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  1. I grew up in a very mormon household. Out of six siblings (including myself) only two are still in and I suspect that one of those has one foot out the door. My parents are still TBM.
  2. not on Reddit. You have to create an ad, chose the subreddits you want to show it in, and await approval.
  3. I can't say right now. but I promise you that I wish I could
  4. why are you using such a small sample size to make that kind of extrapolation? If it were the reverse and lets say that the document was the same time period and there were 100 cases and an exmormon extrapolated that, you would call them out and be right for doing so.
  5. One update for all here. In the wiki page I made a note that in the last case on page two the missionary was serving in a non-mandatory reporting state and his home state is a mandatory reporting state. The part about his home state is true, however, there is some indication that my initial research into the state he is serving in is incorrect. As soon as I confirm it, I will edit the wiki, but it appears that he was serving in a mandatory reporting state.
  6. This is patently false. We did not carefully select this, nor did the source. There was no timing on our part either. I can't speak for the source, they gave us the green light Sunday night. They did not explicitly tell me why so I suppose they could have been wanting to time it with all that is going on with Sam, but with what I know about the source, I don't think that is what triggered it. The source is considering coming forward in a couple of weeks so we may be able to shed more light on what happened behind the scenes, but your assumption is 100% false.
  7. No. He did not access the network. Also, I have said in many interviews that we don't concern ourselves with how the documents were obtained. Sources are fully responsible for that and must take whatever precautions they need to in that regard. This is no different than any other media outlet
  8. No. We do not encourage people to steal documents or break NDAs. If they do, they have done it on their own. I even once had someone tell me they has a small window of time where they could access one of the main COB networks and asked if I wanted him to do it. I told him no. We are a media resource that offers people an outlet for them to share documents that they think are in the public's interest. It is no different than someone sending something to the Tribune or NYT, etc. We will never satisfy active Mormons (literally the only people who criticize the website). I gave up trying a while ago. it is what it is.
  9. I don't know the rate of people leaving but I can offer some additional anectdotal evidence of closet non-believers. I have several COB employee sources I that communicate with regularly....some very high up. I also have several former employee sources who spent entire careers there. Every single one of them tell me they know tons of people faking it there are there is a whole bunch of winking and nodding going on in the hallways among those that know of each other.
  10. At least they are in certain situations.... https://mormonleaks.io/wiki/documents/d/d8/Area_Council_Meeting_Minutes_-_January-2016-02-10.pdf Refer to page 4, number 5. This is directed at missionary worthiness interviews which would be, at best, 17 year olds. This post is not about Sam. I think it is ok to think he is wasting his time. This is for the people I have seen here who have claimed that local leaders are not taught to ask these questions. Cheers.
  11. I agree and support Sam in his overall cause. I don't think it is any leader's business to ask a minor if they have broken the law of chastity in any way. If it were up to me, the youth would be given access to a list of standards to be temple worthy and then the bishop would ask if they reviewed the standards and if they think they are temple worthy. Additionally, if a minor does come to a bishop to confess a sin regarding the law of chastity, they should either say it is between them and the lord or send them to an LDS counselor (if they can't talk to their parents) The neighborhood CPA should not be guiding minors through the repentance process for sexual 'sins' HAVING SAID THAT>>>>> I agree with those that express disagreement with the hunger strike. I think that it is a foolish move that will accomplish nothing. I don't begrudge Sam for doing it. I don't think he is bad for doing it. I just think he is misguided. All the church has to do is wait him out for a couple of days and it is all over. And the members can easily attack him for being a 'crazy anti-mormon' This needed change will only happen when the general membership demands it. He should stick with sharing the stories and trying to get the general membership to see it the way he sees it. The corporate fat cats don't care what he wants and are not going to change anything because he is hungry.
  12. So god sent a rainbow and promised there would never be another local flood??
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