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  1. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    God doesn't approve sexual relationships outside a marriage. and not only pornography. All activities that don't invite the spirit can be destructive. There is abuse in unholy places like bars and casinos. Pornography is the worst, but other wordily activities also do a lot of harm. Please don't defend pornography. Just don't. There is so much abuse in pornography, it doesn't feel good. There is also abuse in other unholy places like bars and casinos, but pornography is much worst. One in three women on pornographic movies are raped on film. Women are forced to do it. Rape doesn't feel good. Pornography use needs to be severely punished. Watching pornography is watching rape. Hopefully adultery becomes illegal too. Everything that destroys the family such as pornography, adultery, gambling, alcohol, rated R movies, and prostitution shouldn't be tolerated. Meerkat than you so much for reminding us of the truth .
  2. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    See what Meerkat wrote. The church strengthens families, pornography destroys them. There are too many stories of how the church strengthens the families and how pornography destroys families. Now look at the tragedy we are living in, society is becoming more sinful
  3. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    Yes with long prison sentences because of the severity. But our world is losing it's values. Immorality is increasing and there is no doubt we are living in the last days. Parents please protect your children from the evil. Protect them with the gospel at all cost!
  4. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    They blame the church, but in many cases it was the pornography that ended the marriage. The gospel doesn't destroy families, the gospel of Jesus Christ strengthens families. You can read and listen to many stories on how the gospel has been a blessing in marriages. You only read the opposite in recovery addiction forums because pornography simply destroys marriages. There is nothing good to say about pornography. Long-term prospective cohort studies show the devastating effects of pornography use. Yes, the studies that matter. You won't find long-term prospective cohort studies showing the church is devastating because the gospel is true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prospective_cohort_study There are porn magazines in regular bookstores so it is sexual harassment. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/983967/Barnes--Noble-sued-over-porn-DVD-in-magazine.html Studies show porn increases sexual violence. Rapists are not born rapists.
  5. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    Very good brother. Please share to them stories of how wonderful the gospel is. There are so many stories of how the church saves and strengthens marriages https://www.mormon.org/searchresults#?query=marriage&filter=member You are doing the Lords work Bernard Gui. Please keep helping men to recover from the destructive power of pornography. Do you have a website where I can donate for your good cause? How much money can I donate brother? Pornography is highly addictive and it destroys the life of men who view it. Pornography destroys marriages and families. Pornography disrespects women and it is a form of sexual harassment. Imagine someone buying a pornographic magazine and the cashier is a woman, how do you think the cashier would feel? Pornography destroys everything in it's path. The problem is not worst in Kuwait and Macau. Kuwaite and Macau give long prison sentences for those who make pornography. Kuwait and Macau religious and prosperous countries. In what country does the problem get worst after pornography is made illegal? Countries like Greece that have too much pornography in the streets end up collapsing.
  6. End times doom and gloom

    I don't know what you two are talking about. But it is okay, I done everything I could to defend the truth. This board has other defenders like Scott Loyd, JLHPROF, Benard Gui, carbon dioxide, and strappinglad. They can finish my work in defending the truth. I am in peace because God knows my thoughts and feelings. Philosophies of men
  7. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    Why? You think the church destroys families? Go to Mormon.org and read all the stories of happy families https://www.mormon.org/me/3TKB/RandyDoCDockery The gospel of Jesus Christ unites the family. Pornography does the exact opposite. Mormonism is a blessing to the world. Pornography is so horrible, but we have the gospel to fight it. In sacrament meeting we can hear just the opposite. During Fast and Testimony meeting we hear stories of sacrifice, unity, love, peace, miracles, testimony. Do you invite the members of your meetings to church? Please tell them the church is pure and good. Pornography is dangerous and destructive. No. We can't have a Sodom and Gomorrah here the United States. Prostitution is against the laws of God and it must be punished. Ever wonder why prostitution is not legal in 49 states?
  8. End times doom and gloom

    If someone knows of a good Mormon message board where I can share my views of the gospel please let me know. Participating in online forums is good for your mental health https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S074756321500268X
  9. End times doom and gloom

    I wasn't aware defending the church was against the board rules. It's okay only God knows the intentions of my heart and that is all that matters. For we believe in being saved "after all we can do". This board is one of the biggest Mormon boards online, but I am satisfied with everything I did here. So it's okay JLHPROF you don't have to get me off limited. You or who ever.
  10. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    Very nice. Can you please share some stories of how pornography has destroyed the life of many. I completely agree pornography is pure evil, I suspect porn is the church of the devil. The church is the exact opposite. On Mormon.org we can read so many stories of how our church has saved marriages and many more miracles. I am confident you have never heard a positive story from pornography users. Here is a powerful story on Mormon.org . "The Church has completely saved my family and I. This has been the most fulfilling experience of my entire life" https://www.mormon.org/me/3TKB/RandyDoCDockery and that is why we need laws to punish those who produce and distribute pornography. What? are you serious?
  11. End times doom and gloom

    What do I need to do so you can get me off limited? I can't correct my bad spelling and grammar on previous posts. For me it is very important to defend the truth of the gospel and I can't do it without correcting my spelling and grammar. I didn't know you could lose your good standing here. If there is something I could do please let me know.
  12. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    What problem? We are a nation of laws. We punish prostitution, public urination, backside groping, and many more immoralities. A new law in Minnesota makes backside groping "punishable by up to a year in prison and a $3,000 fine". It is a new law I praise. If prohibition doesn't work then what is the point of having laws? Kuwait and Macau punish pornography use. Are the values in Kuwait and Macau declining? The truth is that Kuwait and Macau are religious and prosperous. I believe our society would be so much better without pornography. Sexual violence and other crimes would decrease without pornography. I hope you completely recover. Please share your story. We want to hear your story of how pornography has been very destructive on your life. We also want to hear you story on hoe the church has been a blessing on your life. The church makes you happy, pornography makes brings misery. I have no doubt pornography is the complete opposite of the church. Women are not objects. Pornography objectifies women. For the natural man is the enemy of God Mosiah 3:19. Worldly men need to learn how to respect women. Pornography is a lack of respect towards women.
  13. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    Comparing porn with alcohol is not a good idea because pornography is much worst. Pornography is more comparable to cocaine because it is highly destructive. Pornography consequences are the exact opposite of the blessings we get in the church. If you read the testimonies of Mormons online or if you simply listen to the testimonies in sacrament meeting you will realize the church is a blessing in our lives. You can read extraordinary miracle stories of how the church has been a great blessing. If you go to a porn addiction recovery forum or meeting you will read or listen to sad stories. There are many stories of how negatively porn has destructively affected the lives of many. There is no doubt in my mind pornography is the exact opposite of the church because is only causes misery and it makes the spirit go away. Reading so many stories makes me come to the conclusion that pornography is very destructive and should be illegal. The law should punish the people who produce pornography. Like cocaine we cannot tolerate it.
  14. End times doom and gloom

    The other day when I was attacking pornography it happened to me too. I think there are some w0rd$ that are not @ll0wed, so you have to chan-ge them a bit. It may be just one single word, so you have to keep trying to find it. One in three women on pornographic videos were forced to do it, that is slavery, not personal liberty. Pornography is criminal because in too many videos women are getting r@ped. A new law in Minnesota makes backside groping "punishable by up to a year in prison and a $3,000 fine". I praise the new law in Minnesota and I hope in the future we have severe punishments for porn use in our country because pornography is much worst than backside groping. The victims are real.
  15. End times doom and gloom

    Every generation of prophets? Does president Nelson believe the second coming will happen in his life time? Nobody knows when, but the time is near. How do I know it is near? Because D&C 77:6 talks about seven thousand years. The last one thousand years are going to be the millennium. The Fall happened six thousand year ago, so it means the second coming can't be far. Okay no one knows, so you can't say we are not in the last days. I did. It is your turn to respond to my questions. Why is the name of the church in many different languages the "last days"?