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  1. llama

    Modesty standards

    There is no better test of a man's virtue than his haircut.
  2. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    If our duly appointed leaders like President Eyring don't have conversational prayers, then how could we?
  3. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Who will be disavowing our current doctrine regarding homosexuality? Certainly not me, and certainly not the General Authorities.
  4. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Thanks for dropping the Smac(Kdown) on this. When you think of the centuries of collective experience the FP and Q12 have with the revelatory process, and compare it with the <3 years of experience Joseph Smith had when God gave him most of the D&C (and the apostles weren't even called yet), I think it's safe to say the Proclamation on the Family is better scripture than most anything we have in the D&C.
  5. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    If a man claims to have a revelation that isn't a revelation, that would be blasphemy, and taking the name of God in vain. But we have the ironclad guarantee from President Russell M. Nelson that, Since unanimity was reached on the Proclamation on the Family and the policy forestalling baptism for the children of homosexuals, we have nothing to worry about. It's a revelation. Case Closed.
  6. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    When you get as much revelation as the general authorities do, it's easier to say when you aren't speaking revelation than to say when you are.
  7. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    That was Joseph's mistake--he was too casual with God, and in so doing he set too high of expectations on the part of the members. President Henry B. Eyring shows us how to have proper expectations in our prayers here:
  8. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Where's the fun in that? I expect a prophet to declare when his words aren't a revelation.
  9. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    But we have the authoritative councils. The Q15 council is pretty much an extension of the Council in Heaven, or the Jedi Council. "The College of Cardinals' idea of unanimity is a battle royale fight club, where the last cardinal standing gets to be the new pope" --James Talmadge, probably
  10. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Joseph did it mostly by himself back in the day. It's a lot better now, with 1400% more PSRs!
  11. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    Joseph Smith’s revelatory process might have been different from the one currently used.
  12. llama

    Scrutinizing general conference

    The calling of 15 men to the holy apostleship provides great protection for us as members of the Church. Why? Because decisions of these leaders must be unanimous.13 Can you imagine how the Spirit needs to move upon 15 men to bring about unanimity? These 15 men have varied educational and professional backgrounds, with differing opinions about many things. Trust me! These 15 men—prophets, seers, and revelators—know what the will of the Lord is when unanimity is reached! https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/sustaining-the-prophets?lang=eng unanimity= revelation
  13. llama

    Mormon Discussion podcast and negativity

    Them Radio Free Mormon podcasts are great tho--thanks for bringing him on Bill.
  14. llama

    Prophets to guide us

    Of all the things church leaders have been wrong about...that's the one you worry about?
  15. llama

    MormonLeaks: Snuffer/Remnant believers