse to release that in any format. Two reasons: First, what if it's wrong? I'm NOT gonna be the one who spreads false doctrine based on documents which have not been proven to be Scripture. Second, if it's real, I'm not gonna have any of that foil-hat crowd transcribing those sheets and publishing their own "Book of Lehi". After it was reported that a General Authority named Bruce Porter had inspected the 116 and declared them authentic in 12/2016, 8 or 10 people came to my home trying to get (pleading, threatening, cajoling) me to give them copies of the sheets. I never actually spoke with Elder Porter, and never saw any report from him, so cannot verify that part of it. At that time, I did not even know what a General Authority was. As far as proving authenticity, I believe I may pretty close. One of three artifacts recovered from map #2 (which contains sufficient data to locate current location, which has been done) is a small coin, about 2,100 (+/- 80) years old. The coin, as such, is insignificant, but a metallurgical analysis was done by one of my Dad's friends at JPL. Mostly copper, a little iron; pretty standard stuff. What makes that coin significant is that it contains traces of elements endemic to North America. There are others in the same jar which are much older. I believe that particular artifact which Thomas recovered from that site proves the authenticity of those sheets. I also think there are details contained in map #1 (which I cannot correlate to any current georef), which will shed light on all this 'meso-America stuff. Get it? That coin, along with a jar of others, was minted (images on both sides) in North America in the first century B.C. I could be wrong, but I ain't.
  3. oklds

    The "Heartland Theory" (?)

    Short answer: No. Long Answer: I have a couple of maps, both drawn by Joseph Smith himself. I also have several artifacts which came from those map locations. I also have 114 other sheets of written text, mostly written by his Wife from his dictation. You may have heard of them. None of that changes my opinion of the Book of Mormon either.
  4. I'm not even sure this is a real thing, but if someone has heard of it, would you be so good as to explain it to me, please? Thanks very much, Dan
  5. oklds


    I find myself in need of a videographer for a project in the eastern Colorado/western Nebraska area, for approximately 2 weeks, perhaps as long as 2 months. Anybody know someone who can meet these qualifications:1. Temple-worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder (active Temple Recommend)2. Capable of walking for up to 15 miles, if necessary3. Notarized NDA.4. Tent residence for up to 4 days (and nights)5. Not claustrophobic6. Clean background and drug-freePluses:1. Former military, preferably Marine Corps or Army. Combat experience is exceptional2. Spelunking or mining experience3. Heavy equipment operation (backhoe and/or dozer)Please contact me at [email protected]
  6. oklds

    Last Movie You Watched

    I'm just gonna stick with Harry Potter. If I can ever get that cruciatus curse to work, you people better start treating me nice!