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  1. Videographer

    I find myself in need of a videographer for a project in the eastern Colorado/western Nebraska area, for approximately 2 weeks, perhaps as long as 2 months. Anybody know someone who can meet these qualifications:1. Temple-worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder (active Temple Recommend)2. Capable of walking for up to 15 miles, if necessary3. Notarized NDA.4. Tent residence for up to 4 days (and nights)5. Not claustrophobic6. Clean background and drug-freePluses:1. Former military, preferably Marine Corps or Army. Combat experience is exceptional2. Spelunking or mining experience3. Heavy equipment operation (backhoe and/or dozer)Please contact me at dan@oklds.com
  2. Last Movie You Watched

    I'm just gonna stick with Harry Potter. If I can ever get that cruciatus curse to work, you people better start treating me nice!
  3. Mormon Leaks

    I'm a new convert, and kinda stupid, but don't we already have one?