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  1. According to me? Again I'm not part of this story. I only shared what I read on FB here. Again I have nothing to do with this story other than posting the OP. Listen just before hamba's post I was ready to ask the moderators to lock it down. I really don't understand Why so many are upset with me for expressing disappointment.
  2. Again I fail to see how I have anything to do with this church employees actions. Diverting attention away from the subject and directing it towards me is the actual "nice dodge".
  3. When did this thread become about me? FWIW, yes I'm honest, I value honesty, have I ever been dishonest? Yes, I'm far from perfect. Am I employed by the church and required to hold a temple recommend where in I have to answer in the affirmative that I am honest in all of my dealings in order to hold my job? No. But again I don't see what any of this has to do with me? Am I wrong to hold a church employee to his vowe of honesty in his capacity as a representative of the church or to be disappointed when he discloses that he was being dishonest while in church employment?
  4. I fail to see how my personal life has anything to do with whether or not it is appropriate for a church employee to use less than honest means to achieve his goals of discovering who NNN is? So maybe you can help me understand what one has to do with the other. I'm not side stepping your question I just don't know why it related to the topic.
  5. And if he is being truthful then what? Do you still condone his dishonest means used to acquire the information?
  6. I'm rather surprised so many posters are supporting the dishonest behavior of the church employee. It seems hypocritical to me that they support us using dishonest means just because our enemies use dishonest means. It's a slippery slope when we allow compromises in our standards just so we can keep up with our enemies.
  7. I posted earlier the one TR question that comes into play here, are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man? This is the standard we're expected to live our lives by, if it no longer applies when working for the church then the church should say so so that the rest of us can live dishonest lives as well. It either means something or it does not. By allowing an employee to use dishonest means to achieve its ends the church has undermined its own moral authority.
  8. By your standard a church employee wouldn't qualify for a temple recommend and would lose his job. I accept that it is a tough spot the church is in, but does that warrant compromising our standard? If it does help me understand why? And then lets add those examples to our lesson manuals so that all members can be taught to compromise their standards when in a similar situation.
  9. I'm having a problem accepting that a church employee should, with tacit approval from the church, be using the same sleazy methods as our enemies. Is it wrong of me to expect more from the church and its employees? Does this question not also apply to church employees when conducting business for the church? Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen? Or are church employees held to a lower standard when working for the church?
  10. Are you suggesting that church employees should be held to the same standards as private eyes or law enforcement officers? I don't know, I kind of always thought that the church was better than this and should be held to a higher Celestial standard. Maybe that's why I'm having a difficult time with this.
  11. It's a difficult one and I too have mixed feelings. I completely understand why the church needs to protect itself and it's sad that we've gotten to the state of affairs where the church feels the need to give a wink wink to fight its enemies. maybe that's just where we've had to go, I don't know. Its a sad state of affairs. I want to add, that I don't think the church did anything illegal, its just getting a little mud on itself were any of this to go viral.
  12. Button Gwinnett

    Moses Chapter 6

    While some may, I don't. I can speak only for myself and not the church at large.
  13. The church employee created an online false identity in order to garner the favor with former members of the church in order to gain personal information on NNN. I suggest you read the link I provided in my OP. I don't believe anyone has suggested that the church employee did anything illegal, however they did use dishonesty, lies and deceit to accomplish his goals, none of which are very Christ like. But maybe this is what's its come to.
  14. I make no excuses for what Mr. Norton has done. But does anything he's done justify using methods some would equate as similar i.e. Lies, false identities & manipulation of people to get information on his identity?
  15. You'd have to ask him why. All I know is that he seems to have upset folks on both sides. Since the church will never admit to any of this, all we have to go on is his word. If you don't find him credible then don't believe him. As for me, He seems credible but then I also take it all with a grain of salt. Yeah just never know with these stories.