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  1. It isn't what I would do. I say let them be. I have faith in the free market of ideas
  2. I can't speak on the movement as a whole as I do think there are some troll accounts out there, but I personally know two people who are active in the deznat conversations on twitter. They are on the very devout end of the mormon spectrum. They are extremely conservative. They genuinely think that Donald Trump is the greatest president in modern history. They believe that anything LGBTQ is a result of satan's influence, including any softening or appearance of softening from the church. They are very much scriptural literalists. They go to church every Sunday. They hate the church's new gun policy and they don't like that the November policy was rescinded. This is a basic rundown of the types of people they are. I often see people claiming this movement is fake and manufactured by trolls and I cringe, because it is real on some level.
  3. Fail in the title of the article means 'did not'. Most people, when told about felony sex abuse, contact the authorities, including the church in states where they are required to to. The church has even made statements that they work with authorities when their clergy learn of abuse There was nothing legally stopping them in this case from reporting and they chose not to. We asked them 7 days ago to comment on why and they have not responded.
  4. 13 states have no exemption at all for clergy. The rest of the states either have a full exemption or a hybrid one like Utah.
  5. I grew up in a very mormon household. Out of six siblings (including myself) only two are still in and I suspect that one of those has one foot out the door. My parents are still TBM.
  6. not on Reddit. You have to create an ad, chose the subreddits you want to show it in, and await approval.
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