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  1. I'm sorry for my intrusion. God bless you both . Ill work on removing my posts from this side.
  2. Calm you are kidding me right. Um I'm not sure how it works there but isn't like that here. Also you seem to be spinning this as my self created situation which is miles from reality. Spin away..
  3. Calm you aren't understanding and if I could blip out this in a few sentences that would summarize things better it would be great but it isn't happening. Just look within your organization and seek what I have presented. I expected nothing from this contact here other than a few moments of internal pain to release. Nothing else.
  4. You know thank you and please remove my posts as my request to your church. Take care and god bless.
  5. I was baptized in 2010
  6. Some even break HIPPA regulations like they are pixi stix..
  7. Some folks have too much authority over lives.
  8. I have not talking with the church because there was a wife of a leadership situation there that was interfering with a medical service and I felt my hand were tied to work with the oxygen service or die faster.
  9. Glad it's not you trust me!
  10. Since its diagnosis about 60 days ago few... But they can't deal with it either. Nah I figured I am one of the strays that get picked up and planted or will be used for study since I am an organ donor. Might be useful as parts who knows. Have a blessed day.
  11. For the down trodden in life that may not have had your experience... Being an outsider of LDS is downright disturbing. I'm not a procreator. I believe in all the basics... But I am abandoned to die fortunately sober and at least cognitive to my world about me.
  12. As a matter of fact I'm scared of mine since he is employed by my state dhs. Kinda puts us in an odd situation as far as trust is concerned. Also he was my case management person prior to Bishop... So um no.
  13. Seriously at the branch levels you need a better handle on your groups..
  14. Here I lay dying with stage 4 cancer without proper meds and nutrition and there has not been a positive move by a member of that church since it came to light. So much for family values if you were not lucky enough to be brought up this way.