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  1. Abortion

    Much thanks, Bill! Very well said, and it is appreciated!
  2. Abortion

    Hey, much thanks! I don't have issues of the Ensign from way back in '87, so thank goodness for lds.org, right? It's appreciated.
  3. Abortion

  4. Abortion

    Not a problem at all, Bill. Just looking for answers. As I advised ALarson, hopefully this could get placed in the appropriate forum. And yes, my Elders and Sisters are always welcomed at my place. Thank you for the explanation!
  5. Abortion

    Much thanks ALarson. Hopefully this topic can get moved to a more appropriate forum.
  6. Abortion

    I truly and sincerely appreciate your reply and perspective on this.
  7. Abortion

    It's the only place that this message board would allow me to post. I wanted to post it in the appropriate forum but the site won't allow me to. Again, I'm not bashing my Church, but am seeking answers.
  8. Abortion

    Just a few honest questions about the LDS Church and abortions. If a member of the LDS Church has an abortion, where does the spirit or soul of the aborted child go? Does the aborted child float somewhere up there until they've been sealed? Can the aborted child be sealed? What if the parent or parents of the aborted child try to hide the abortion? Can they get a Temple Recommend while concealing the abortion and still be sealed while trying to hide the abortion? If those with knowledge of the abortion and haven't disclosed their absolute 'fact of knowledge' and they proceed to obtain a Temple Recommend, are they allowed to participate in various Church and Temple functions? If they've failed to disclose knowledge of the abortion, is everything they've done in the Temple after obtaining a Temple Recommend and performed Temple ceremonies null and void and without effect? What about those in Church (Stake Leaders, Bishops, and others in the local Ward, members, etc.) who are aware of this who've failed to disclose knowledge of an abortion? Can they be penalized for not reporting this, including Family Patriarchs who have active knowledge of their own childrens' participation in abortions? I realize that these may seem to be loaded questions, but to this day in late 2017, the Elders and Sisters have been unable to answer these questions thus far. Their general answers are that, "Well, everyone is a sinner, everyone makes mistakes, all can be forgiven, and... pray to Heavenly Father about it and He will lead you to the answer", but they then refer me to the articles provided by Church leadership which don't answer any of these questions. Personally, I know of one person on planet earth who deserves to know that he or she has an aborted half brother or half sister somewhere out there. This is not a knock on the Church, nor am I trying to be antagonistic, but I'd like other's views about the LDS Church and the topic of abortion.