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  1. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    The church essay seems to water it down and President Hinckley famously didn't know if it was taught or emphasized.
  2. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Looks to me that by giving the history first, and talking about how certain members weren't supposedly banned, the authors of the essay were trying to shift the blame to society at large for the institution of the ban and not god.
  3. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Church leaders said the same thing about the priesthood ban but it turns out it wasn't really ever an inspired doctrine to begin with even though some felt a revelation was needed to change it. Maybe the same thing will happen with the marriage ban? One can envision society completely accepting same sex marriage and the church being isolated like it was with the priesthood ban? When society agitates the church enough and the church is isolated, that's when polygamy and race bans cease, supposedly of course.
  4. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    We all know you are correct here. There certainly has been changes about becomming like god. It's patently obvious the doctrine has fallen out of favor regardless if some won't admit it, for some emotional reason.
  5. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Yes, that's probably the heart of it. Change is synonymous with mistakes and repentance and E. Oaks says the church doesn't apologize.
  6. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    One would think. However, too much change opens the church up to claims that it is just following society's lead and isn't led by God at all, as in the priesthood ban and subsequent changes to it. So, I can see where Scott would resist admitting change had occurred as he did above.
  7. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I don't understand why there is so much resistance to admitting change. Wouldn't change be part and parcel with modern revelation? Else why have modern revelation if there wasn't the possibility of change? Of course, the changes you are talking about show how the church is moving toward mainstream christianity. So, I can see why there is resistance there. It's like admitting the prior doctrines were wrong and that maybe the restoration wasn't needed as much as advertized previously.
  8. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I don't know if that was ever taught. I don't know if it was emphasized. All I know is that we have always been at war with Eurasia.
  9. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    You don't need to support every practice of the church, all the time, to still remain "faithful." I'm guessing this is your motivation as society would obviously not succumb to anarchy if standing for authority were all of a sudden discontinued. Questioning authority does not mean anarchy either. Laws need to be followed but that doesn't mean that we should prop up someone just because they were given a title. Notice that it is the authoritarian that suggests that we stand or do you think it is spontaneous?
  10. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    Black and white thinking should be discouraged. Most things are on a continuum and as I said, it is a balancing act. Where I disagree with you is the want to overly prop up authority and push it up the mountain. On the continuum, you are more in the camp of authority worship. We don't need kings on the one end of the spectrum and we can't have a lawless society on the other. Lawlessness should never be allowed. However, your support of this standing nonsense is closer to wanting a king to rule over us, of hereditary rule, of blindly submitting to those called because they happen to be born into a certain family or have rubbed shoulders with authority.
  11. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    It's not stereotyping at all. I don't think all mormons are like you. I think most are not, in my opinion. I just see you as someone who is on the side of worshiping authority. You seem to be the one who is always encouraging one and all to follow the brethren, follow the brethren, because they supposedly know the way .....
  12. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    I'm surprised. I would think you would be the first to grab the newest addition of the G.A. chart that comes out at conference time.
  13. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    Authority should be limited and questioned at all times. Church authority should be questioned as well. As for the workplace, authoritarian bosses seem to lose employees and don't garner the respect I think is necessary to run a good business. Sure, there must be order but good employees that are free to contribute make for a better work environment. Too much saluting seems to deflate this. Leave it for the military where it is needed. I tried to have my staff salute me and stand at attention when I walked in the room, as a mere show of respect. I was shocked when they rebelled. They even marked up the life-sized picture of myself I have in the reception area, put there to remind all of my humble authority. Go figure. I guess anarchy is at the doors!
  14. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    How many pictures to you have of the Q12/FP in your home? Is their group picture your wallpaper on at least one of your computers?